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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fellow Readers Out There ?? And Stitchy Stuff Too!

Good morning everyone!
How are you all keeping?  We received at least 4 inches of snow last evening.  The thick, heavy, wet stuff.

Do any of you enjoy Beverly Lewis books?  I have read every single one of her adult books.  I am sure her many, many children's books are great too.  The topic for her fiction is the Amish.  I was interested in the Amish about 10 years ago, and came across her fiction at the library. 

She is a talented writer.  She loves to write series.  Yes, eventually the young Amish Miss ends up happy, but I enjoy the insight into a lifestyle we do not know a lot about.

How about Susan Wittag Albert?  I had never heard of her before last year.  I came across a book of hers in the library.  I went and searched for the first in the series, The Beatrix Potter Mysteries.  They are innocent fun.  They are based on Beatrix Potter.  She happens to have a gift for solving mysteries. And the animals talk in these books. Only to each other I might add. :)  Well, they are a fun read, not  truly challenging in the mystery solving department really.

Which leads me to the next book I read this year, Forbidden from the Book of Mortals.  This is a new book from Ted Dekker.  He is a very talented writer.  He does write very challenging mysteries.  I love that.  I think I have something figured out, and then he gives you a big twist, and a few more turns.  This latest book has left me wanting to read the next RIGHT NOW!

I am currently stitching an Irish piece.  I am hoping to get this finished off in time for St. Patrick's Day.  I have been trying to get one small seasonal piece finished completely for each month.  So why don't I show you the piece I finished for February. 

Valentine Poodles

back of Valentine piece

I found this pattern online as a knitting pattern actually.  It is decades old. It was to be the front of a child's sweater.  I fell in love with the two of them. :)

It is stitched on 28 ct rose evenweave.  I found that perfect trim at JoAnn's.  Tiny, little white pom poms.  It makes me think of poodles. :)  The backing fabric I had left over from a blouse I sewed for myself this last summer.  I lined it with interfacing and filled it with crushed walnut shells.

Thanks for visiting today.  I read every single comment and appreciate every one too.  Thank you. :)


Maggee said...

Hi Vickie! Yes, I do enjoy Barbara Lewis' books! I think I have read two, and found another at a second hand store, so get to read that next! Another favorite author you might enjoy is Nancy Moser--she is brilliant! I have read MOST of her many books! Your poodles are adorable! Nice finishing! Hugs!

Shirlee said...

Your new project is so cute! I love the pom-pom trim! The next time I go to Lexington I'll have to see if the Joann's there has it : )

Unknown said...

I love your Poodles and the finish is just gorgeous, looking forward to seeing March's finish. I'll have to investigate further into this new Ted Dekker novel and see what its about. I am enjoying the one I'm reading now.

passionfruitprincess said...

Hi Vickie! I love your cute valentine ornament! I need to find some bottle cups at Joann,s, looks perfect,great job! I also need to take a look at the books...I used to read a lot, but not much now, English being my second language. I need to change's time:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following you now.

Solstitches said...

Oh yes, I adore the Beverly Lewis Amish series and have read The series Annie's People and also the series about Lancaster County.
I haven't heard of those other authors but love a good book recommendation so will check them out.
Your little poodle pillow is adorable and how neat that you took a vintage knitting pattern and made it your own.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful, romantic finishes. I LOVE the tiny pom pom trim...I am so looking for that when I shop!

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

Debby said...

What a lovely poodles! And such tiny stitches!!

Greetings from Debby,

butterfly said...

Hi Vickie, Just love your little poodles how cute, love the materials , your finish is just beautiful.

Kathy Ellen said...

Your blog is lovely, Vickie! Maggie and Mable are adorable. We have an apricot toy poodle named Meggie!

Your February Valentine pillow is so beautifully stitched and finished. Looking forward to seeing what you are stitching for March.

Blessings to you!

Peggy Lee said...

The tiny pom-pom trim is adorable!
Lovely finish.

Pumpkin said...

Adorable finish! Love the little pompoms too :o)

Lillie said...

The poodles are truly so cute and you finished both beautifully.
Thank you for visiting me. Have a good week :)

Siobhán said...

What a beautiful February piece! Very nice.

I haven't read any adult books by Beverly Lewis. I'll have to look her up! I love Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles mystery series.

Trace4J said...

Beautiful stitches.
I love the sweet poodles and pom pom trim.
Love books about the amish too.
Hugs Trace