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Monday, June 25, 2018

Can Ya Help Me?

Hi friends! How are you all today? How glad I am that you stopped by. You left such nice comments last time. Thank you!

The sampler I began for myself last week came to a screeching halt!! I always begin my stitching in the center of my linen. Well this time I started in the upper left corner. I THOUGHT I measured in enough and down enough. NO, I DID NOT! BOO!😖 I scrapped that and started all over again. Good thing it is a small sampler. Still, I was a quarter done with it! RATS!

Here is a lovely  bouquet Brian brought home for me just because.
I check out quite a few magazines from our local library. Quilt Maker is one of them. In the May/June issue I did a double take when I turned the page to read a story completely about cross stitch! The article is titled Teaching Miss Baby by one of the regular quilt designers, Wendy Sheppard. She talks all about how she has been teaching her young daughter since an early age to cross stitch. The article shows a few of her daughter's finished pieces.
If you have access to this magazine, read it! Or you can check out her blog HERE
Does anyone out there have this pattern?
Image result for super emma dmc
It was a freebie two years ago from DMC. I cannot find it online anywhere to print any longer. I was wondering if anyone printed it? Can you send this to me if you are done with it? Or you do not need it? I want to stitch it!! Super Emma looks just like my physical therapist Bridget. I am almost done seeing Bridget. Please can anyone help me?!

That's it for today my friends. I am back to hiding out. Me and summer do NOT agree. Increased medicine does not even work for these migraines, so hiding from sun and heat is the best thing. PREVENTION!

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23

Have a beautiful week my friends! YOU are LOVED!❤️

Stitching and praying,


Mrs T said...

Hi there ! I’m a regular reader but first time commenting. I think The Copper Fox /
honeybee stitched this pattern a year or two ago.

Anyway hope you are keeping well and not too troubled by migraines etc.

Best wishes


butterfly said...

What lovely flowers , you have a wonderful Hubby .
Sorry I can't help with the chart I will have a look later online ,but I have not seen it before.

MartinaM said...

Oh that's annoying, but unfortunately that happens sometimes. Too bad that you could not save it anymore.
A beautiful bouquet of Brian, and a nice story in the newspaper. Nice that there are still such stories.
I'm sorry, I've never seen the pattern before.
Too bad it does not help with medicine, I wish you all the best.
Big Hugs, Martina

montse v said...

Hello my friend!

I have this chart and I stitched it some time ago, let me search on my archives and I'll send you.


Stasi said...

Hope you find the chart; I had never seen it before.

Margaret said...

So glad you got the chart! I didn't even get around to commenting on your last post -- love your Pumpkin House. Sorry you are having to hide away from the sun again. :( And grrr on having to start over on your sampler! I hate when that happens....

gracie said...

Hoping you do get the chart it is adorable. Stay out of the sun and use an umbrella if you must venture out.

Carol said...

Glad you found the chart, Vickie! It is very cute... And I'm glad you found Wendy--her quilts are amazing and it looks like her sweet daughter has inherited her talents. We are friends on Instagram and she even asked me if I ever finish ornaments for others--wow! Talk about feeling honored :)

I hope you have air conditioning? Take care now...

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Vickie, I am so sorry to read that you are hibernating from the heat and sun again. Hmmm, gives you an excuse to stay inside and stitch away. Looking forward to seeing your small sampler stitch! Thinking of you!

Linda said...

Beautiful flowers Vickie. Sorry I can't help you with the chart.


Julie said...

Stunning flowers from your loved one.

Penny said...

I'm sorry you had to start over on your sampler. I've had to do that a few times - very frustrating! And I'm happy Montse was able to send you the chart! Super Emma is a cutie. : ) Those flowers are just beautiful! Such a sweet gesture from your husband! Keeping you in my prayers.

RJ said...

Oh Vickie I'm so sorry to hear that you did not have enough room for your sampler. But, I bet those beautiful flowers made you feel better. I do not know where to find that chart but it is really cute and would be so adorable for your therapist. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Jenny said...

Hello my dear friend....

I am so sorry about your sampler...that is just soooo frustrating! I usually start my samplers in the upper left corner and I came close one time to not having enough linen! Man I don’t think my heart returned to normal rhythm for! I am glad you started over and I am really looking forward to seeing this sampler! 💕

Love the flowers from Brian! Doesn’t that just make your heart smile? I am also glad you found your pattern! That will be a perfect gift!

I am so sorry you have to stay out of the sun. We have been hot here already and I am not real happy about it either! But....thank goodness for stitching....I am almost finished with my quilt! Honestly you will hear me celebrating all the way from my house to yours when it is finished! Maybe a week ☺️

Sending lots of hugs and love your way!

Barb said...

Sorry to hear about your sampler problem. I think we all have those sad stories where we made an error that was truly a pain. Sorry too, I can't help with the wonder woman chart. I never saw that one. You have a very sweet husband to bring you those lovely flowers! Stay in and feel better!

Meari said...

So sorry to hear you had to start the sampler over. Boo... It's always fun finding articles about XS in unexpected places, isn't it? Heat index is supposed to 100-110F this weekend... Ugh! I plan on staying inside as much as possible. I didn't know about the Super Emma chart. Is it a freebie you can share? I would love to stitch it up.

Lili said...

So sorry about your sampler and happy that you re-started the project.
Lovely bouquet!

I don't have the free design but I think is from Brooke's Books, she design it for DMC years ago, so happy that you found it! :)

Take care!

rosey175 said...

Sorry about summer being a butt. I don't like this season because I hate, hate, hate being hot but other than becoming a grumpy slug, no ill effects. Glad you were able to get the Super Emma chart! I usually begin in the center of charts too. Only the FotMs were started on the bottom and I felt like I held my breath until the edges were safely found!

Astrids dragon said...

Oh no, a quarter done and you had to start over?! I've done that with a pattern, THREE times!
Beautiful flowers from Brian, I hope he's doing well with his recovery.
I'm so glad someone found the pattern for you, it looks like a fun stitch.
Personally I like fall best, but must suffer through summer first!

Annie said...

Such a pain to measure the fabric wrong. But we've all been there.. part of the process.

Haven't been reading blogs much or I would have given you that pattern in a heartbeat. I stitched it too for a Yoga instructor who looks like that. Glad someone came to the rescue. I think that Emma Broidery blog from DMC is not around anymore.

And those mean old headaches! Why don't they just give up and go away. Makes me so sad to hear you are still suffering from them. Bet you are going thru ice bags like crazy!

moreofhim said...

I'm so sorry you had to start over on your sampler. Been there, done that, and it's frustrating! Pretty flowers! I wish I had that pattern to share with you, but I don't. It's awfully cute! I'd like to stitch that one myself!

Blessings - Julie

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

I hope your sampler is going well now,Vickie.Those are beautiful flowers.
We are having a very long spell of high temperatures here in the uk.Moorland fires have broken out in the hills we see from our house and the wind is making it impossible to get them under control,plus they are burning in peat layers.I am praying for rain to help our firemen and women and the military who have been brought in to help.
I hope you are keeping cool.