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Friday, January 19, 2018

You're The Best!

Hi friends! I will start this post by saying YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR, yes four friends from all different countries yet! are sending or sent me Margaret Sherry cat patterns. THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS! I will be stitching a pattern up for my mom's birthday in May.😁🐱

I finished the January wreath which was a free pattern, but no longer is. You can still find it for purchase HERE
I stitched this one over one with the recommended DMC on cream 25ct linen. I mounted it as a flat ornament and it lives in my cubby shelf for the month of January!😘

I saw the neurosurgeon on Tuesday for the second opinion. This is the doctor for me. I FEEL so much better with this doctor. He said he treats his patients like family. He said we need to do an MRI first and then have a follow up appointment to see what needs to be done. He did look at my MRI of my neck from two years ago and he said my disc looked bad. I asked him if this will only get worse? He said yes they only get worse. I am now waiting for the insurance to give the go ahead on the MRI. Should I need to have surgery, I feel confident in this surgeon. He has performed the most artificial disc replacement surgeries in Wisconsin.

My purple orchid has begun blooming. This is the one my mom gave me when I had melanoma. I have had it for 3 1/2 years and it blooms every year. Brian also gave me an orchid when I had melanoma. What a coincidence! His is the pink and yellow one. That won't be blooming for a while, as there is just a little shoot coming up now.
Not the best picture, the snow out the window was bright!
So the audio book I just finished listening to is one I never imagined for me. The only reason I chose it is the U-505 connection. U-505? Um, yes. You may have noticed I read many WWII books? I have an interest in that. That started early in my life. VERY early. My grandfather fought in the European Theater in the Army in 1944-1946.
Sgt. Bruno E. Pietura

 My father was VERY into "war stuff" all kinds of war stuff. He had dozens of guns, helmets and well many things on display in our basement. He would talk about them to me. This is when I was 4 through about 6 years old.

To get back on track here, on New Years Day our family of five took a day trip to Chicago, Illinois to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. We took a train. Well we took it home any how. The train had problems and we had to take a Greyhound bus to get down there! That was a let down, BECAUSE I had never taken a train in my life. Yes, Brian and kids had, me nope. So Brian came up with this day trip just to get me on a train, NO KIDDING, and then NO TRAIN! HA! No worries. We rode it home. Very nice. 😊 Sooooooo..... The museum has the U-505 submarine exhibit. Do you know what I am talking about? Because I never knew about this until Brian told me about it. Then I wanted to go see it. Here is a link to the museum exhibit: CLICK HERE  (Scroll down on the page to look around, it is cool!)

Good grief! The book! The book! The book is Playing With the Enemy by Gary W. Moore. This was interesting for me. It is about a young man who is crazy for baseball. Me? I am NOT crazy for baseball. I stayed with it though. I am glad I did. It is his life story. It did make me sad. I chose this book from our library because it was the only one available that had a U-505 connection.
Part Tuesdays with Morrie, part Field of Dreams a true American story of World War II and redemption

Driven by word of mouth and the author's heroic efforts to tell the world his father's story, Playing with the Enemy was a surprise hardcover hit for its independent publisher. Gary Moore's book about his father a baseball phenom whose future in the majors was cut short by World War II and a fateful occurrence during a top secret mission for the U.S. Navy is a warm-hearted memoir of faded dreams and new hope that is destined for the bestseller lists. Filled with memorable characters from an extraordinary time in our country's history, it is a truly redemptive story that will be read and reread for generations to come.

I am back to stitching on my big 'ol BBD AotH sampler. I will have a finish of a block next time.

I hope you have an excellent weekend my friends! I have thanked God for you!

Stitching and praying,


Isabelle said...

Wow Vickie, I am so so happy that your friends could send you the pattern you needed.
As far as your neurosurgeon, it is really important that you feel confdent with him: this is great and I think you know why I tell you that :) I hope he can relieve you.
Your purple orchid is looking very beautful : I love these flowers !!
We just had a hard storm in the North of Europe ( in the Neteherlands and Germany) and it was very impressive : unfortunately, many dead persons :( The weather is getting totally crazy all around the world !!!
Wishng you, my dear frend , a lovely week-end with a softer weather,

Clare-Aimetu said...

How lovely you have the chart and so many offers too - I was looking for a chart back in the early 2000s and an online stitcher helped me .... we've been penpals ever since.

Your wreath looks great and I love the colour of your orchid.

Mary said...

Vicki, I love your Jan wreath in the printers box. I'm working on stitching little patterns for my friends printers box and I wish she had a bigger variety of cubbie sizes like you have. I think it's a great idea to change the cubbies out seasonally.
I love your orchids, isn't it amazing how long they bloom?
Happy to hear your so confident in the new doctor.
How disappointing about the train ride, hope you have gotten to take another husband is a rail fan and we have gone on lots of train excursions.
The book sounds very interesting, I added it to my growing list.

Stasi said...

First, I'm so glad you feel more confident in this new doctor..that can make all the difference in your treatment.
As always, I love your printers box; I think I still have one packed in a box here; I sure hope I didn't get rid of it with the move.
That book sounds like one my hubby would like--I'll pass the info on to him.
Glad it worked out you got to ride the train home. How far are you from Chicago?

MartinaM said...

Hi Vicky, The Little Crane looks beautiful. And it fits perfectly in your case.
It's good that you feel comfortable with this doctor, then it can only be good.
For me, most of the orchids have withered, but one, a yellow one, is only starting afresh. They are beautiful plants.
Big hugs

Robin in Virginia said...

Your January wreath looks super. I look forward to seeing the next one stitched up. Glad you were able to take the train at least one way! Oh Vickie, I am so relieved to hear that you like this neurosurgeon and are comfortable with him. I hope the insurance approves the MRI quickly. Enjoy your weekend!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Glad you got Margart Sherry charts and I like your wreath. take care hugs

Vicki said...

So glad to hear you had a good experience with the new doctor - hoping for answers and a good treatment plan soon! Thanks for the link regarding the submarine - very interesting. Take care!

butterfly said...

Love your new stitch fits lovely into your frame.
Beautiful orchids , lovely colour.
So happy your are happy with your new doctor.

Jackie's Stitches said...

It is so important to find a doctor that you're comfortable with. Not easy! It sounds like you've found the one and one that is very qualified in your area of concern. e

Love your cubby shelf!

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
the flower wreath is wonderful and looks great in your shelf.
Happy to hear your so confident in the new doctor.
Your Orchid looks great. Nice colour.
Have a nice weekend and Big Hugs, Manuela

Justine said...

I'm glad you were able to get the cat charts - stitchers really are the best people!
I love your cubby shelf and that's a sweet stitched wreath to add to it.
The new doctor sounds much more promising.

Julie said...

The wreath looks right at home in the cubby shelf.
Beautiful blooms on the orchid.

RJ said...

Vickie, I love your wreath and it fits so perfectly in your printers box. It is so lovely. I'm so, so happy to hear the medical news. I continue to pray for success and the pain to cease. He sounds like an excellent choice and it is so good to feel confident in your doctor. Your book sounds very interesting. Have a lovely weekend. RJ

Margaret said...

So glad you have found your man for the spinal stuff. Prayers that all goes well. Very happy for you with the Margaret Sherry charts too. Such a great community! Beautiful wreath!

Barb said...

Such beautiful orchids. You must have a very green thumb. I have never tried to grow one in the house. I'm so glad you found a Dr. you feel you can trust. That means so very much. Also glad you got the charts you need. I can totally understand why you are interested in WW2. You must be so proud of your Dad's service. They were such brave young men. My Dad was in a necessary industry so did not get drafted but many of his friends went to the war.

rosey175 said...

Oooo you found a doctor you have faith in! That was one of the reasons I was so sad to move from our last location; I really liked my doctor. The new one is nice too but it will take a while to build up that comfort level again!

Your cubby is filling up quite nicely~

Beth said...

Pretty pretty orchid! I think most people do not realize how long their blooms last.

Mii Stitch said...

What a sweet little finish!
Glad stitchers have been able to help with the charts, I knew someone would :)

Jenny said...

Oh Vickie...I am just so very happy to read how much you like this new Dr. I am praying my dear friend that he can give you the relief that you need. Finding a Dr. that you can really trust is a true blessing.

I am also so happy to read that you were able to find the patterns that you needed! Aren’t stitching friends the best? I know your mom will love her stitched piece!

Your wreath is beautiful and looks lovely in your cubby shelf! I love seeing your shelf from time to time because all your little stitching and other treasures are just so precious!

I LOVE train rides! Trains have been a big part of my childhood and also Scott’s and my dating years lol! I’ll have to email you some “ train” stories. The story about the submarine was very interesting as well! Thanks for sharing.

The orchid is beautiful! I love orchids....are they hard to take care of? I have never had one and they are so lovely. ❤️

I hope you have a good weekend my friend! Sending hugs and love!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great news about the charts, you'll have so many you can stitch one a year for every Birthday!
Good news about the new surgeon too. It's wonderful when you meet someone you can trust with your health.

Penny said...

Confidence in your doctor is essential and I am very happy that you feel that way about this surgeon. Prayers that everything works out with the insurance. And I'm so glad to hear about the charts -- I look forward to seeing what you stitch for your mom. Your wreath is so pretty and looks good on your shelf! Those orchids -- wow, they're beautiful! Your trip to the museum sounds very interesting and glad you got your train ride. : )

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Your wreath looks lovely on your cubby shelf.
How lovely that you have your MS chart for your mom.Looking forward to seeing it stitched up.
Great news that you have faith in your neurosurgeon,it makes all the difference to find someone you trust.

Lili said...

Your new finish for your cubby shelf is so adorable!
Some good news about the new doctor, very important that you can trust and feel confortable with the new surgeon.

The orchid is so pretty!
Glad that you have fun in your trip ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!

stitchersanon said...

I'm so pleased you got your patterns. Sorry to hear about your health problems but it's a comfort when you have a doctor you can trust isn't it? A lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it all xx

Cindy's Stitching said...

The wreath is pretty. Lots of cats coming your way, awesome. I hope this surgeon helps you. Happy stitching🌻

Rachel said...

I just recently found a new doctor and it changed my whole outlook...she made me feel so much more hopeful and comfortable, I didn't realize what I had been missing! It's such a good feeling.

Stitching is lovely as always!

Carol said...

What a pretty wreath, Vickie! Glad you got it when it was still free :) And it looks like you'll have all sorts of Margaret Sherry charts to stitch soon--how wonderful!

So happy that you felt comfortable with the surgeon...

Sounds like an interesting book--I am the same way about WWII, especially the Holocaust. Have been reading both non-fiction and fiction since I was 12 and my parents brought back some pamphlets on Dachau from their trip to Europe. It just horrified me and I am still attempting to come to terms with man's inhumanity to man.

Pam in IL said...

So glad you were able to get some Margaret Sherry designs. Your new neurosurgeon sounds nice and I pray you get answers. Yep, been to the Museum of Science and Industry quite a few times. My Hubby really enjoys the sub exhibit too. We usually to take the train to Chicago also :)

Brigitte said...

It sounds that the new doctor is the perfect choice for you. It's so important that one feels comfortable with such a doctor. I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that you two can work towards a solution for your problem.
So lovely, these wreaths. So you will stitch one each month this year and I think it's manageable as they aren't too big as it seems.

moreofhim said...

I'm so glad you got to see a new doctor and that you like and trust him. That's so important. I've been praying your insurance will approve your MRI very soon. I love your January wreath and can't wait to see your February one. SO glad you got to have a day trip and did finally get on the train. How awful that you had to take the bus one way, though. Not the same at all! lol We traveled a lot by train when I was young and there's nothing like it. I just loved it. It was in the days when they treated you like royalty and it was quite an event. Lots of prayers for you, my friend.

Blessings - Julie

Von said...

Good news about your visit with the second neurosurgeon!! I'll try to catch up with my blog reading to get completely up to date. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers, my friend!