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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A gift for my first follower! ♥

Good morning everyone!
Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your lovely comments.  I appreciate you!

One week ago I sent this sweet little chart to my first follower, Nicola.
If you haven't visited her blog yet, WHY NOT?? :)  Hop on over there.  She has an amazing talent with her camera.  You will see birds you have never, ever seen before.  Such a joy when she shares with us.♥ I am so glad she received her gift and likes it!

I decided to set my small stitch on 28ct black aside for right now.  It is not an urgent gift and the black, over one stitching is making me cross eyed!

I just pulled linen, bought the missing flosses and began an Easter stitch.  You will have to wait a bit, gonna leave you wondering for right now. ;)

So, I finally got my new glasses.  You can kinda see them in my new profile picture to the right.  They are rimless.  This would be my second pair that I have had that are rimless.  I like them.  I have worn glasses since I was 12.  I wore contacts for 20 years.  Didn't want to mess around with those anymore, but I didn't want loud glasses.  This type works for me right now in life.  I just kind of wanted them to be as invisible as possible I guess.  As my teens say, "Whatever!!" ;)

stitching and praying,


Unknown said...

Really love the new glasses Vickie, they suit you. I'm sure Nicola loves her gift, I'd say its perfect as its got birds on it. :)

butterfly said...

Lovely glasses Vickie, lovely gift for a lovely lady.
Look forward to seeing your Easter stitching.
Have a great week.

Catherine said...

Love the glasses! And what a sweet chart to send!

Shirlee said...

I really like your new glasses! I keep putting off getting mine replaced. I will have to take a look at the rimless ones : )

Melanie said...

Really like the new glasses! They look great on you. :)

Lillie said...

You look great indeed with the glasses and the gift to Nicole is sweet.

Debbie said...

I love what you stitch as a gift... your follower is a very lucky lady!

butterfly said...

Hi Vickie just past on the Liebster reward to you, Take a look at my blog to see , hugs.

Sally said...

Lovely photo of you Vickie, I love your new glasses.

What a lovely gift for Nicola. I am always in awe of the beautiful photos she takes.

Solstitches said...

What a sweet gift for Nicola.
Love the new glasses and that is a lovely picture of you.

Lelia said...

The Reward of Merit charts are so much fun!

lovely blog - this is my first visit