"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Final MMMM SAL update

Hi friends! It is hard to believe that today our oldest, Jacob, is 20 years old! We will have family over for cake tomorrow. I'll share a picture of the cake with you soon. ;)

I did it! I stitched up 5 small pieces for the Mega Mini Month Madness SAL I am in. =) The fifth finish is for my friend who  is in her first year of being a teacher.
Isn't this sweet?! I found this pattern at the library in the September issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. I used to subscribe, but rarely find a pattern I want to stitch. So I let the library pay the subscription. ;) We live a 3 minute walk from the public library.

This pattern is by Joan Elliott and is one of three charts simply listed as "Back-to-School Trio".
I stitched mine one over one on 28ct evenweave, using all the DMC charted. I am thinking I may make this darling, little sampler into a magnet for my friend. Not sure yet. I did change what was to be stitched on the blackboard. I thought putting her name there was a neat idea for a first grade teacher.

I found this really cool, old looking (but brand new) terrarium many months ago at Kohl's on clearance. I forgot the exact price I paid. It was about $15.00, that is it!! I knew I needed it for displaying cross stitch when I saw it.
So fun! And different. (Yes, there are two poodles tucked in there with the fall stitchery.)
It snowed a little last night. It will disappear with the sun. Fine with me. ;)

Busy day today. I am going to give Mabel a haircut and bake a birthday cake. =)

I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by.

Stitching and praying,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

French Knot Henry Framed

Hi friends! We are having cool days and cold nights. I got a little more done in the garden BEFORE I got the cortisone injections into both my hip bursas yesterday. CRAZY PAINFUL INJECTIONS. Worst cortisone shots I have ever had. I asked the doctor if he used a horse needle this time?!?! He said he really wanted to make sure he got in there to help me out. Unfortunately I will have increased pain for one or more days still. Then I am hoping for greatly reduced pain.

I forgot to share with you a picture of the French Knot Henry framed in the frame I finally settled for. I wanted copper, but had to settle for brass in the 5x5 size. I never found anything locally at numerous stores. I bought this frame off Amazon inexpensively.
So glad Mabel and Henry are both done in french knots and hanging together.
I am planning to give Mabel a haircut Friday. Then I will get some pictures of her too. Here is one for now. The poor girl misses Jacob. He is gone from morning til late at night four days a week. She is laying on his small drawstring backpack, school books and his nursing shoes.

Over halfway done with my school themed stitchery. I would love to make it finish #5 before the end of the MMMM SAL.

Thank you for your kind words and friendship. I am so glad you stopped by.

Stitching and praying,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

MMMM SAL Finish #4

Hi friends! I got a little bit more garden work done. The key is to keep it "little", then I do not experience spiked pain. Mild days and nights for this weekend. Very nice.

I finished the stitching on my fourth finish for the MMMM SAL I am in. This is 'Just One More Stitch' by Victoria Sampler.
I changed every single color but one. I used all DMC. I stitched this two over two on mystery/almond 30ct linen.
I also simplified the borders on the tops. Did not want/have the buttons. I like it. =)
Instead of a red heart button beneath my name on the back, I added a poodle charm. ;)

Gave Brian a haircut (a lot easier than Henry). Next up for a shampoo, blow dry and cut is Miss Mabel.

I am now working on a Christmas gift for a long time friend of mine. She is not a stitcher. We went to college together to become Veterinary Nurses. She now earned a second degree and has changed direction in her life. She is a first grade teacher now. =) We very rarely see each other. But this small school themed gift will be mailed to her.

Have a beautiful day in the Lord my friends,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Finishing

Hi friends! It has been at or below freezing most nights now, so I dug out my dahlia tubers. I have been making tiny progress in the garden. BUT my pain has slowly receded back down to "normal" levels. Well, except that it won't go away on the right. And that IS unusual for me over these last 10 years. I normally have constant pain only on the left side. So I will keep the appointment for the cortisone shot next week. Thank you for all of your kind words, prayers and for caring. ♥

It was making me CRAZY leaving my MMMM SAL finishes in a pile. I just don't do that!! I normally do the finishing work after I stitch something up. So I made one of my finishes from last week up into an ornament. It was the one I am not showing you yet. It is on it's way to my friend right now. I do not expect it to arrive very quickly though. I will show you the back for now. ;)
I am still working on 'Just One More Stitch'. Only because I took a few days break to read The Drowning Spool by Monica Ferris. A good read, except the dumb swearing that she puts in there occasionally. I also read Blessed John The Wonderworker. This is an excellent (but long) book about a saint in the Orthodox Christian Church.

Another thing I did lately instead of stitching is give Henry a haircut. Let me tell you, this is not fun. I have never had a harder time clipping a dog. And I have given our Kerry Blue Terrier, our Lhasa Bichon and Miss Mabel haircuts. And Rascal. A 19 year old neighbor toy poodle!! You know, maybe Henry is just as difficult as Rascal was. At least I got paid $40 to clip Rascal. (Sadly, Rascal is no more.)

The problem is that Henry is so delicate and bony. He positively yipes when I clip his legs. And you just about go deaf when he cries from clipping the mats. I could not let someone else clip him. I know they would man handle him. He is very good, just tiny and wimpy. Sorry Henry.
Here he is after the bath and blow dry.
My fuzzy, little buddy. Here he is after the haircut. A way different looking dog or what?!
This is looking up into our ginkgo tree in front of our home. So very golden now.
I have to give Brian and then Mabel a haircut coming up here too! But I WILL get back to the stitching and soon!

Have a super day my friends! Thank you for stopping by.

Stitching and praying,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Hi friends! Here I am with the Around The World Blog Hop. I was invited by our friend June in England. I am to answer four questions in this Blog Hop.

1.  What am I working on? Well, I am stitching the Concordia University Christmas ornament for Emerson. I am stitching it over one (with half cross) on 45 count!!! I needed to make it fit the little, square, silver charm frame. I am also stitching up an ornament for myself. =) Why not I say?!? It is Victoria's Sampler 'One More Stitch'.

2.  How does my work differ from others of it's gender? hahaha! HAHAHA! heeheeheehee! If you have visited my blog more than once, you MAY HAVE NOTICED I AM OBSESSED WITH POODLES AND PINK!!!! So I love to stitch pink things and pretty things. I love to stitch poodles. I will go out on a limb here and say I am pretty sure no one else stitches as many poodles as I! woo hoo! I find ways to work poodles into designs. I do stitch many things that others stitch too by the way. ;)

3.  Why do I write/create what I do? Well, I write this blog to be connected to YOU!! I love the friendships that I have made through this wonderful connection we share. It is wonderful to share my creations with people who understand. I cross stitch and sometimes quilt, because I just simply love to. It is so creative and fun. It gives me peace while I stitch or sew. I find true joy in my crafts. I love sharing and gifting also. I began stitching at 12 years old. The first piece I stitched was simple and on aida. It features a cat. And I gave it to my mother. It still hangs in its frame in her bedroom. God bless her.♥

4.  How does my creating process work? Good question! When I see something I like, I stitch it! If I really love it, it moves up the line to first place, and I begin stitching it right away.  Sometimes. ;) I often change colors in designs if something does not feel right to me. I also frequently ask my husband and children for their opinions if I am unsure. All five of us in this house honestly appreciate needlework.

I have invited two other blog friends to also join in on this Around The World Blog Hop.

Rosey at Ishkabibble is a new friend of mine. Rosey's favorite stitching subjects are video game and anime/manga subjects. If you take a look around her blog, you may spot Oreo and Peanut, her two sweet cats. =)

Maggee at Stitching Devotee is a familiar friend of mine. Maggee is a breast cancer survivor.  She has been going through a lot these last few months, as her husband has recently suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and several surgeries. If you take a look around her blog, you will also spot many fabulous finds. Maggee also has a hobby of thrifting.

You can click on their names above to check out their blogs. They will be putting on their Around The World Blog Hop post next Monday. =)

Stitching and praying,
I'll take them all!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Snippet

Hi friends! I have finish number 4 for this month to share with you, for the MMMM SAL I am in. ( The link is in my sidebar.) Unfortunately I can only share a snippet. ;) This is a gift for a fellow stitcher and follower.
Yes, I know, sorry. I must post my finishes every week for my SAL, and this is all I am showing! Just trust me that it is done and it is sweet.

I am now stitching Victoria Sampler's 'Just One More Stitch'. For me. :)

My pain is, um, let's just say bad. It has been awful for 6 days. I scheduled another cortisone shot in my hip bursa(s). It has shifted to being worse on my right. That is my "good" side. :(

Stitching and praying,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pyramid of Cats

Hi friends!  Today I am here with finish #3 for the MMMM SAL I am in. I finished the Pyramid of Cats freebie(click this for the link). I started calling it Mess of Cats. That's what it is! I changed almost every set of eyes and noses too. There is one fudge in there. TOO BAD!

This was stitched one over one on 28ct Dresden Blue Meran linen. My mom's favorite color is blue. And this is for her for Christmas. I plan to make it up into a flatfold. I used DMC 310, white, 318, 4015, and 4070 and 4126 for eyes.
This first picture is not true to color. It does show the color variations better though. It has been rainy and gloomy here for days. This next picture shows the color of the linen better.
That is supposed to be her kitten "Cutie" on the top. Yikes! Cutie gave me real problems. Cutie is rather a stinker in real life too. I do not tell my mother that. ;) Honestly, we had so many cats while I was growing up. None of them were as wild as Cutie. Sure hope she is not always a little brat. Anyways, her feet are white. Tried stitching those tiny feet a few different ways that did not look weird, and just said, "NO MORE FROGGING!, This is it!"

The winner of the LK 'Thankful String' chart is Andrea!  I have notified you by email. Once I have your postal address Andrea, the chart will be on it's way to you. =)

I am having a yucky pooey high pain day today. To be hones, it has been a bad week thus far. If you would like to pray for this pain to settle down for me, I would LOVE that. Thank you.

I want to say hello to my  new followers. Welcome! So glad to have all of you friends stop by.♥

Off to stitch some more on a Christmas ornament. Til next time!

Stitching and praying,