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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy and a finish

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? We have been busy getting ready for Madeleine's Confirmation. There will be 20 young people getting confirmed on Sunday in our Lutheran Church. She had her questioning last night. The pastor asked all of them 200 questions regarding the faith, and they all did very well. Confirmation occurs on Sunday at 10:30. We will have family there and over afterwards. This is where the busyness comes in. Yes, the children and I have been crawling over the lawns, front and back, pulling dandelion weeds. Brian says this is completely unnecessary. Well, I like a clean, neat appearance! I have planted some too.

I think you can tell I chose this elephant ear plant because the leaves look like big pink hearts.♥

So this is our fence along the driveway. We put up trellises every year. I planted sweet pea vines a week ago. They have popped up and started. I filled the baskets with pink and purple flowers.plants and vines.

So the two on the outsides are light pink, the one in the center has dark pink geraniums. I prefer the light pink ones, but like them all. ♥

purple columbine

And finally, I did finish up that adorable little Bent Creek bunny from Sally.

Bent Creek Little Bunny

Now I am think, think, thinking on how to finish him off. I would like to say I am on to my next stitch, I cannot. I have to give both dogs baths and haircuts. Neat appearances remember. :)

reading and cleaning up,


butterfly said...

Hi sweetie, love all your flowers and I really like the heart one.
Lovely stitching I need to stitch this one some time it's so cute. HUGs

Unknown said...

You have been so busy and I wish you all a wonderful day especially Madeleine. What a special time for her. I know what you mean about neat appearances, although unnecessary, its what we like to present right ? :)
Really love your finish, its very cute.

Carol said...

I love the hanging baskets up your driveway, Vickie. I'll bet they are really even more beautiful when they fill in a bit and start hanging down.

The bunny is adorable--absolutely one of my favorite Bent Creek pieces! I just love his little lost expression :)

Annette-California said...

Oh my goodness! I love the trellises & baskets of flowers you hung along the drive way. Looks Beautiful. Very cute bunny you stitched. I like the geraniums because they are so very hardy and last forever & multiply:)) Yes we have pink ones.

Chris said...

The yard looks lovely and all ready for a celebration.
I love the little bunny and look forward to seeing how you finish him.
Have a great rest of the week.

Parsley said...

Thanks for the link to this blog. It's GREAT! Okay, I have to say that your poodles stole my heart. Really. I just adore them. The breed is so smart and loyal!

On the stitching front, don't ya just love Bent Creek?! Something so fun about their pieces!

Catherine said...

What a busy but wonderful time for your family!! Sweet finish too!

Shirlee said...

Your flowers all look lovely! I've never seen that type of elephant ear before.

Peggy Lee said...

Love your flowers and that little bunny is adorable!

Melanie said...

The little bunny is adorable. :)
Love the flower baskets/trellises too!