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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The smell of chocolate!

Hey everybody!

I do not know how, but I forgot to tell you that those chocolate swirl irises I showed you last time, smell of milk chocolate.  They are just wonderful as you can imagine. :)  I took another photo for you of a second one that opened up today.

Chocolate Swirl

Here is yet another of the concrete poodles I made.  Her name is Cocoa and she lives in the chocolate heart garden. :)

One last picture I took for you tonight.  This is of a pink and yellow columbine that was planted by the original owners of this house.  The wife was a lover of pink like me.  I transplanted a few of these to the small garden we created on the side of the garage.  I have planted almost all pink and purple flowers there.

I did finish reading Threadbare by Monica Ferris on Monday.  It was a good book.  It is the latest from her in her Needlecraft Mystery series.  I have read every one of them.  I may guess part of the mystery, but not all.  The main character owns a needlecraft shop and has a gift for sleuthing.  I was disappointed though.  I am ashamed to admit that I did read the whole book, even though she did add probably 8 swear words in it.  I find it sad when an author feels they need to do this.  They don't.  I do not like to read books containing foul language.  I do not use it myself and find it offensive and just plain unintelligent.

The next book I am reading is also a fairly new one from the library.  I love that place!!  It is The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis.  I already know that this will not disappoint me.  It is number one in a new series by her.  This time involving an "English" lady and an Amish man.

Stitching, reading and planting seeds,


Maggee said...

a flower that smells like milk chocolate!! I will hunt that down!! I have read a few Beverly Lewis books, and enjoyed them. Think I have one sitting on my stack... brought it on vacation, but who has time to read in Florida with the family?? Hugs!

Penny said...

A beautiful Iris and the milk chocolate scent is just and added bonus! :) Your columbine is pretty! I enjoyed the Heritage of Lancaster County series by Beverly Lewis. :)

butterfly said...

What beautiful flowers just love them all and the Iris is just wonderful.
I am with you, about the swearing, I can not understand why they put it into books , no need for it, and some times you watch a good film and in the end i turn it off.
All I can say is they must have a very low self image.

twinpeakprimitives said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful garden and photos. After leaving my comment over here, I am gonna eat a piece of chocolate certainly!

Wish you a great weekend and congrats for forthcoming Mothers Day!


Chris said...

Wow! not only beautiful but it smells like milk chocolate too! Heaven!
Glad that you are reading some good things. It is great to have a good library :)

Shirlee said...

Vickie ... That iris is gorgeous! Two years ago I bought several iris plants from an internet source but never saw that one! The hunt will be on once we find out where we will be living : ) I am surprised to hear that Monica Ferris used foul language in one of her books. I haven't ready any of her stuff for a couple years now but agree with your thoughts on her doing this. My guess is her publishers told her they wanted more "real" characters? Whatever the reason, it's very sad.

Carol said...

I had no idea that the Chocolate Iris smelled like chocolate--how wonderful!! I just love Columbine--think they are one of the prettiest of flowers. Too bad we don't live closer, Vickie--we could trade varieties :)

Enjoy your weekend!