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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

🌸Secret Flower Bed🌸

Hi friends! I can finally share my June pedestal frame finish with you. Here is Secret Flower Bed  by The Trilogy.🌸
I absolutely LOVE this pattern! Can you guess why??🌸 So much gorgeous pinkness!🌸
Isn't that little inchworm just darling?
It reminds me of when I was young. We had an an apple tree in our backyard. My grandpa planted it when he built the house my mom still lives in. It was cut down years ago now. But when I was young, I spent many hours over many summers in that tree. I would look for inchworms and play with them! 🐛 My brother Michael and I ate our fill of McIntosh apples and pears. We had three pear trees also. 😊 The only pear emoji available is this one:🍐 and let me tell you, Mike and I did NOT eat our pears like that! We knew when a pear was ripe and perfect. The perfect shade of yellow.
This pattern was given to me by our friend Robin I would like to pass this pattern on to one of you now. All you need to do is: be a sidebar follower of mine on this blog, and leave a comment on this post stating you would like this pattern. I will draw a name on Friday, June 7th.
I am now stitching the Rainbow Gallery June pattern for the cubby shelf.

“Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” 1 Peter 3:9

Thank you for stopping by my friends! I am so glad you did! It truly would not be the same without you. I mean that.💗

Stitching and praying,


MartinaM said...

Hi Vickie,
A really nice pattern, not only the pink flowers, even the little details are so cute.
I like to jump in your Lostöpfchen.
My grandmother had an apple tree in her garden, with little delicious red apples. And as a child I also liked to climb on this apple tree and sat on the thick branches. Nice childhood memories.
Have a wonderful Week, Hugs Martina

Nancy calero said...

I would like to enter the contest to win the pattern.i don’t know how to enter in the side bar though.


Justine said...

Oh that's absolutely beautiful Vickie. I couldn't find the inchworm for ages! What lovely memories this piece must have given you.

Manuela said...

OH what a lovely stitching. This is you with all the pink flowers.
Lovely memories from your childhood.
It is a nice giveaway, please count me in.
Have a nice day, Manuela

Marilyn said...

This is too darn cute!
Gotta love all those cute insects & animals.

Christina said...

You did a great job stitching this one. I’m loving this chart as well. I’d like to have my name added if it’s alright since I won your last giveaway. Thank you.

Donna G. said...

The inchworm is cute!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Vickie, your pink flower stitch is gorgeous. I am thrilled you stitched it up sooner versus later. It does say 'Vickie' a lot in my opinion.

Georgia said...

Hi Vickie,

I would also like to put my name in for the Flower Bed Design.
Every morning I enjoy my first cup of coffee, reading my favorite cross stitch blogs. I love your blog and enjoy your cross stitch, poodles and book reviews. Thank you so much for sharing. However, today was hillarious! I couldn't find the inchworm until I looked at the close up pic. Oh my goodness:) I will be chuckling all day, thank you.


Pam in IL said...

Perfect! The pink flowers and little bugs & bunny make me smile. Please add my name to your drawing.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

What a sweet design. I would love to stitch this one. That bunny is beyond cute. :) Your finish looks adorable. Wishing you a lovely day. :)

Andrea said...

It's beautiful Vickie. Found the inchworm!!

Lili said...

This design is adorable, the colours are so beautiful! Lovely stitching, Vickie!!

butterfly said...

Love the PINK chart it's so cute , so I just have to enter .
You stitched it so beautiful .
I can see you now up in that tree ha.

Linda said...

Congrats on another adorable finish Vickie. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.


Julie said...

A darling little finish and so delicate and pretty, it's really sweet.

Carol said...

Adorable finish--and so you with all that pink! I remember when I stitched this one just smiling at the little inchworm, too--he really is so cute with the giant eye in his "head!" I look forward to seeing how you finish yours, Vickie (and am hoping I can find my long ago finish!).

Linda said...

What a sweet stitch and love the colors. I would like to stitch this
Linda m

Barb said...

Secret Flower Bed is so pretty. I love all the shades of pink!

Vicki said...

What a beautiful pattern... so much to see in it. Good job! I'm looking forward to the June cubby shelf.

Penny said...

Such a pretty stitch, Vickie, and yes, so perfectly you!

diamondc said...

Vickie: What a beautiful design, the inch worm is adorable, I love all the creatures in this design.
I hope you are having a great week.


MTBrx said...

I would love to be considered for the pattern. It is adorable.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm throwing my name into the hat for this sweet and oh-so-Vickie design.
We had an apple tree in one house but they were too sour to eat, made lovely apple crumble though.

Mary's Thread said...

This chart is adorable! I love how you did it! I would so enjoy it if I win, and if not...I might just have to buy it for myself! :)

Astrids dragon said...

Such a sweet stitch, perfect for you! From the bunny, to the bees, to the ladybird, to the bird, and to the inchworm, adorable!
Apple and pear trees growing up? Lucky you!

RJ said...

This is the most perfect stitch for you Vickie. It is so pretty and just like you. Love it. RJ