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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kicked! :(

Hey everybody! I hope you had an excellent weekend. I hope Father's Day was special. We had lunch and spent time with my MIL & FIL yesterday. My father died four years ago. I wish that I could write wonderful stories or a tribute to my father as I see being done by so many ladies. Wonderful and heart warming those words are. My Dad was not a good father. I will not go further.

So the Indy Car race on Saturday was good. We had a one and a half hour rain delay. Michael Andretti created Indy Fest this year and will again next. Your ticket got you in for the race and all the rides were free. We went on the Ferris wheel. The kids went on the zip line also.

It all was fine til we sat in our seats. It is bleacher type seating with a back to them. There is an opening between the seat back and the bleacher. First I was kicked in my, you guessed it, left SI joint(hip) twice by a man. He apologized. I tried not to cry. I took a percocet I had brought "just in case".

Then, we realized we were up one row too high. I thought that was great, to get away from the big footed man. Well, no. The probably thirteen year old behind me here kicked me three times in the hips if you can even believe it. It was so surreal. Why?? Why directly into my hip? Well, the third time that boy kicked me, mama was ready and lightening fast. Yes, I actually grabbed his foot. Mama was in pain, lots o pain. I turned around while still holding his foot, and told him,"You have kicked me three times. I have a hip disability. It hurts." He apologized and told me his foot slipped. I do understand. I really do. It was wet from the rain still. I did release his foot. His father leaned forward and Brian tried explaining the situation to him. I say tried because you have to remember Indy cars are loud. VERY LOUD. So this entire conversation is yelling. Well the father replied with an "Okay". What?!? I just figured whatever. What is he gonna do anyhow. The damage is done. 

Well I took the remaining half a percocet in tears. Me bringing one and a half percocet was considered on the extra cautious side. HA! I woke up this morning still in pain. It is getting better, just very slowly. I need to call the doctor for more percocet, I have one left. Not good at all.

So sorry to rant here ladies. I wanted to tell you how the race went since I had mentioned it. Um, how about a nice picture of my pansies.

Or a cute shot of Mabel and Maggie? :)

Things will get better. They always do. 

Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God. Psalm 43:5

Praying and stitching,


Melissa said...

Goodness! I am terribly sorry to hear about your hip!!! Sending you lots of well wishes!

I just don't understand how anyone could 'accidently kick someone'!

Hope your hip starts feeling much better soon!

Maggee said...

ONCE is an accident... two and three times is not! Jerks! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Hugs!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, what a total freaky bummer! I'm so sorry you're in pain and how could that happen?! I hope you're feeling better soon. :(

Unknown said...

Poor you and your poor hip, I know how you suffer and I hope your pain eases soon, lucky for you that you brought the pills just in case, now I'm sorry I can understand something happening once as an accident but not 3 times ! That I'm afraid is just bad manners. Love the cute picture of Mabel and Maggie and your panises look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just visiting your blog.

Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your hip. Sometimes people can be a little thoughtless. Thank Heavens you had some tablets with you and I hope you feel better soon.

Your pansies are beautiful and your doggies are so cute!

Trace4J said...

Sending you prayers and hugs.
What sweeties are your girls.

Kathy Ellen said...

I said a little prayer for you today, that the Lord will heal your hip from all of those nasty 'hurts' this past weekend. Be well, dear friend.

Congratulations upon being the winner of Nataly's wonderful Mystery Giveaway last Friday! You must have been thrilled to receive her gifts!

Blessings for you!

Meari said...

So sorry you got kicked 4 times. Wow, I would've been an unhappy camper too. Good thing you brought pain pills just in case. ((hugs))

Cutest pic of the doggies!

Penny said...

I find it very difficult to be nice when I am in pain. Sounds like you showed great restraint. Hope you are feeling better soon! Your pansies are so pretty! And a couple of super cute faces looking up at you. :)

Chris said...

Oh Vickie, I hope that you are feeling better. I have been to one race. Bleacher seating is a definite turnoff for me :)
I am in the same Dad category. Glad to hear that it is not just me.
Hugs to you and the pups.

Giovanna said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! So sorry you had such a rotten time with the kickers - I hope you're feeling better now.

Melanie said...

What a bummer. :( So many people nowadays just seem to have NO consideration for others. @!@#$!@#!@#$@ Kudos to you for handling it with more restraint (and less swearing) than I would have.

Catherine said...

Ouch on the kicking! Hope you are all better. Lovely flowers and Such cute pups!!