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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Gift In The Mail and a Pinkeep

Hey everybody!  How are you today?  The sun is shining here.  It should be a mild, pretty day.

Giveaway gift from Sally
This arrived in the mail yesterday.  It is the sweet little bunny chart that I won from Sally. :)  Isn't he just adorable.  Every time I see him, I just think he needs a hug.♥  The card with that sweet dog on the front, almost made me cry.  If you replace all the light colored hair on that dog with the black, you would think you were looking right at our Mac.  He died extremely suddenly back in October.  He had cancer of the spleen and we never knew it. It ruptured and he was gone within a few hours, because we took him to the vet to find out what was wrong and humanely euthanized him since it was the only option.

Well, anyhow, it did make me smile too. :)  Time does heal.  We loved him dearly, and we do have Maggie and Mabel still.♥

So I pulled the few flosses I do have for the chart last night.  I need to go to JoAnn today and buy the rest.  I looked up conversion charts last night, I am going to use dmc of course. :)

Yesterday I took this...
Madeleine's vest from Christmas Around The World

and I made it into this...

Christmas Around The World Pinkeep

This vest has been sitting in her closet for over a year. I made it for Madeleine for Christmas Around The World at our church school for December of 2010.  Her grade got Poland, so she and I dressed in costume.  I had these freebie patterns I found a long time ago on a Polish blog actually. I personalized it with the owls, she loves owls.  And of course I took out the cats and put in poodles! :)

Madeleine found it this morning in her room.  I finished it after she fell asleep last night. She is very happy.

Well, I did finish the book I was reading,Quilters Academy.  I kind of forced myself to read it actually. It is a good book, it is just a book to learn proper techniques and basics.  Since I taught myself to quilt through books, I thought I should read this one also.  I did pick up a few helpful hints, so I am glad I read it.

Okay, that does it for me today. I am off to JoAnn soon and the library too.

Poodles Around The May Pole

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great day.  I appreciate you all. :)

Stitching and praying,



Krista said...

Lovely stitching and cute new chart. Sorry about Mac, I know it is so hard to lose our furry babies. Have a great day.

cucki said...

aww very sweet stitching and cute new chart...
sad news about Mac..big hugs for you
love cucki xx

butterfly said...

Sorry about your dear little dog Mac, it always makes me so sad to hear the loss of our sweet pets.
Lovely gift from Sally and love your stitching. HUGS.

Unknown said...

Thats a beautiful gift Vickie and I really like the pinkeeps you made, really pretty. Time does heal even though at the time you don't think it. I know what a shock it was to you to loose your beloved Mac but I'm glad you can look back and remember the good times with him.

Catherine said...

Cute chart from Sally. So sorry about your Mac - he was quite the handsome pup.
Love your conversion of the vest into a gift for your daughter! So cute and a great way to keep the memory.

Sally said...

So glad the chart arrived safely. I hope you enjoy stitching it.

So sorry about Mac. He's so sweet.

Love the pinkeep you made!

Penny said...

A wonderful picture of Mac. It is so hard when we lose a beloved pet. The little bunny chart is cute! And I what a wonderful idea to turn the vest into a pinkeep. So pretty! :)

Carol said...

Love your little chart from Sally, Vickie--in fact I'm stitching that one myself right now (for the third time!). Lovely recycling project, too! What a great reminder for Madeleine of her Christmas Around the World experience :)

Trace4J said...

Evening Friend
So sorry to hear about your fall. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for your sweet words you left on my blog this morning.
You not only have pretty green eyes but a beautiful smile.
Love & JOY

Nicola said...

You miss them all and never forget them. They bring us so much happiness in their short lives.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love your dog very lovely ...

bisous de FRANCE