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Hello friends! I have created monthly poodle patterns for my cubby shelf. A few friends asked if they too could have the patterns and stitch them up. Of course!  Since the space I have for the poodles in my shelf is 1 3/4" wide x 1 7/8" high, they are all small in design. 

Send me a picture of your poodle and a link to your blog. I will post it here. Thank you my friends!

January Poodle
White Wisper floss was used for the pom pom
The nose is a french knot in 3371
February Poodle

March Poodle
Backstitch the stem with two strands of 905
April Poodle
The nose is a french knot in 310.
May Poodle
The noses are french knots in 3371.
June Poodle  
June poodle
Mabel's eye is a french knot in 3371. Her nose is a french knot in 310. The wicks of the birthday candles are backstitched in 3379.  The row of roses on the cake are french knots made with B5200. The bottom of the cake is a row of backstitching in B5200.

July Poodle
Backstitch with 310 Murphy's mouth.
See stitched piece for placement of b5200 in kerchief, as it does not show up well 
on chart.
August Poodle
August Poodle

Use two strands of 839 to make the French knot nose. Use one strand of 3799 to backstitch the birds.
September Poodle

October Poodle
November Poodle
December Poodle

Valentine Delivery

From our friend Vicki

Vicki is going to stitch ALL? of my poodles on one piece of fabric! I like the little addition of hearts Vicki.😘

From our friend Betsy

Here is what Betsy said:This little poodle looks just like my friend Nita’s little girl, Sophie.  I have been taking care of Sophie while they were on a cruise for the last week. They got home late last night and I gave her this bookmark when they picked Sophie up. She was thrilled. I did have to outline the picture because the fabric I chose has a lot of dark flecks in it and it didn’t show up very well. You can’t see the flecks in this picture. Go figure. Anyway, thank you for the sweet little pattern. I enjoyed stitching it up for her. 

This January Poodle was stitched up by our friend Vicki.

And here is Little Miss April all stitched up by our friend Vicki also.

Also her May poodles.

Here is Mabel done by Vicki.

Here is the August poodle stitched by Vicki with her own wonderful touches added!

Here is Vicki's September poodle
And her October Poodle with a few of her own additions.

AND....Here is her whole group of poodles so far! TA DA! 😍

Our friend Julie is stitching the poodles that look like her two toy poodles onto a bookmark.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great idea to have all the Poodles on one page ;-)

Looking forward to seeing the new additions each month.

FlashinScissors said...

Lovely to be able to see all the poodles here Vickie, and those your friends have stitched too!
Barbara xx

Layla said...

I love your blog!!It is fantastic!
clipping path

Meari said...

They are so cute!

Andrea Charles said...

Now that is a formidable challenge you have taken- a poodle a month. And I must say your poodles are lovely—all the best for your attempt. I want to take up this challenge, but my days are tightly scheduled for this month. Hopefully, I may do this by next month!! Happy stitching, Vickie!!