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Friday, June 29, 2012

More Vintage Needlepoint

Hey everybody! How are you? We are hot! As in 108 degrees yesterday hot! Yucky poo! More of the same for today also. The grass is very dry and brown. Good stitching weather though, inside of course! That is what I have been up to, my patriotic piece. Oh and I did purchase this off of etsy.

More birthday money fun! It is not perfectly stitched, but I don't stitch perfectly either I am trying to remind myself. I tend to like perfection. Letting the little imperfections in this piece go is a challenge for me actually. But it is mine right? And it is great right? And our kitchen is a pale yellow. And it makes me think of Mabel. ♥ After subtracting the price of shipping, we actually paid $7.90 for this!! I know!

Chocolate Ripple Daylily
Michelle contacted me yesterday afternoon to let me know I had won the name competition! She wanted name suggestions for her Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. I suggested Ethel. That was my great aunt's name. She gave me my first sewing machine when she could no longer sew with hers due to arthritis. Upon her death, I received her White Treadle Sewing Machine. It was in working order, until about 5 years ago. The leather belt snapped. As I do not sew with it and money is tight I have not gotten it replaced as Michelle replaced hers. Michelle told me that she also had a Great Aunt Ethel who sewed. I think that is really neat. :)

Welcome to my new followers! I am so glad you found me. Thank you to all of you who comment. It is such a joy to read all your comments and know your friendship. :) Ladies I am almost at 100!! Then I will give away the Christmas Friends chart.

Have a wonderfully, stitchy day!

Stitching and barely reading and praying,


Giovanna said...

What a cute story about your great-aunts. And well done of finding another nice poodle picture.

Meari said...

I love treadle sewing machines! Congrats on winning the contest.

Anything over 80 to me is just HOT. It was 94F here yesterday. We're having a storm go through at the moment so it's in the 70's but due to be back to 90's by the end of the day. Yucko!

Unknown said...

Love the poodle and will be perfect in your kitchen and what a bargain!
Congratulations on winning the name competition and what a wonderful story.
Boy you are having really hot weather ! I just can't fathom what it must be like.

Janet P said...

I giggled to myself when I read that because of the very hot weather you have to stay inside and stitch, same reason as me but with me it is the cold and rain!

Annette-California said...

My grandmother had a treadle sewing machine, my cousin now had it, its beautiful and Nannie really used it. Lovely new needlepoint you got. Yep getting warmer here to in California, but not in the 100's this week:)

Catherine said...

I'm done with the heat and dryness! A good day or two of a nice cool rain would be good!
Congrats on winning the naming contest!

gracie said...

It is so wonderful when we have beautiful memories to share....I just adored my aunt Lucy and my aunt Angie!

butterfly said...

Wish it was hot here but the sun is out but very windy, love your Vintage Poodle so cute, Well done on winning the name of the sewing machine. hugs.

Melanie said...

Congrats on winning the contest!!

That's so great that you are giving new life to these vintage pieces. They are too nice not to be displayed somewhere.