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Thursday, June 4, 2020


Hi friends!
I am working on a Cally doll❣️ Slow but sure. It is going to be a while until she is done. I am also cross stitching projects at the same time. Aren't these great books I checked out from our library?

This is a beautiful story about love, friendship and God. The four characters are so unique.
Charles and Lily, James and Nan. They meet in Greenwich Village in 1963 when Charles and James are jointly hired to steward the historic Third Presbyterian Church through turbulent times. Their personal differences however, threaten to tear them apart. We follow these two couples through decades of love and friendship, jealousy and understanding, forgiveness and commitment. I really enjoyed this book.

The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple  Psalm 19:7

Would you please take a minute to pray for our dear friend Marly's sister Carole? She was taken to the hospital as an emergency. She has a 60% blockage in the carotid at the base of the brain. She has been sent home! No surgery! Thank you friends.

We will head to my Mom's house this weekend. We will have a birthday party outside and try to remain apart/socially distant. I turn 51 tomorrow. We will go to Mom's on Sunday though. It is not going to be as hot on Sunday, and I cannot tolerate the heat. I get terrible migraine headaches from the sun, and since we will not be going in the house....  sigh. This whole virus thing, it is really throwing a cramp in our style. We are trying to keep everyone safe. My Mom has health issues, so does my Aunt, who will be moving in and living with them shortly. So we will all eat our chocolate cake🎂 outside and sing Happy Birthday and NOT hug and kiss.😕 SOME DAY!
Thank you dear Robin and dear Carol for your birthday cards and also the pink silk floss Carol. God bless you for remembering me and making me feel special.🎈

Stitching and praying,


butterfly said...

Happy Birthday Vickie I have sent you a card but the post here is not so good so hope it comes to you soon.
Have a fun time with your family hugs.

Manuela said...

Happy Birthday Vickie.Enjoy the day and I hope you have a nice birthday party.
Hope my Birthday card is coming soon.
Big Hugs, Manuela

Marilyn said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
I hope your visit will be fun even though you have to social distance.
Those cat books are too cute.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday dear Vickie! I hope you have a lovely celebration with family even with the restrictions we all have to follow. I love those books you got from the library. Can't wait to see your Callie (sp?) doll! Thanks for the recommendation on the book. I will add it to the list -- i'd wondered before if it was good. Stay safe, and happy birthday! (And yes, I am praying for Marly and Carole....)

Stasi said...

I'm in the dark...what is a Cally doll?
Hope you have a nice birthday and the weather cooperates--enjoy!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Praying for a cooler day so you can enjoy your birthday celebration minus the hugging and kissing. Eat a small piece of cake for me, Vickie! Thinking of you!

Lili said...

Happy birthday, Vickie!
Please be safe! Big hug!

Willy said...

Hej Vickie, happy birthday and have a nice weekend.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Vickie!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Vickie, I hope you can enjoy some celebration as best you can under the circumstances.
Love and blessings x

Jackie's Stitches said...

HAPPY bleated birthday Vickie!

MartinaM said...

Yes, it is a difficult time, with all the distance it is difficult to meet family or friends. Here in Germany from next week you can have several meetings that do not live in the same household. One can only hope and pray. But it is difficult for the elderly to understand all that their children cannot see. But it's nice that you can go see your mom and celebrate your birthday a bit with her.
I sent you a little ecard to make you happy.
Enjoy the day and take good care of yourself.
Hugs Martina

Annie said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday despite weird circumstances. All the best to you and your family <3!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!! I hope you have a lovely day sharing it with family. Is the doll of your cat??

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning!! I hope that you had an amazing birthday. One of my favorite things is to hug loved ones. I think I miss that most of all... Enjoy your weekend. Air Hugs!

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Vickie, I am glad that you are spending it with family. It means so much to share the time with our families. I love to seeing what you are working on. I always have more than one project going at once. Take care. Hugs and Prayers Shirley

Ele said...

Happy birthday Vickie, hope you have a perfect day

Barb said...

i know I am late but I do hope you had a wonderful birthday and hope it was not too hot. I don't get headaches but I just plain hate the heat!

Astrids dragon said...

Darn it, I missed your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful celebration with family in spite of being outside and still distancing!
I can't wait to see your Cally doll, those look like great books.

Mary's Thread said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day! The kitty dolly is darling!