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Monday, July 22, 2019


Hi friends! I do NOT have Emerson's gift to share with you today. ☹️ I ordered the floss I ran out of from 123Stitch and it was a horrid match. My floss was at least 8 years old. This new hand dyed floss "of the same color" was a teal color. Yes, the floss is called Milady's Teal, but my two skeins were GREY! I even asked when I bought them at my LNS (back then I had a LNS!!) why on earth it is called Milady's Teal. The owner of the shop said she had no idea either. Well, when I got the new floss, I figured it right out alright!! I am NOT stitching Emerson's tools teal. This is what I am stitching. Ink Circles Arranging Tools.
Arranging Tools
Is that not perfect for a carpenter son of a stitcher?! I did show him what I have done thus far, since his birthday was on the 20th. He does like it. Or in the words of a twenty-three year old young man, "That's cool. I like it."

I have been rescued by our friend Annette. She has a skein of Milady's Teal that appears to be a perfect match in the mail on it's way to me now! Thank you once again Annette!

In the meantime, I am stitching the August Rainbow Gallery piece for my cubby shelf while Madeleine is home, and stitching her birthday gift while she is not.😉

The winner of the Land of the Free by Elizabeth's Designs 🦅 pattern is: our friend Linda!

I have a new giveaway for you my friends!
This is a pattern that was given to me by our friend Robin. If you would like this pattern, you must: be a sidebar follower of mine, and leave a comment on this post stating that you would like this pattern. I will draw a name on Monday, July 29th.

“My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare.” Psalm 25:15

I hope you have a super week my friends! I am grateful for our friendship!

Stitching and praying,


MartinaM said...

The motif with tools is very interesting, I have never seen such a pattern before.
Very nice.
Have a nice week, Hugs Martina

butterfly said...

Love what you are stitching for your son ,great chart.
So happy you have an Angel come to the rescue .
Enjoy your week.

Manuela said...

A nice pattern and a good motiv for a Carpenter.
Have a nice week Vickie.
Hugs, Manuela

Marilyn said...

The Ink Circles piece is perfect for a Carpenter!
I have stitched that Summer Camp piece & made it into a small pillow, used Bandana fabric on the sides & back, turned out so cute!
Recently my nephew saw it and asked if he could have it, they are campers. Of course I said yes!
Have a great week!

Margaret said...

That really is the perfect piece for Emerson! So so weird about the Milady's Teal. Fingers crossed that floss from Annette matches!

Robin in Virginia said...

I am sorry you had issues with the floss, Vickie! Love the piece you are stitching for Emerson; it is perfect for him! Enjoy your week!

Vicki said...

Oh my, I'm glad Annette could come to your rescue. It is so frustrating to need a new skein of floss only to find it doesn't match what you already have stitched. I keep telling myself I need to use up all my floss and then start buying fresh, but as you know, it just doesn't work that way! The tool piece is awesome, he will love it!

gracie said...

Isn't it maddening when first we run out of thread the can not find the correct match. Hope when the thread arrives it will be just right. It is a wonderful project.

Julie said...

The perfect chart for your son.
Good news you were able to get some similar from a friend to finish the project

Barb said...

I agree, that is the perfect gift for your carpenter son. How frustrating about the floss. I just hate it when things are so far off you can't use the older floss! It forces you to buy more when you might have had enough!! UG! Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

RJ said...

Vickie I love the stitch you are making for your son Emerson. It is perfect for a carpenter. Sorry about the floss but so happy it all worked out. RJ

Mary said...

How fortunate you were Annette had some of the color you needed and how kind that she sent it to you. I agree, the Ink Circles is perfect for Emerson!!

Andrea said...

A great chart and the perfect gift for DS. Hope that thread is a match, fingers are all crossed.

Ele said...

The chart is perfect for a carpenter! So glad you found the right floss. It's so annoying when colors don't match.
Have a lovely week

Lili said...

The design is so pretty and perfect for a carpenter!
So sorry for the dye lot issue...

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

The design and your work are lovely. How awesome that another stitcher came to your rescue. I love stitchy friends, they are always so willing to help out and share. I hope you have a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

Meari said...

So glad you found a match for the floss. It can be frustrating to have different colors of the same name.

Carol said...

That is great that Annette could help you out, Vickie! I was away or I would have checked my skein as I know I have that color :) It is such a perfect design for Emerson!

Astrids dragon said...

Yes, that is a perfect chart for you to stitch him! I'm so glad Annette was able to help you out, what a relief.
Yay for Linda, and your latest giveaway is a cutie. I wonder if Nathan would like it since he went Scout camping earlier in the summer. I know it's late, but did anyone want it?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That Ink Circles design is just right, I am pleased you could get hold of the older colour too.

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Vickie,

You can see, I love this poodle, too.