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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little bit of garden work

Good morning everybody! Today is dear June's birthday. Happy Birthday June! I am happy to know that she received my gift and will open it today. That was the last project I had been stitching. Now you know why I couldn't show you yet! Soon.

Mabel says "Hi! And thanks for the prayers!" Here she is panting and smiling up at me in the backyard yesterday. The grass is turning a bit brown from our lack of rain and hot, hot weather around here. She will finish up the last of her medicine in a week. She is 90% of what she used to be. We still take her up and down steps, I think that will be permanent. That's okay. Her back legs slip a little if she gets real excited. Otherwise she is great.

Do you see the icky spider in it's web there? I don't kill the spiders outside the house. ;)

Lastly, this one is for Beth. I am not into bees myself. ;)

Stitching and praying,


Unknown said...

So glad to hear that Mabel is nearly better, I know how much you all care for her.

butterfly said...

Mabel is so sweet, looking much better.
Thank you my sweet friend for my birthday gift, it's beautiful and I love rabbits, hugs.

Janet P said...

I shall be seeing June this evening, and share our happy thoughts re blogging, I am so glad she nagged me to join blog world. Mabel certainly is one of the family. x

marly said...

Wonderful news about Mabel. Great looking basket - not so much the spider though!

Beth said... thought of me when you posted a picture of your 'bumble' - thanks! So glad puppy dog is doing better too.

Annette-California said...

Mabel is looking much happier! Thanks for sharing about her recovery. You took a beautiful photo of the web and that's hard to achieve. Good job Vickie.

Chris said...

Glad to know that Mabel is well! Lovely garden pics.
Happy Wednesday!

Catherine said...

Glad little Mabel is doing better ~ you can even see it in her eyes!