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Friday, September 24, 2021

Penelope & Peeps

 Hi friends! Here is my Easter piece. 🐰🌼Penelope & Peeps by Brenda Gervais 

I chose not to stitch the word Easter in this pattern, just adorable, little Penelope and the little chick at her feet. This was stitched two over two on 27ct yellow linen from my stash. The fun trim is from my stash, but I must admit, I do NOT enjoy sewing it in.🥴

I have sewn two tiny Fall pieces. I need to work on making them into little pincushions. I want to get my September Ric Rac Row stitched first though!

I am still battling on with the weight loss. I use the treadmill three times a day and try to do a short low impact cardio routine daily also. I have been trying to cut back on sugar daily also. I have not kept track of my weight in any of this. That stresses me out too much. I just know by the fit of my jeans and pants. I can tell you I fit into the jeans and pants now when I did not four months ago. I don't know what any of you do, who yo-yo a bit with weight over the years, but I hang onto the different sized jeans and pants. I just pop them into Rubbermaid storage bins and put them away. Then when they are needed, I pull them out. I mean did I want to gain weight??!! OF COURSE NOT! That is why I am trying to lose it! But it is a heck of a lot harder to do so after menopause! I did not have this hard of a time losing it even two years ago!😠 For the last month I have now been doing intermittent fasting as well. Depending on the day, I either go 15 or 17 hours without eating. Is this helping? I am not sure yet. 

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Romans 12:15

I hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I do appreciate your friendship.

Stitching and praying,



Manuela said...

OH Vickie the little bunny is so cute. I love it.
Next Year I will stitch it too.
Happy Weekend, Manuela

Stasi said...

Such a cute piece, Vickie! My hubby and I have been doing IF for the last month..only eating from 8:30-4:30. it's been weird eating dinner that early but we have both lost 7-8 pounds without giving up what we normally eat...just eating in our 'window'. We've also been working out with weights 2-3 days a week. It's NOT easy losing weight as we age, but our aim is to be healthy! Good luck..slow and steady wins the race!!!

Vicki said...


Robin in Virginia said...

Your bunny stitch is darling. Definitely hard to lose weight even with doing all the "right" things. Thinking of you!

diamondc said...

Vickie: What an adorable design, I love the ball trim, I am one who does not like stitching on trim but do so for some finish's.
I have not been able to lose weight I walk an hour in the morning and all the walking I do through-out the day plus walking the dogs each evening is a lot of walking.
I am, looking forward to seeing your fall pieces.


MartinaM said...

Penelope is so cute, and a great finsih, even if you didn't enjoy the border. I like it very much.
Oh yes, I also know about weight, you have it much faster than you can lose it.
I've already tried intermittent fasting, 8/16, and it also helped, but once you fall back into old patterns, it's difficult to start over again.
Enjoy your new week

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely Easter stitching, so cute. My weight is a constant battle, made worse by inactivity when I broke my ankle and lately by cancer meds ... I too no longer get on the scales but go by how I feel and how my clothes feel - good luck.

Ele said...

your finish is adorable.
Good luck with your weight loss, I am sure you will make it.
I also try to walk and exercise a bit every day, makes me feel better and more relaxed. And less guilty when I sit and stitch!!!

Jess said...

Que bonita conejita!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What an adorable little pillow! Love the pom-poms too.
You always seem so slim in your photos, but I guess it's easy for one or two pounds to gradually sneak on!
Fasting is not good for you, it makes your body preserve what food you do eat. It's actually better to eat little and often. Five or six smaller portions spread through the day. I don't tend to eat after a small snack at 9pm though, no midnight feasts for me!
From what I have observed, portion control is the downfall for most people. American portions are much larger than U.K. portions. Plus your food has a lot more additives and unhealthy ingredients such as artificial sweeteners.
During the first lockdown, I got in the habit of eating a handful of Pringles with my lunch, that was enough to add a couple of lbs over four months! Cut them out, back to my usual weight again.