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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother Is Love

Hey everybody!  I am so glad you came by.  Thank you for your kind comments, they make me smile. :)

I have been gardening.  I got the chocolate heart garden reduced a bit in size.  This required moving quite a few perennials inward.  I had to hand dig the grass out.  Even pull tiny bits out from between iris tubers.  Stupid grass that crept in!!

Mother Is Love by Tricia Wilson Nguyen

Mother's Day present for mom on Chocolate Ruffles Heuchera

Chocolate Heart Garden April 2012
So I also stitched.  This is the present I just made for my mother.  Mother Is Love is the name of this freebie.  I have had this pattern in my stash for a long time.   I knew I wanted to make it for my mom, just needed to finally do it.  I did not use the tent stitch with this as called for, just all cross stitch.  I also did not use silk threads, just my good old dmc for me! :)  I found a few color conversions, but not all.  I just chose what looked good to me.  I stitched it one over one on on tea dyed 35 count linen.  I had to hand sew the whole thing while finishing.  That caused stress, but I prevailed.  The cluny lace was the bugger.  It was twice the width it now it.  It had a satin ribbon running down the center.  I simply pulled out the ribbon, cut it in half and then attached it by hand.  I found all the trims and backing fabric at JoAnn.

Have a fabulous day you guys. I will be back soon.

Stitching and finishing something else :),


Catherine said...

Both are beautiful projects!

Unknown said...

Oh Vickie, that heart hanger for your mother is just wonderful. Its the niecest thing I've seen in awhile, well apart from my gift from you :). Your mother will treasure it I'm sure.
I really love the chocolate garden and I hope it is now easier for you to maintain, it looks so pretty.

twinpeakprimitives said...

Dear Vickie,

I like both of your two works very much. Congrats

Penny said...

What a beautiful gift for your mother! And your garden is looking wonderful!

Lynn said...

You've done a beautiful job on the heart for your mother! She'll be thrilled with it I'm sure.
Your garden is lovely too. I'm not able to weed mine anymore so my son cleaned it out for me on the weekend.

Carol said...

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere! Your downsized chocolate heart garden looks great, Vickie--sounds like a lot of work! And your sweet gift for your mother is even stitched on Chocolate fabric. You did a wonderful job on it--I've never attempted a heart-shaped finish. Someday, I'll get up my nerve! I know your mom will be thrilled with it :)

Anne said...

Wow! I love your heart garden! It's so lovely!! The heart you made for your mother is also beautiful. Hand sewing the whole thing...that would cause me to toss it across the room!!

Veronica said...

What a beautiful gift! I love it. Thanks so much for the link. I've saved it now. Your mum is gonna be so pleased with it. Your Heart Garden sure looks pretty.


Myra said...

What a precious gift for your mother. The lace looks fabulous on it. I love your heart garden too!

Melanie said...

Beautiful job on the heart for your mother!!! What a wonderful gift. :)