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Thursday, May 21, 2020

May Stitching

Hi friends! Let me share a few finishes with you!
This is 🌸May Blooms by Bent Creek🌸
I stitched this two over two with DMC, WDW, and Classic Colorworks on 32ct lambswool linen. I chose almost all my own colors with this one.

This is 🌸May Square Dance by Heart in Hand🌸stitched two over two with DMC and VMSS on 32ct mystery evenweave.
I changed a few flower colors to my liking. (As in more pink! I do not think there are yellow impatiens. I think these are impatiens?)
The German Heiress by Anika Scott was a great WWII read! This one really made you think about war crimes and degrees of guilt. Not just collective guilt of a whole people for what their regime does.
Clara Falkenberg, once Germany’s most eligible and lauded heiress, earned the nickname “the Iron Fräulein” during World War II for her role operating her family’s ironworks empire. It’s been nearly two years since the war ended and she’s left with nothing but a false identification card and a series of burning questions about her family’s past. With nowhere else to run to, she decides to return home and take refuge with her dear friend, Elisa. Narrowly escaping a near-disastrous interrogation by a British officer who’s hell-bent on arresting her for war crimes, she arrives home to discover the city in ruins, and Elisa missing. As Clara begins tracking down Elisa, she encounters Jakob, a charismatic young man working on the black market, who, for his own reasons, is also searching for Elisa. Clara and Jakob soon discover how they might help each other—if only they can stay ahead of the officer determined to make Clara answer for her actions during the war. Propulsive, meticulously researched, and action-fueled, The German Heiress is a mesmerizing page-turner that questions the meaning of justice and morality, deftly shining the spotlight on the often-overlooked perspective of Germans who were caught in the crossfire of the Nazi regime and had nowhere to turn.
I am now stitching an antique sampler piece. I have never done that before.

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11

I hope and pray you have a safe, wonderful weekend my friends!

Stitching and praying,


butterfly said...

So pretty Vickie .
Love the color change .
Looks another good book have a lovely weekend hugs .

Manuela said...

What a lovely finish. I like your color change.
The book sounds good.
I'm looking forward to your next stitching project.
Have a nice weekend. Manuela

Annie said...

Such cute finishes! And I really like the way you have put together your own colour choices; I find that really difficult to do. However, I'm getting a lot of practise now as I'm trying to use only my stash for any new projects.
Have a lovely weekend <3

Stasi said...

Your May pieces are so "springy"...and pink! Curious to find whay sampler you are working on. Have a great weekend!

Marilyn said...

Very cute stitches.
Can't wait to see your Sampler!
Take care, & have a nice weekend! (even if it rains!)

Donna G. said...

I ❤️ Samplers. Looking forward to seeing the one you’re working on.

Robin in Virginia said...

Both of your May pieces are adorable, Vickie! I am curious to know what antique sampler you are working on. Have an enjoyable weekend, my friend!

Vicki said...

Very cute!
Enjoy your memorial day weekend!

Penny said...

Your finishes are so pretty and cheery, Vickie! Take care and enjoy your weekend!

marly said...

Sweet floral. Anxious to see the antique you are working on.

Have a nice weekend!

Willy said...

Lovely May stitches. Have a nice weekend.

laceystitcher said...

So glad you are stitching and reading. I look forward to seeing your sampler project. I am currently working on several samplers including the HATS Miss Mary Ann Bourne, one of their first ones they published. Loving it. Have a blessed holiday, and happy stitching...........

MartinaM said...

The May motifs are beautiful, and both with flowers in your color - wonderful.
Thanks for your book suggestion,
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend

diamondc said...

Vickie: Such lovely designs, I like the poodles modeling next to the finished pieces.
Thank-you for the book review, I need to look this one up.
It is the devil at work these days, sad but true.
Have a beautiful weekend.


Mary said...

Vickie, I'm curious as to what sampler you are stitching! Both May stitches are so happy and of course you changed colors!! I would be disappointed if you didn't! The book looks very good, I wish I could listen to them on tape and stitch but I can't concentrate on both.

Ele said...

Lovely finishes Vickie, there is no such thing as too much pink!

Barb said...

What pretty pieces you have stitched for May! Sounds like another very interesting book! Good luck with the sampler.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely design for May. Your book sounds good. It is not available with me until June so it has gone on my wish list.

Julie said...

Pretty pinks in the May finish

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

These are very pretty designs, perfect for May.

Astrids dragon said...

It's so nice to see flowers for May, especially your colourful ones! Both are beautifully stitched and look great in their frames.
I'm looking forward to seeing your antique sampler piece, I wonder if you'll be changing any colours?

Carol said...

Both are so pretty, Vickie--you've done a great job picking the colors and they are perfect for you. Sounds like a great book--I always like your suggestions when it comes to WWII books :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The book sounds interesting Vickie. I look forward to seeing your sampler.