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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look what I got! ♥

Hey everyone!
Take a look at what the hubby bought me. :)  I thought I might just give punchneedle a try sometime soon.

I went over to our library and checked out these two books to learn all about it. 
Then off to the fabric store for some pale, pale pink linen.  I am in the thinking/planning mode right now.  Looks like fun!  Will have to wait just a bit.  Still stitching up the Irish small.  I should finish that today. 

So who else has given punchneedle a try?  Tell me about it please. :)


butterfly said...

How lovely Vickie, I have never tried punch needle but it looks very pretty , can't wait to see what lovely things you will be making.

Tricia said...

Have fun, Vickie! I love the look of punch needle, but I am severely punch needle challenged. Couldn't get it right for anything. : ) That's ok, though. I really, really don't need another hobby! Can't wait to see your projects!


gracie said...

I thought about it..but just that thought! Looking forward to seeing yours and how you do.

Trace4J said...

Looks so cool. I have never tried it but would love to learn.
Happy Sunday

Shirlee said...

What a sweet hubby : ) I tried punchneedle years ago & was a total failure at it. However, I really had nothing more to go on than the guy selling needles at the local flea market saying how easy it was & a very tiny instruction sheet in the needle package. I couldn't get the hang of it at all. I decided last year that I was going to attempt it again. Bought some supplies but never have had the guts to try them. I'm sure you'll have more luck ... & guts ... than me : )

Dani - tkdchick said...

I keep avoiding new hobbies and techniques I'm already quite obsessed with cross stitch!!!!

carol said...
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Carol said...

Punchneedle has always interested me, too, Vickie, but I barely have the time to cross stitch most weeks so I'd better avoid it until I'm retired--in about 10 years!!!

Looking forward to seeing your Irish finish--'tis that time of year :)

Anne said...

That's so sweet of your husband! I love how he thinks!! Good man! Can't wait to see what you make! Tell us how easy/hard punch needle is!