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Friday, June 10, 2016

Proper Poodle Party Attire

Hi friends! You know I adore my poodles. After today's post, you will know without a doubt that I am crazy for them. Or perhaps just plain crazy?! ;)

With the upcoming graduation party for Emerson and Madeleine this Sunday, I got the fun idea to have the three poodles wear "a little something" for the get together. I swear, I get these ideas and get motivated when the pressure is on me to do many, many chores and tasks!!

So, since Madeleine's school colors are white and gold(golden yellow), we are decorating in yellow. I went with yellow. Now Miss Mabel is easy. I have a lovely necklace I made year several years ago. It is not yellow, but it is made from a Vera Wang black velvet and rhinestone bracelet.
The part you are not seeing,  is the part that wraps around the top of her neck. I strung pearls there. :)

I have made Mr. Henry a lovely yellow floral bow tie.
I know! Do you want to squeeze him, or what?!? :)

Mr. Murphy could not also have a bow tie. How redundant! He gets a neck tie in a pastel yellow, yet manly plaid.
Are you ready for this? Ta da!! Look at these three! tee hee!
I think they are thrilled, right? Well, I am!! Especially since the yard work is done!!! And I am almost, yes, almost ready for this party.
My neurologist had me begin taking 400mg of Riboflavin daily. It is proven to reduce or remove headaches when they are not severe. That is why he did not mention this two months ago when they were horrid. It is working already, or else it is psychological! I will take the reduced headaches either way! The weather has been cooler also. So I have not been suffering. I have been a 1 or 2 for headache pain for 3 or 4 days now! Yippee!

Since I have been cleaning and gardening and shopping and sewing, not much stitching has been happening. I will be back next time with a finish to share with you though.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and birthday wishes for me. I appreciate you! Have a great weekend!

Stitching and praying,


KimM said...

Oh my gosh! Those pups look ready to PAR-TAE! Lol ..... Making duds for your puppies sounds like something I'd do.....great minds, you know . So glad to hear your headache pain has receded a bit.

Maggie said...

Oh the pooches look adorable :-) and they look impressed with their attire to.

Sorry i missed wishing you happy birthday!

I'm glad that your headaches are settling down a little, hope they continue to improve x

Annie said...

Ya gotta love poodles in formal attire! So cute.

And yea for the waning headaches! Made a note about that Riboflavin.

gracie said...

So very happy that the headaches are a little better. Just look at those party pooches! Have a great weekend...

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie. Now you know, we would never SAY that you were crazy...we might think it, but NEVER say it. LOL Seriously, those are some dressed up doggies. I love the little ties and Miss Mabel is quite lovely with her sparkly attire.

I am so happy that you are finally beating those headaches. You have been so patient, it is past time for you to get some relief. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Irmeli said...

Oh, they are so cute and ready for party.
I wish you a wonderful graduation festivies
and I am glad that your headache is a little bit easier.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, the pup trio look adorable. I am relieved to hear that your headache pain has been reduced. Woohoo! Enjoy the graduation party for Emerson and Madeleine. Thinking of you, Vickie!

Unknown said...

Your poodles look wonderful Love Love Love the bow tie!!!!

Manuela said...

Your poodles look so cute.
I wish a wonderful party.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

They are the cutest! I love the pic of all of them together. So sweet. I am thankful your headaches are going down. Praise God. Blessings to you always sweet friend. :)

Linda said...

I'm so happy to hear that the headaches are doing better Vickie. What great news. Your furbabies look adorable.


Jacqueline Morris said...

What fun!! All three poodles look adorable, you did a marvellous job 😊 and they sat so nice for your photo too..... Hope you all have fun at the graduation party.
So so pleased that your headaches are easing.
Happy smiles 😊

marly said...

What a handsome crew! Love the ties. We had to always put our dogs in a quiet room when company came because people kept feeding them or leaving chicken bones within reach. Not a problem with the cats - they scatter! So glad you are finally getting relief.

Ranae said...

Super cute poodles, they sat so nice for you to take a snap
I'm so glad to hear you have some relief from them darn old headaches, I hate them
Take care!

moreofhim said...

ADORABLE!! You are so talented, Vickie, and the poodles look amazing! I don't think you're crazy at all - they are part of the family and will love looking their best. :)

I'm so happy to hear about your headaches doing better! YAY! That is such a blessing and just in time for the big party. Have a wonderful weekend and a great party!

Blessings - Julie

Bea said...

Very posh! Cute and glamorous all at the same time.

So glad your headaches are milder - you deserve a break!

Christina said...

Glad that you are getting some relief from your headaches. I hope they continue to subside. Have a wonderful party.

Margaret said...

The pups look so dapper and pretty! Oh my gosh, I love it! You are so much fun -- bet the pups love it. lol! I'm so so glad to hear the riboflavin is helping! Hooray!! Prayers that the lower pain continues! Hope the graduation party is a great success!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Good news on the headache :) front.Hope you all,including three very smart poodles,have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

Hooray!!!!! Your headaches are so much better, your gardening is finished and the pups are looking splendid and ready to celebrate! Vickie you did it.... you are truly awesome! Enjoy your weekend my friend celebrating these wonderful milestones!

gominam said...

Oh they're gorgeous, you just want to hug all that cuteness!!! Glad you're feeling better, headaches can't stop all that creative ideas you got:)

Annette-California said...

The party Poodles look adorable, festive and ready to celebrate and greet your guests! How you were able to get them to pose all at the same time and stay on the bench is AMAZING!!!
Thrilled your pain is finally decreasing!!
Congratulation's Vickie on your childrens graduations! Well done Mommy!!! love and hugs Annette
ps Belated Happy Birthday sweet Vickie!!!

Dotty's Daughter said...

What a beautiful bunch and posing in size order made me great news re new tablets..fingers crossed for you.

Andrea said...

Oh Vickie, LOL, they are the cutest. It has just reminded me that I went past a bridal shop in town today and they now offer dress attire for dogs too! Glad to hear the headaches are reducing. Enjoy the celebrations.

Sweet Sue said...

awwww, too dang cute! enjoy the party, but not too hardy!:) xo

Barb said...

Those little guys are all ready for the party-so cute! I'm so glad your feeling better. I hope it keeps up!

Lili said...

I'm glad that you felling a little better.
Your dogs are so very cute! Happy birthday!!

Maggee said...

You are definitely CRAZY about the dogs!! But that is a priceless picture... may share with Tracy! Not that SHE would do anything like that for Thor and Rusty... Glad your headaches are reduced... I have had headaches and back pain all week... no idea why! I am not overdoing anything. Today the headache is miserable... Motrins aren't working. Going to go shower, see if that helps! Hugs!

Julie said...

Don't they look so smart and well behaved.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh my goodness what a fun thing to do with the poodles! You can really see how tiny Henry is in comparision to the other two.

Glad the headaches are abating too.

Thoeria said... cute!!! They're adorable :)
So glad to read that you're getting some relief from the headaches!

Beth said...

So glad you are feeling better - your poodles are adorable!

Brigitte said...

The poodles must have been the most welcome guests at the graduation party, lol. They just look so elegant.
So glad to read that you headaches have been dwindling down and you feel so much better.