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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hey everybody!
Our oldest is going to prom tonight!!! Yikes!  Jacob is 17 1/2.  He is a junior at Pius XI High School.  The prom is to be held at Miller Park, the large, new baseball stadium in Milwaukee.  They have a large party room.  Being the parents of the boy, I have to say really doesn't include the parents much. :( 

Guess who this is????  :)

Brian and I, prom 1986
That's right!  It's Brian and I in 1986.  Yikes again!  The kids get a big laugh out of dad wearing a white tux with pink bow tie. :)  So, back then, just like now, the boy went to the girl's house, where my parents took pictures and then we were off to prom. 

Jacob has promised we will get the pictures also.  They are going as friends. Well , we will see.  She is a very pretty young lady. ;)

Here is a picture of chocolate chip ajuga, or bugleweed from the garden the other day.  This is what is slowly spreading to be my living mulch in that chocolate heart garden.

chocolate chip ajuga

This is Tiarella Mint Chocolate.  It has very pale pink flowers.  See the chocolate striped leaves?

tiarella mint chocolate
Well, mom and dad are excited/nervous about prom tonight.  Say a prayer that all goes well?  Thank you. :)

Stitching and praying,


Maggie said...

I hope your son and his friend had a great time at the prom. I think that girls and lads are just friends more so now than they were back in the day, not a bad thing i think.

Love the photo of you and your husband :-) We didn't have that sort of thing when we were at school, proms are only a recent thing here in the UK.

Catherine said...

Hope everything went well!!

Carol said...

Hope your son had a great Prom night, Vickie--thanks for sharing that darling photo of yours! You look so pretty in your pale pink dress :) At our proms, the guys didn't even wear tuxes! It was a very small school district in the early '70s-no place to even rent one!!

Chris said...

I love the prom pic! I hope that your son had a wonderful Prom :)

Unknown said...

How cute do you look, love the picture. I hope your son and his friend had a good time. Love seeing the plant pictures.

Penny said...

You and your husband made a lovely prom couple. :) I hope your son and his friend enjoyed their evening!

Lillie said...

Both of you look so sweet. Hope your son enjoy his prom.

butterfly said...

Hope all went well for your boy.
Who is that lovely couple ?
Great chocolate flowers YUMMY. .HUGS.

Margaret said...

Love the pic of you and your DH from prom -- what fun! Yes, our DS will be going to prom this year as well. For some reason both of our kids' classes voted not to have a junior prom, so just one prom for each.

Melanie said...

What a great flashback to the past!! :) My senior prom was in '89 so I can relate to the style. lol