Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. She watches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her: Proverbs 31:10, 27-28

Monday, May 23, 2016

June SAL

Hi friends! How are you? It has warmed up here. The garden is finally beginning to bloom. So I have been weeding a bit daily with the poodles helping out.

I finally completed the June SAL from Snowflower Diaries.
I stitched this on mystery evenweave which I thought was 25 count. I am amazed this is the first counting  mistake I made in these eleven weeks of headaches. I have been experiencing blurry vision, mostly in the mornings and at night. It turns out the evenweave is NOT evenweave, but UnEvEnWeAvE. Ugh! Of all the times to run into this!!! The way I had it mounted in my Q-snap frame was 24ct going up and down and 28ct going side to side. :(  I started to notice something was very odd about one week into stitching it. The good news is that it still fits in the cubby it was stitched for. That is what is important. So it is all good.
The fabric is kind of an oatmeal in color.
I used DMC and VMSS one over one. I made a few changes in color: 3346 instead of 3362, VMSS 1795 Faded Sampler Red Light instead of 3777,and 932 instead of 931. I wish I had changed the colors on the bear to match the picture on the chart. She is too dark for me.
I am going to work on another June stitch for the cubby shelf next.

Unfortunately the headaches go on and on. I remain at a 3 or 4 on the pain scale daily. Unless I get outside. The sun and the heat affect the headache in a baaaaaaaad way. Ice helps, but... only so much. The pain goes up, but not really, really high. I am only supposed to take Imitrex if the pain goes really, really high(like a 7 or higher on the pain scale). So in the mean time I can take Extra Strength Tylenol, but only up to 12 days a month maximum. Rules, rules, rules. Headache please LEAVE!!

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post. I am so glad you stopped by today. I hope you have a good week! Miss Madeleine graduates high school this Saturday. I  may not be back until after then. Take good care of yourself!

Stitching and praying,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hi friends! I have been stitching only a little bit these days. Very busy times. Emerson has graduated and is now a working man. ;) Miss Madeleine graduates high school in a week and half. Then we will have a graduation party for the both of them together in June. Plus the garden is calling! And the headache is still with me for 10 weeks straight now. I am thankful it is a 3 on the pain scale most days.

I received a RAK today from our friend Kim! I am one of the SIXTY, YES SIXTY RAKS she is making and sending out this year in celebration of her sixtieth birthday!! Yay!
Pink and poodles!! Weeeee! Awesome! Look at the lovely scissor fob Kim made me. See the two sweet poodle buttons, and pink floss? Brian quickly came into the room because I was loudly saying, "Oh, this is so very sweet!" when I found the pink poodle fabric, which Kim used in making the fabulous poodle needle book.
This pattern is called "Poodle Love" she tells me. Perfect, don't you think?! :) Kim, I thank you! What a kind, generous thing you have done. God bless you!
Thank you everyone for your kind words on my mom's gift. She loved it. I knew she would. She is crazy for her cat. ;)

I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for stopping in with me today.

Stitching and praying,
Here is Mr. Murphy sporting his new haircut in the sunshine. He does appear awfully grey. He does still have some black to him, but the sun really makes him look lighter than he is. I will get an indoor picture next time. He is 12 1/2 years old now.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Kitty Love

Hi friends! I have been doing alright. Basically dealing with 3's or 4's on the pain scale for the headache daily. So I was able to complete the stitching and finishing on my mom's birthday gift. Here it is.
The pattern is called Kitty Love. You can find it HERE. I check this site daily actually. They offer one free chart daily. After one day though, if you want that chart you must pay for it.
If you looked at  how the original cat is charted, you can see I did my own thing with colors. I stitched this one over one on 28ct white evenweave. I have a small stash of "Cutie" charts to pick from when I need a gift for my mom. Her cat, Cutie, is black with a bit of white. I chose this chart at the beginning of May when I was on the barbituates thinking this is a simple chart. I can do this. Well, yes. It is simple. It is not quick however. Not when you are doing it one over one on 28 ct. The pattern is 75x80. So on I plodded. And on. Boy that is a lot of red!! Isn't that a wonderful ribbon with the hearts? This was gifted to me by Nienke.
Now I did not get the crisp oval shape I wanted because I forgot to use interfacing and am not taking it apart and doing it again. I blame the forgetting on the headaches honestly.The wonderful thing is mom always, always enjoys and appreciates and displays my stitching. We will celebrate her birthday and a late Mother's Day Sunday at her home.

Saturday(tomorrow) we are attending Emerson's graduation. He has completed his schooling for carpentry AND.... he has a job!!!! He begins Tuesday! He will be working for the premiere builder of luxury custom lake homes in southeastern Wisconsin. They have four carpenters. Now a fifth. Kind of. He will be more of a gopher for a while. He will drive the company pickup truck and run to the mill, run to the hardware store, etc. He will also do small amounts finish carpentry work. You have to start at the bottom. ;) This is just an amazing opportunity for Emerson. If you could see these homes! They are multi-million dollar homes. He is excited to learn some amazing skills. We are so happy for him and proud.

I got Mabel groomed! Yay me! Yay Brian! He paid to have Murphy groomed. I think my head may have imploded if I attempted Murphy with this headache. Two poodles down, one to go. Henry the screamer. Oh boy! o_0

I have begun the June Snowflower Diaries SAL. Isn't it cool? So neat!

Thank you for stopping in tonight. I am so glad you did. You encourage me so much with your comments.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.Romans 8:18

Stitching and praying,

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Hi friends! I received the most wonderful package in the mail all the way from the Netherlands. Our friend Carolien is the sender of this package. How privileged I am indeed to have her as a friend. She is a caring friend you can count on to pray for you in time of need. Thank you Carolien.
How very curious that these two floral wrapped packages stick together by magnets?
Aha! Now we see why! Look at these most gorgeous, Italian made, finely tipped scissors. And a lovely white and pink tulip needle minder. A perfect gift from my Dutch friend, wouldn't you agree?
What do we have here? I wish that were my pink bicycle with a basket overflowing with pink flowers on that card Carolien sent me. ;) But look! Look at the special gift in front of the card.

Here is a closer look.
This precious, little pink pillow was created by Carolien just for me. She lined it with a beautiful pink fabric as well. :) You can see she used a long pink ribbon, and added pink beads. And who do we have here? Well this is Snuf! He is the little silver poodle charm from Carolien's childhood. Yes, she gave him to me! She wore him about her silver charm necklace with other silver charms. She felt he would have an excellent, happy home here. She is right! I love him. I am so touched. I asked Carolien for a little Dutch boy poodle name. Her Aunt had a black poodle when she was a girl named, Snuf. So, you guessed it, this is Snuf. Want to see where he lives now here in Wisconsin, USA?
Yep! Right up there with many of his friends. He won't lack for poodle pals here. ;) Thank you once again Carolien for your many prayers, your encouragement, your gifts and your friendship.

Speaking of small(kind of) black poodles. Guess who is laying on my lap as I type this? Yes, Murphy. He has come to believe he should be a lap dog while I am on the desktop computer. I am afraid I am to blame. See he used to lay in that nifty, cozy bed I made him. Right at my feet. Well,  this computer is in the basement. With a family of five adults, you can imagine there is a lot of laundry to do. He has become afraid of the washing machine noises. So he begs to come into my lap. I gave in once. It only took once. This guy is PERSISTENT. He will paw and claw your leg forever. So here I sit with my 14 pound awkward lap dog. :)

I am still stitching my mom's gift. Trying so hard to hurry,hurry.

Please pray for our friend Jenny. She had a mastectomy yesterday. Visit her blog at the link to learn more and to leave words of encouragement if you like. Thank you!

Thank you for stopping in. I am so glad you did. I appreciate your friendship.

Stitching and praying,

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The BIG HEADACHE That Will Not Go Away

Hi friends, I took myself off of the barbituates almost two weeks ago. It was too much. My skin was starting to peel!(A nasty side effect) Besides being zoned out all the time, you cannot stay on these drugs, on high doses, it is not good. So then, my pain soared. I mean WHOA! kind of soared. Nasty, horrid, feels like your skull is being crushed. I begged the doctor for help. I was put on a medicine that took the pain down to a six on a 1 to 10 pain scale. After two days,  I was put on Imitrex. I took it Thursday evening. It took the headache down to a 4 1/2 on a 1 to 10 pain scale. I was then able to take another one 2 hours later. This took the headache pain down to a 3. That it is where it stays a lot of the time.Every day it will go up a bit for some time also. Maybe it will stay this way until those steroids wear off from my neck injections 2 months ago? No one knows for sure. If that is the case, I may have 2 more months of a headache to deal with. I want a ZERO on the pain scale of course, but I will take a 3 instead of the skull crushing 9(10?) I had sometimes. Thanks be to God!

This Imitrex is used to knock out the headaches(kinda). I do not have migraine headaches. The neurologist tells me I have what are called Intractable Tension Headaches. Yay! NOT!
Thank you for your care, friendship, and prayers.

Have I been stitching? Yes. It was not possible for a while. But now I am. I am working on a Mother's Day gift for my mom. Her birthday is this Friday, so we will get together this weekend to celebrate. So glad to have the extra  days to work on it.
I finished Jane and the Man of the Cloth by Stephanie Barron. What an excellent book! Loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries and Jane Austen. :)
Jane and her family are looking forward to a peaceful holiday in the seaside village of Lyme Regis. Yet on the outskirts of town an overturned carriage forces the shaken travelers to take refuge at a nearby manor house. And it is there that Jane meets the darkly forbidding yet strangely attractive Mr. Geoffrey Sidmouth. What murky secrets does the brooding Mr. Sidmouth seek to hide? Jane suspects the worst—but her attention is swiftly diverted when a man is discovered hanged from a makeshift gibbet by the sea. The worthies of Lyme are certain his death is the work of "the Reverend," the ringleader of the midnight smuggling trade whose identity is the town's paramount mystery. Now, it falls to Jane to entrap and expose the notorious Reverend...even if the evidence points to the last person on earth she wants to suspect...a man who already may have won her heart.
 I have been forced to take it easy. I don't want to! We have a household of three shaggy poodles! Ugh. That means a rough time grooming them coming up. :( Well, I shall persevere. It will get done. I just could not do it before. I could not.

So what have I been doing, besides reading? I have been slowly working in the garden. Bit by bit. I am nowhere near done. Not at all. But what am I to do. I tell you,  when you are truly debilitated, you just learn what is important. I have also learned how many true friends I have. Thank you my friends. ♥
Apple Blossoms
Volunteer Labrador Violets
Once again, I want to thank you for sticking with me. Thanks for dropping by today. I am so glad you did.

 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Psalm 103:1

Stitching and praying,

Friday, April 29, 2016

Little Lilies

Hi friends! Here is the latest finish I have to share with you. It is an old freebie by Luli you can find right HERE.
Precious, isn't it? I used Olde Willow Stitchery Hand-Dyed Thread, 033, Floral Fantasy. This was recently gifted to me by our friend Anne.

Stitching this was a HUGE challenge, with me currently being on these heavy medications and having horrid headaches. So it took a long time. I also used a new method. I pulled my lap frame very close to me, pulled myself in close, so as not to hunch over, and took my glasses off. Yes, working one over one on this 36 ct this way, was the ONLY way. I had to use this small of a count to make this finish fit the spot I had in my cubby shelf. I am so happy with how it looks on the white linen.
I especially like these small lilies charted on the right end. I have checkered lilies(or fritillaria) now in bloom in the secret garden in our back yard. See the same shape?
Our friend Angela did the nicest thing. She sent me a surprise package to brighten my day. It brought a smile to my face Angela. That is not the easiest thing to do these days either.
Not one but TWO cards to cheer me up! Sweet, pink ribbons and small cuts of delicious colored linen she picked up at a recent retreat. Oh how thoughtful. Thank you my friend.♥

He was so thorough and smart and NICE. He said that in all honesty these headaches can start for no reason or possibly the kind of steroid she used in my neck injection(7 weeks ago) could have caused it. He gave me an oral steroid pack to take. You take, I forgot how many, starting the first day. Maybe 6.Then keep tapering down. It lasts 6 days. I will get off the Fioricet, the stuff making me the substance of mashed potatoes. I am going to increase the Topamax, the pill I am on, two nightly, to prevent headaches. I will, after the steroids are done next week, begin taking that in the morning as well. I may suffer these headaches again in my life. I may not. He did not think it was a good risk to have another facet injection for neck arthritis. If this is not working by next week I am to call and go see him again. He says there are other things I can do. This steroid is the drug the other two doctors of mine said I should go on AFTER I saw a surgeon to have my temple arteries biopsied!!! He asked if I had some kind of blood test first. I said I never heard of that blood test. He said, I don't see it listed on your blood work here. You have to have that blood test done first before you can have artery biopsies. He was not impressed with their order of doing things for me.

I am on day three of using the oral steroids and I am trying very, very, very hard to keep my hope up. The pain has NOT lessened for me. He said this could be possible if I had a bad reaction to the steroid injected in my neck. This means I would have to wait probably 4 months for the headaches to wear off. OH GOD PLEASE NO. He said there are other things available for me if this is the case.

Thank you for coming by today. I appreciate your friendship. I hope you have a good weekend. Today is our Orthodox Christian Great(Good) Friday. Sunday, our Pascha/Easter!

Stitching and praying,

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Favorite Snowflower Diaries SAL Month Thus Far

Hi friends! So many of you just KNEW it!! What can I say? Several of you asked me if I would replace the kitties with poodles, and, well, I just could NOT get THAT out of my head! So yes, I designed them BEFORE the severe headaches came. Then it took me forever to stitch them up because of the heavy medication. But I think it was sooooooooooooooo worth it. tee hee! :)
 I DO love the kitties that Maija charted for May. I did struggle with switching out poodles instead, believe that or not. I am serious. I made them chocolate because that is the next color poodle I want. tee hee! Brian says we are done having dogs. I say, yes, but not done having poodles! ;) Oh and I also want a white poodle. And they both need to be tea cup poodles. Just in case you were all wondering this. HA!
This was stitched one over one one 25ct cream linen using DMC and VMSS. I did use two over one for all the B5200 to make the white show up well.
I am now working on a bit of Easter stitching, which you may think I am terribly late with, but no! Remember Brian and I are Orthodox Christian. Yesterday was Palm Sunday for us. I will have it finished and on display in my cubby shelf.

Our precious daughter went to her senior prom on Saturday and had a wonderful time! :) She looked so gorgeous. Yes, I am her mom, but hey, I just speak the truth. THIS IS NOT HER, OKAY? IT IS THE VINTAGE DRESS SHE WORE. NOT HER IN THE DRESS, BUT THE LADY WHO SOLD THE DRESS TO HER.THIS IS THE LISTING PICTURE FROM THE SALE. NOT OUR MADELEINE!!
I still don't show pictures of our kids here, so that is the picture you are getting. ;) But she had a fabulous time with one of her best friends, her date, Richard, a Burmese foreign exchange student she has known these four years.
Good news! I got my neurologist appointment moved up to Tuesday. I see him tomorrow and sure hope for help with this loooooooooooooong headache.

Stitching and praying,