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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is that?

Hey everybody! Hope you are having a fantastic day. I am, despite this rotten pain.

So what is this?

Oh c'mon, what else?! The beginnings of a poodle! This is 45 ct white linen. I like it. I just have to use the magnifier.

I have been going for early morning walks in nice weather for a couple of years now with my mother. I have to take the kids into town for school. Two blocks away from Madeleine's school is McCarty Park. It has a nice path that goes around the large pond there. So once in a while my mother and I meet to walk. Today was most likely our last walk there. School is done for the year and Madeleine is finishing 8th grade tomorrow and is done with the church grade school. She is joining her brothers in high school!

So I brought the camera because I have been thinking of you guys, my devoted and well loved followers. I took this one of heron number one.
Great Blue Heron #1 McCarty Park, West Allis

Then I caught number two for you.
Great Blue Heron #2 McCarty Park, West Allis
And lastly number three.
Great Blue Heron #3 McCarty Park, West Allis
Aren't they wonderful? The one has been there for years. The two other joined in about two weeks ago. Sometimes they chase each other off if they invade in each other's space. Such a sight. They are so beautiful.

Mama duck and ducklings are so sweet!

Lastly, the girls say hi! Mabel is improved. She is probably 90% her old self. We continue to lift her up and down steps. The vet also says to hold off on all walks. She is being weaned off the steroid. She has been off pain pills for half a week. We will not ask her to do any of her tricks either. We are happy to still have our little Mabel, we just need to look out for her back for her.

Thanks for stopping by. You are appreciated. ♥

Stitching and praying,


Melissa said...

So glad to hear Mabel is doing better!!! and those ducklings are just too darn cute!

Happy Stitching Vickie!


gracie said...

The pictures are nice...and so happy to hear Mabel is doing better and off the pills.

butterfly said...

Great photos Vickie, so happy to hear Mabel is getting there.
We are having some bad weather at the moment 70mph winds so will see if my garden is still there tomorrow.hugs.

Carol said...

Glad Mabel has perked up and will soon be off the steroids--she'll need some extra pampering from now on.

Love the heron photos, Vickie--aren't they amazing? Almost prehistoric looking, especially when they fly. We have them visiting our pond quite often, but have to chase them away because they would eat all of our fish!

Chris said...

It looks like a poodle!
Lovely pics from your walk. Thanks for sharing them.
Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine said...

Ah yes, a poodle! Great photos ~ the girls look adorable! So glad to hear Mabel is doing so well!

Janet P said...

Glad to hear Mabel is improving, when you have had dogs you understand how much members of the family they become. My dh happened to look over my shoulder when I was on your blog, he said 'oh they're not all old', now that is great for you Vickie, but what about the rest of us who are maturing nicely - what sort of punishment do you suggest!!

Unknown said...

So glad to hear Mabel is on the mend, thats great news. Those heron's look wonderful so they do and how cute is mama duck with her ducklings.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That poodle is going to be so cute!

What great Heron shots!

Peggy Lee said...

OH my...45 count? I did a quick ornament on 50 once and I think that may have cured me from doing anything on smaller than 40 count...ever! More power to ya girl!

Yay for Mabel. So glad she is doing well.

I just love it when I see a blue heron flying over the house. We live right on the lake and see them quite often. They look so graceful while flying...until they make that awful teradactyl noise! It's so funny to hear.

Trace4J said...

Oh what beautiful Herons!
SO happy Mabel is better. SHe is so precious.
Thanks for sharing Friend

Parsley said...

Love seeing your furbabies and stitchy start.

Margaret said...

Your poodle is cute so far! I can do 45ct, but I prefer 40ct myself. lol! Love the pics of the herons. So cool!