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Friday, September 30, 2016

October Joyful World

Hi friends! I finished the October Joyful World SAL. I really love the colors in this one.
I stitched this one over one on 25ct cream linen with DMC and VMSS 1795 Halloween Orange. I did stitch the B5200 two over one to make it pop on the cream linen. I changed the snail a bit. I did not want to stitch up the shell in black and white, so I stitched it in white and  DMC 167. I also put in 931 in place of B5200 in the corner flowers in the border.
I still do the drawings for the giveaways the old fashioned way. ;) I write everyone's name down, cut them up into little strips, fold them, mix them up and this time I had Madeleine pick the winning name.The winner of the Shepherd's Bush Fob Chart is BEA!  Bea dear, would you please email me your postal address?

I will have a giveaway of another chart next week.

We have been having nice, cool weather here. So I presently get headaches from direct sun or using the oven. Kinda hard for moms to avoid that. ;) I am able to bake again. I just open the kitchen windows wide and turn on the ceiling fan.
Thank you so much for your kind comments my friends. I cherish the friendships we have made. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am off to find a new stitch! I actually do not have one kitted up or even planned!

Stitching and praying,

Monday, September 26, 2016

Author Book Tour

Hi friends! On Saturday our library hosted Jennifer Chiaverini on her book tour. :) Brian and I and 123 others went to hear her speak.
Her latest book, Fates and Traitors was just released on September 13th. So I have NOT read it yet, I get my books from the library. She explained a lot about John Wilkes Booth and read a bit to us from the book. Then she signed books that were for sale. Such a nice woman AND she lives right here in Wisconsin, thank you very much! tee hee! ;) She told us ours was the largest crowd she ever had at a book tour event.

Fates and Traitors by Jennifer Chiaverini

“In her latest novel, Fates and Traitors, Jennifer Chiaverini once again demonstrates her masterful ability to bring history to life..With her varied and well-drawn ensemble of female narrators, Chiaverini spins a rich and suspenseful tale, shedding new light on America’s most notorious assassin—and the women who loved him.” —Allison Pataki, New York Times Bestselling author of Sisi: Empress On Her Own
The New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker returns with a riveting work of historical fiction following the notorious John Wilkes Booth and the four women who kept his perilous confidence.
John Wilkes Booth, the mercurial son of an acclaimed British stage actor and a Covent Garden flower girl, committed one of the most notorious acts in American history—the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
The subject of more than a century of scholarship, speculation, and even obsession, Booth is often portrayed as a shadowy figure, a violent loner whose single murderous act made him the most hated man in America. Lost to history until now is the story of the four women whom he loved and who loved him in return: Mary Ann, the steadfast matriarch of the Booth family; Asia, his loyal sister and confidante; Lucy Lambert Hale, the senator’s daughter who adored Booth yet tragically misunderstood the intensity of his wrath; and Mary Surratt, the Confederate widow entrusted with the secrets of his vengeful plot.
Fates and Traitors brings to life pivotal actors—some willing, others unwitting—who made an indelible mark on the history of our nation. Chiaverini portrays not just a soul in turmoil but a country at the precipice of immense change.
On Sunday our Archbishop presided over Divine Liturgy with our Father Vasyl. The Archbishop comes from Chicago about twice a year. We were also treated to Konevets Quartet as our chorus during the Liturgy. You may or may not know that in Orthodox Christian Churches, there are no organs or musical instruments. The choirs provide the music with their voices. Emerson came with Brian and I on Sunday and we stayed for lunch. After lunch we were treated to a small folk concert by Konevets Quartet. What a neat experience straight from St. Petersburg!

If you are a follower of mine that is not American, and you would like a chance at my giveaway, take a look at my last post. If you are American, your chance at another giveaway is coming up very soon my friend! :)
I am stitching up the Joyful World October SAL right now. I love these colors so very much!

I hope that YOU have a stitchtastic week my friends! Thank you for your kind comments on my last post. I appreciate your friendship.

Stitching and praying,

Friday, September 23, 2016

I Am A Daughter

Hi friends! I am here to share with you my latest finish by Little House Needleworks. It is a free pattern called I Am A Daughter. You can find the pattern RIGHT HERE.
 Isn't this a fabulous pattern?! I have had this printed off and kitted up since it came out 5 months ago, just waiting for me. I love it. I have not seen anyone else stitch it up. Have you? Will you?
I stitched this one over one on 36 count cream Edinburgh linen. I changed the floss colors. I used 3803, 3012, 3822 and VMSS 1795 Tarnished Gold. And now it is in...  you guessed it! My cubby shelf! :)
(Sorry, I had to use a flash for this picture. Nothing but rain for days here.)
Now I would like to offer a small Shepherd's Bush chart, called Tiny Garden, a Scissors FOB.
There is a difference in this giveaway my friends. This giveaway is for my friends that do NOT live in America. That is because I will be offering a few more charts coming up soon, and they are bigger in size=more in postal rates. Those will be offered to my American friends. Sorry about that. So if you are a follower of mine (if not just click to follow up top on the right), and you live outside the USA, leave a comment on this post telling me you would like this chart. I will draw a winner on Friday September 30th.

I am so glad you stopped in today my friends. I hope you have a nice weekend!

Stitching and praying,

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Princess Poodle

Hi friends!

I gave Miss Mabel a haircut last week. On the first day, I clip just her face, neck and feet. Then I brush her out, bathe her, and blow dry her. POOF!
The next day I clip off all the rest!
This week, Henry!

EDIT: I said I would have a chart to give away today. I am sorry I forgot. Since many friends have read this post already, I will give one away next time. So far I have 5 charts to give away. :)
I finished reading Crowned and Dangerous by Rhys Bowen. Another good read!

Nothing is simple when you’re thirty-fifth in line for the British crown, least of all marriage. But with love on their side, and plans to elope, Lady Georgiana Rannoch and her beau Darcy O’Mara hope to bypass a few royal rules...

With Darcy driving me out of London in a borrowed motor car, I soon discover that he isn’t planning to introduce me to the pleasures of sinning in secret—as I had hoped—but to make me his wife!

Of course, there are some quibbles to be dealt with, such as my needing special permission from the King to marry a Roman Catholic and the question of where we might live after the honeymoon. Though he will inherit a title, Darcy is as broke as I am. Even his family’s Irish castle has been sold to a rich American who now employes Darcy’s father as a hired hand.

Throwing these cares to the wind, nothing could deter us from our mission—except perhaps the news that my future father-in-law has just been arrested. It seems the rich American was murdered and Darcy’s father had more than enough motive to do the deed. With the elopement postponed, we head for Ireland where he insists he’s innocent, and it’s up to us to prove it—for better or worse.
I am stitching! A sweet LHN pattern. I am close to a finish. I will share that with you next time. I have made it smaller so I can have it on display at all times in my cubby shelf. I am stitching it one over one on 36ct linen. It is taking a little longer. ;)

I hope YOU have a STITCHTASTIC week my friends! I am so very glad you stopped by today.

Stitching and praying,

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Big Birthday Blog Hop

Hi friends! I am taking part in Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop.
 Image result for happy birthday white cat
1967 - Jo was 1.  She was living in Blandford, Dorset with her Mum, Dad and a cat called Snowy.  Dad was in the Army so Jo was an Army Brat!  For her First Birthday she had a photo taken with a very large cake and a very large spoon.  There is no photographic evidence that she was allowed to attack the cake with the spoon! 

Just for fun, I thought I would share a picture of me with my mom on my first birthday with my cake. It has a pink teddy bear on it! :)
This was in June of 1970 though. ;)

Jo asked that we share a picture of something we stitched that she will like. I wanted to post a picture of a finish I have never shared before. That took some thinking! And some digging around! I finally found this picture in my files. This is a pin I made my Aunt about 6 years ago. She loves giraffes. ;)
While I was digging around, I found a few charts I am going to be giving away. Come back in a few days when I post next. If you are new here, welcome! Feel free to click to follow if you like. :)  If you are one of my regular friends, I am so glad you stopped by! Have a great weekend everyone! And for Jo.....
Image result for Happy Birthday poodle vintage
Stitching and praying,

Monday, September 12, 2016

September Sampler

Hi friends! I stitched up the September Sampler from  365 Tiny Cross Stitch Designs by Kooler Design Studio.
 This is stitched one over one with DMC on white evenweave. I used the called for colors except I used 437 instead of 436, and 563 instead of 209. I did not have those and did not want to go to the store for them. ;)
I left off two black french knots in the SCHOOL SCHOOL row. I just like it better this way. Here is my whole September collection.
We are having cool weather so I am having very low headaches. Well, yesterday I had a moderate one. I baked chocolate chip cookies for us in the afternoon, and that oven heat hurts my head. Sometimes you just have to do these things. And no, I am not joking around. It has been half a year of a headache every single day, so I do want to be a mom still. You know, bake and cook and such. Still waiting on insurance to tell me I can go ahead and have those Botox injections for the headaches. If it was their head hurting, I think the injections would be approved already!!

I do hope you have a good week my friends. I am so glad you stopped by. You brighten my day with your encouraging words. Thank you!

Stitching and praying,

Friday, September 9, 2016

September Stitching

Hi friends! I stitched up our friend Palko's September chart. It is now in the cubby shelf.
I stitched this one over one on 25count white evenweave. As I stitched, I realized these are grapevines. I think. Am I right? I chose DMC 4070, as September is still a pretty green month around here. We have just a little yellowing of the leaves.

Now I am onto a tiny September sampler for the cubby shelf.

Here is a pretty pattern June sent me. Isn't her butterfly card lovely and the perfect sationery for her?
 Thank you for leaving such nice comments for me my friends. You brighten my day. :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Stitching and praying,

Monday, September 5, 2016

September Joyful World SAL

Hi friends! We had cooler weather at the end of last week and I had almost next to nothing for headaches!! Yay me!! Felt so good. This beta blocker does work, as long as the temperatures are 75º or below. Unfortunately that is no longer happening around here. Back to hot. :(

I finished the September pattern in the Joyful World SAL by Snowflower Diaries.
I stitched this one over one on cream 25ct linen. I did stitch two over one with B2500, to make it show up nicely. I used DMC and also VMSS 1795 Halloween Orange. I did make a change with the backstitching of the owls. I did not use black, I used 840 instead and am very happy with it!
I finished reading The Wish by Beverly Lewis. I really enjoyed this one. Now I enjoy every single one of her books, but this one just gave me a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.

Leona Speicher got the "sister" she'd always dreamed of the day Gloria Gingerich and her family moved to Lancaster County Amish farmland. The Arkansas newcomers seem to be everything a devout Plain family should be, and Leona can't help comparing Gloria's engaging young parents to her own.

Leona's cousin shows a romantic interest in Gloria around the same time as Gloria's older brother expresses his fondness for Leona--it seems likely the two young women will marry into each other's families, remaining close friends for life. Thus, Leona is shocked when the Gingeriches suddenly pack up and disappear after being expelled from the church for reasons no one will discuss. Despite Leona's pleas, Gloria goes with them, leaving more than one broken heart behind.

When Gloria unexpectedly contacts Leona after a silence of several years, Leona makes up her mind to persuade her friend to return to Lancaster County and the Amish ways. Leona's fiancé, the deacon's son, is alarmed when Leona decides to go after Gloria. Will Leona's dearest wish lead to her own undoing?
Now I am going to stitch the September pattern from our friend Palko.

I am so glad you stopped in with me today my friends. I hope you have a great week!

Stitching and praying,

Friday, September 2, 2016

Zucchini and Summer Squash

Hi friends! I am still stitching away on the Joyful World SAL September pattern. I am also still waiting to hear from insurance that I can go ahead and have 31 Botox injections in my head for these headaches! o_0

I thought I would share a few awesome recipes with you. These are all new ones I found this summer. We had an abundance of zucchini and yellow squash this summer. Our supply is winding down. These recipes revolve around those two lovely vegetables. I have made them all more than once and the family approves of them all. :) Just click on the names and the recipes will appear.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

Death By Chocolate Zucchini Bread Everyone in my family calls this CAKE, NOT BREAD. YEP! I found this recipe first posted by Marly. Thank you Marly!!!

Zucchini Bran Muffins

Summer Squash & White Bean Soup   I have many servings of this frozen in our freezer for future meals!

 I will share a finish next with you next time.

Thank you for stopping in today. I hope you have an excellent weekend my friends!

Stitching and praying,