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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Traveling Pattern Is Moving On To California!

Hey everybody! How the heck are ya? I drew the winning name this morning. The traveling pattern is moving on. Annette! The bunny is coming your way. Please email me your address.

I used my cool, little sequined and beaded poodle coin purse to hold the names of the ladies wishing to stitch the bunny. It is the only thing I ever used it for! HA! Brian bought it for me a few years ago.

This chocolate daylily is called Chocolate Splash.♥

These two pictures above of the different violas, are what I call little survivors. They both grew from seed spread by the wind and birds from last year. They popped up this spring in the cracks of the driveway. I give them a little water almost daily, but they are tough little ladies. :) There are probably a dozen and a half of them scattered around.

I am stitching a Christmas piece right now.

Stitching and praying,


Annette-California said...

Oh Vickie I am so excited for to stitch the little bunny. Super cute. Well the poodle coin purse was very lucky for me:) Hope Mabel is still feeling better. Thank you so very much for your giveaway. As soon as I'm done stitching, I will pass it on so it will continue to travel:))))
love Annette

Siobhán said...

Very pretty flowers! I love that daylily!