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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chocolately goodness

Hey everybody!  So glad you are here. :) Welcome to new followers!

I finished Maggie's bath and haircut. I should have known better than to let her wander while I was watering the garden beds. She of course ruined her whole white and fluffy look. :(  Actually a quick blow dry seems to have fixed her up. She is not a girly dog. The camera battery died before I got a good picture of her for you.  I did get this one of the latest iris to open up around here.

Huckleberry Fudge Tall Bearded Iris
Pretty huh? How about this one too.

Pink Mocha Begonia
You can see how dark brownish the leaves are. These small dark red flowers are called Bittersweet William, because of the chocolate type leaves. Instead of Sweet Williams, get it? :) Yes, sometimes it is a stretch to place the flowers in the chocolate category. But if I like it, it's in. My favorites always remain the chocolate scented ones. ♥

Bittersweet Williams
 I am still reading The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis. It is a good book.

reading and stitching,


butterfly said...

Beautiful flowers again, you have some lovely ones Vickie, HUGs.

Unknown said...

What beautiful looking flowers Vickie, I especially love the Iris's, perhaps as that is my sisters name lol. I love the look of the Bittersweet Williams, I've not seen those before.

Shirlee said...

Oh Vickie ... If you lived nearby I would give you all my flowers & pave over my yard! The weather was beyond hot & miserable today, the spiders were having some kind of gigantic family reunion, & I think I heard the weeds laughing at me as I sprayed the weed killer on them. Sigh!

Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers!!! I've always wondered how people come up with all these plant names~ Some of them are pretty amazing!!

Penny said...

Your flowers are beautiful! The Bittersweet Williams are interesting.

Annette-California said...

I've not heard or seen Bittersweet Williams before - Very pretty reds. I do have Sweet Williams they are vibrant in colors and have a pretty spicy scent. Thank you for sharing:)

Chris said...

Beautiful pics!

Trace4J said...

Have a great day
Hugs Trace