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Thursday, June 14, 2012

45 count......any ideas to help me??

Hey everybody! I finished stitching up all the black of the little poodle for my next magnet. I began the pink to fill in her fur. Oh my! It was nearly impossible to stitch it straight. The black went so smoothly.

I began on her front foot. I removed all the stitches last night. Oh man! That was horrible! What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know how to fill in all those lovely swirled poofs of poodle fur with pink DMC?!? I just don't see how I can get the stitches in there all straight and orderly like the black stitches are. It was all warped and lumpy and bumpy looking. Yucky poo! If no one can give me a helpful tip to get it done well on this 45ct linen, I think I will just have to finish the magnet off as is. Now you know I just love the pink. So I will incorporate some more of that pink velvet ribbon I have in my stash. Last time I was in JoAnn's they were discontinuing it! I love that velvet ribbon!

I thought I would show you this slate we hang at the back door. I have 4 of these slates that I bought about 15 years ago. One for each season. Well I realized that I was never crazy for the summer one. Sorry Beth, it's a bee hive with a bunch of bees. They are all hand painted by an artist. I thought about it and realized I could get our artist, Emerson, our almost 16 year old, to paint me Mabel on the backside of it.

 Didn't it turn out great?! I love it! ♥

Fuchsias that my husband surprised me with last month. :)

Pinks!!! or dianthus
Well that is it for today folks. Please let me know if have a tip for me on 45 count I appreciate it. Hello to Michelle my newest follower. So glad to have you. :)

Stitching and praying,


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You won't like my first suggestion which is to stitch the pink first! On high counts I always work from the inside towards to the outside.
The second idea is to use a pink felt tip pen or fabric pen to colour the fabric instead of stitching. I do this alot for cards and it's a nice effect. There are a few on my blog.

Mouse said...

mmmm may be use only one thread to do the stitches or use two but just do half a cross (tent stitch) but actually I quite like how the poodle is now :)

gorgeous flowers and nice painting of mabel too :)
love mouse xxx

butterfly said...

Poodle stitching looks great , I love it just like it is or I would sew vey tiny pink beads inside to fill the space up.
Your garden flowers look so beautiful, and love the slate.

Catherine said...

The poodle looks so cute as it is, but I can see where the pink wold just make it fun! I love June's idea of using beads. Love the portrait of Mabel!

Chris said...

Wow! I think you are right to skip the pink and just finish the magnet as is. It still look awesome.
Emerson did a great job.
Have a great weekend!!

Shirlee said...

It does look great as is but I know your love affair with pink : ) I agree with June's idea of using pink beads. I think that would look fabulous!

Unknown said...

I just saw this post now Vickie, I would use one thread of pink and fill in or two and the tent stitch. Love the flowers and the picture of Mabel is just gorgeous.

Melanie said...

Very good ideas here for the poodle. I don't know that I've ever used that count of fabric before so I'm no help. lol I did read through everyone else's comment though so I can store those tips in my brain in case I do!!