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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 45 count Poodle Magnet

Hey everybody! I finished stitching this little poodle up two days ago. I finished her off into a magnet this morning. :)

one over one, 45 ct white Italian linen

This one is by far my favorite of my poodle freebie magnets. She is so pretty.♥ Not sure what the reddish color is on the inside rim of bottle cap, it is not really there. I will say, I stitched the black first, and that was NOT a problem. I actually got quite a bit stitched without magnification. ONE OVER ONE ON 45CT LINEN!! It was the pink stitching that didn't go smoothly at all. Thanks again to Mouse for suggesting the tent, or half cross stitch. That helped me even get pink stitching into this little piece. Is she perfect? No way. Would I do this again? No. I would do just the black again, but not fill her in on 45ct. Well, she is done and I do not have to worry about it any longer now do I?

She was a freebie I found here.

All of these hollyhocks and sweet peas I grew from seeds. The last one is in the chocolate heart garden. It is actually called black hollyhock, but as you can see it is a dark reddish brown. So I prefer the name I gave it, Dark Chocolate hollyhock. ;) See Shirlee, you can go right ahead and name your plants!!

No stitching for me today. But I am crafting with fabric. More to come!

If you want a chance to win the Traveling Pattern "Bunny", take a look at my last post and leave a comment there. :)

Have a super weekend. I have new followers, hello ladies!! So glad when everyone stops by and leaves me a comment. It sure brightens my day.

Crafting and praying,


Catherine said...

The pink looks great ~ but I can understand how hard it must have been on that tiny fabric!
Your flowers are beautiful ~ and any flower that looks like chocolate is a winner to me!

CalamityJr said...

Maybe you wouldn't want to stitch that poodle again, but I'm glad you did it once - it's so cute! And you can't go wrong with anything that has chocolate in the name; great renaming on your part.

Shirlee said...

Your magnet turned out wonderfully! I love your sweet pea. I had never seen them till June posted some of hers. I am going to be buying some seeds soon to plant some myself : ) Love the chocolate hollyhock as well. It looks like an old fashioned one. Those are the ones I really like. The others are pretty but the old variety has special memories for me. Thanks for illustrating how you sometimes "name your own plants" : )

Mouse said...

oooo well done and glad my help helped :) lovely plants and I do like your name better . :) love mouse xxxx

Rowyn said...

Cute poodle. Well done for stitchng on 45 count!

Your hollyhocks are stunning. It is winter in New Zealand and there is very little flowering in my garden right now. Roll on summertime.

Barbara said...

45ct over 1???? You are a braver woman that I am and I must say, she turned out adorable. You also have such pretty flowers growing around your place....beautiful!!

Chris said...

Great finish Vicki! It really is sweet.
I love hollyhocks. They are such and amazing flower.
Have a great weekend.

marly said...

I could never work on that count - you did a fabulous job. What breathtaking flowers!

Bev C said...

Hello Vickie,

You did so well with the small count. The poodle is stunning. I have the same Hollyhock growing here in Australia it is called "The Watchman" mine is only small so hopefully this Spring it will be flowering. I have lots of Hollyhocks that just seem to pop up everywhere in the garden. They are a good plant for bringing bees into the garden.

Enjoy the weekend.

Happy days.

butterfly said...

Your poodle came out just wonderful , not sure if I could have stitched on 45 count on 40 yes , but that would be it for me.
Love all your flowers I can smell them from here.
Lovely post. hugs.

Nicola said...

Cute little poodle, but over one on 45ct?!!!! I can't stitch over two on 40ct!

Your hollyhocks, especially the pink double ones, are beeeeeautiful! Love sweetpeas too, I usually grow some but haven't done so this year.

Giovanna said...

Oh wow, she's really cute! Well done on the 45ct, you're a brave woman...

Carol said...

You are one brave woman, Vickie--over one on 45 ct.! Now that is truly impressive :) And just look how cute your newest poodle magnet turned out--I think this one is my favorite :)

Lovely flowers--I'm sure they're loving all this sunshine we've been having lately!

Melanie said...

Very cute! The half stitch did the trick. :)

BeckySC said...

So adorable :)
((hugs to you))