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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The French Knot Poodle

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope it's filled with stitching. :)

French Knot Poodle

 I made this little french knot poodle two years ago.  It hangs in our hallway.    I made it to look like our Mabel of course.  I used various grey dmc threads and tweeded a bit to try and match her shading.  She was born black and keep turning lighter and lighter grey slowly.  She even has a few touches of silver to her.   I framed it in a silver 6x6 frame.

Mabel :)

And here she is soaking up the sun.  This picture was taken this month by my thirteen year old daughter Madeleine.

Today  I will not be stitching until I do finishing first.  I must force myself on the finishing part sometimes.  I like to take a little while to think on how to finish a stitched piece off.  I will finally have a small Christmas themed pillow done today.  Then I will be finishing a scissor fob for myself.  I do not have one.  I made one before, that was a gift for my friend Ruth.

While I work on finishing I will be thinking about what to start next.  I am considering a new craft to me.  Or I have a sewing project that is waiting.  Always something right? :)


cucki said...

aww such a sweet FK poodle..i love him so much..
aww Mabel is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee
big hugs for you and mabel xx

butterfly said...

Hello Sweetie, ,Oh I love Mabel she is so sweet and your stitching is fantastic.
I have been getting two finishings done for the end of the month, This month has gone way to fast for me.
Enjoy your weekend, have fun.

Theresa said...

Wow~ That french knot poodle is amazing!!! And it does look like your Mabel~ She is adorable!!

Unknown said...

I just love your French Knot Poodle and it is so like Mabel. What a wonderful picture of Mabel that is that Madeleine took. I just love my fob Vickie and it hangs proudly from my scissors in my scissors holder. :)

Shirlee said...

Mabel is so cute! Oh my! All those French knots! You're a better woman than I am : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Krista said...

Mabel is so sweet! The french knot poodle came out great :)

Nicola said...

I love both your poodles. Wishing you a good weekend..

Nancy said...

Beautiful french-knot poodle! I cannot image making all those french knots, you did a great job!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I can't imagine doing all those french knots. Mine always look so googly! Love the pic your daughter took - very sweet, indeed!

Myra said...

Hi Vickie! What a sweet furbaby and WOW! Look at all those french knots. You did a great job on that. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about yours. Have a great week!

Lillie said...

Wow! She's a beauty! I mean both the framed piece and your furbaby.LOL

You did a fantastic job with the french knots.
Have a great week!

Faye said...

Isn't Mabel the cutest??? I just love the French knot piece!!!

Nice blog by the way....

Take care, Faye

riona said...

Just visited your blog for the first time ... must say I will definitely be back. I particularly liked your small Assisi embroidery piece ... that's one style of embroidery I still haven't tried. In any case, welcome to the blogging world.