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Friday, December 29, 2017


Hi friends! I did it! I completed the stitching AND the finishing on Madeleine's ornament before Christmas.  This was an unplanned gift. Gracie gifted ME with CDs from The Gift of Stitching two weeks ago and I found a pattern for an adorable ornament I just knew I had to make for Madeleine.
Madeleine has a thing for goats.😊This pattern is called Xmas Goat Ornament by Barbara Westhoven and can be found in issue 47, December 2009, Gift Of Stitching Magazine. Madeleine was very happy with this baby goat.

Our friend June received the ornament I stitched her. Would you like to see?

This is from the 2015 JCS  Christmas Ornaments Issue. The pattern is called Very Merry Christmas by Medina Originals. I stitched this with the called for DMC, but I stitched it one over one instead of two over two. I used 28ct Deep Teal linen. It is backed with the fabric you see it lying on.

I forgot to show you one thing June sent me for Christmas. This sweet pattern.
Thank you again June!

Just look what my mom gifted me with on Christmas Day.😍
Oh yes, I love, love, love this! This is my favorite Christmas gift this year.

Our friend Catherine  sent me the most lovely handmade gift. Just look at the love she put into creating this pink beaded beauty. Thank you again Catherine!
Well my friends, I had the MRI done. It is not good news. I have a partially torn muscle in my shoulder/rotator cuff AND I have a labral tear in the lining of the shoulder joint. I am still in constant pain. I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon this morning. Please pray for me?

Thank you for stopping by today. Your comments inspire me. I am grateful for you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Keep warm! It is really frigid here.

Stitching and praying,
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8


MartinaM said...

The little ornament for Madeleine looks so cute. Oh - and the pillow of your mom is a real gem.
Good that you have done the MRI, so now you know where your pain is coming from. I pray for you, everything will be fine.
Your letter has arrived at my place, next winter I would like to embroider the pattern.
Big Hugs, and a happy new year, Martina

butterfly said...

What a cute pillow your mother gifted you.
Lovely gifts Vickie , and love the little goat .
Always praying for you to be pain free .
Happy New year sweet friend .

gracie said...

Oh my friend, sorry about the shoulder issues. Keeping you in my tjoughts.

Manuela said...

The ornament for Madeleine is very cute.
The pillow from your mum is wonderful.
I'm praying for you. I hope the pain in the shoulder are better, soon.
I wish you a Hapy New Year.
Hugs, Manuela

Annie said...

The goat is so sweet! Love your stitching and you got some very nice gifts too. Your Mom definitely knows your taste!

So sorry about the shoulder. Sending good thoughts to you as always.

Carol said...

I'm so glad you finally have an answer, Vickie, although I'm sorry the news isn't good. I sure hope there is something that can be done surgically to remedy it--keeping you in my prayers, my friend!

Love the sweet ornament for Madelyn! And the teal colored ornament tree for June is so sweet, too. Your mom knows you well--a perfect poodle present :)

Good luck at the doctor this morning!

Andrea said...

Wonderful gifts, both sent and received.

At least the MRI ha shown up something that is causing the pain and you have something to treat now. Hope everything goes OK.

Robin in Virginia said...

What an adorable ornament you created for your daughter! I am sorry that the MRI didn't show good news, but at least it showed what is causing your pain. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you meet with the surgeon today. Sending good thoughts and gentle hugs your way.

Honeybee said...


That baby goat ornament is *darling!*

Linda said...

Beautiful ornaments Vickie. I wish you all the best today.


Mary said...

Oh Vicki, I'm saddened to hear that you got such news about your shoulder. I hope the surgeon offers you some hope to heal this tear so you will be out of pain soon.

The Ornament Catherine sent is gorgeous, I love that she did yours in Pink!!!

Your Mom knows you well and what a sweet goat ornament you stitched for Madeline.
June sent you the perfect pattern and what a sweet stitch you made for her.

I hope you feel better real soon and the New Year brings you good health...Mary

woolwoman said...

The poodle pillow is SOOOO awesome ! I can see why you love it. The ornaments you made are all very pretty. Even though your MRI isn't good news - it is conclusive and shows where the problems lie and you will be able to get the repairs done and hopefully be out of pain in the near future. I am praying for you a much better happier healthier new year. With warm and "wooley-thoughts" - Mel

marly said...

A poodle perfect pillow for sure! Daughter's goat is sweet too. Anxious to hear the doc report, hoping for the quickest recovery.

RJ said...

Vickie, I love the poodle pillow your Mom gave so perfect!!! And your goat ornament is perfect for your daughter. June is so sweet to send you the pattern.

Prayers being said that they get rid of all the pain you are experiencing. Hopefully the new year will bring better news. RJ

rosey175 said...

Ack! That baby goat is adorable! Super adorable! Even the little ribbon! And you finished it so cute! Eeee! No wonder she loved it.

How terrible on the shoulder! I am glad you have a solid answer though. I'm sure the surgeon had hopeful and helpful news even though surgery is so scary.

Barb said...

Your ornaments did turn out great! Your MRI results, not the best for sure. I will keep you in my prayers and hope they can be corrected. My DH had a tear in his rotator cuff several years ago. Surgery fixed it. He has been fine ever since.

Penny said...

My son has a thing for goats, too. : ) Both of your ornaments are just lovely! And there is no question about it, that pillow from your mom is perfect for you! You are in my prayers, Vickie! I hope that things can be repaired and heal quickly.

Von said...

I've taken a blogging break and just now caught this update about your shoulder muscle tear, etc. It's a relief to know what's going on. I'll be praying for successful treatment/surgery and comfort as you go through this process. Healing hugs heading your way, dear Vickie!!

Isabelle said...

Your ornaments for Madeleine are very nice and your little doggy so cute.
Dear Vickie, I wish you a very Happy New Year 2018.
May this new Year bring you a better health and much happiness with your famly,
Take are and bg Hugs,

Lili said...

The goat ornament is so cute!
Lovely gifts!!

The poodle pillow is wonderful!!

Bad news about your shoulder, let's wait about what the surgeon recommends to you. Positive thinking, Vickie!

Happy New Year!!

Jenny said...

Congratulations did it! You finished Madeleine’s ornament and it is beautiful! I love it! I finished mine too!!! All the stitching was worth it when Holly opened hers and cried because she received an ornament too! Wait until she sees her!

The gifts you received are terrific! The ornament is just beautiful, the pattern is adorable and your poodle pillow...oh my goodness that would make me smile ALL the time! Just lovely! It is so you...

I am just so sorry about your shoulder! I am praying for you my friend. I hope the surgeon can help with the pain. I understand how miserable this is.

Stay warm and I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year filled with much love, Happy memories and tons of blessings!

Sending hugs and love and loads of prayers your way!

Karyn said...

I love the pillow from your Mom, Vickie, it's just so sweet!
Your ornaments are beautiful, and the goat on Madeleine's stocking is just too cute! I'm sure she adored it, and as you said was very happy.
The gifts that you received are fabulous, and a testament to what a wonderful friend you are to so many of us lucky gals! Enjoy them.
I am sending hugs and saying prayers that the news from the orthopedist is good, or at least that there's a plan in place to help you feel better.
Have a very Happy New Year, with blessings in abundance for 2018.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I would not have guessed goats! It is a very sweet goat though.
Sorry to hear about the shoulder injury, hope they can sort that one out for you soon. No snow-shovelling until they do!

Stasi said...

Vickie, Your gifts are all perfect for you--your friends and family know you well!!! The goat ornament is adorable!!!
I hope things go well at the doctors today and a plan of action can be made to stop your pain. Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping 2018 will be a good one!
Happy New Year!

diamondc said...

Vickie: I am so happy you like the ornament, I had to make you one.
Love all your gifts, that pillow is wonderful and so sweet.
love your baby's photos so cute.

Happy new Year

Margaret said...

Beautiful ornament! Ouch on the MIRI results. At least you know why you are in such pain. Prayers being said. I will be thinking of you. Happy New Year!

Julie said...

A sweet ornament, stitched and finished so beautifully.
I hope you received some help at the appointment today Vickie.
Blessings to you and the family for 2018

Astrids dragon said...

More lovely ornaments and the pillow is so sweet.
What an adorable pattern you received, it's got your name written all over it!

Brigitte said...

Madeleine's little goat is so darling, so great that you could finish it for Christmas. And the pillow your mom made for you is so you. She couldn't make a better one for you. Enjoy all the gifts you received from friends.

I'm so sorry for you about the results of the MRI. But at least you know now what causes your pain. And now a surgeon can have a look at it and can make a plan how he can possibly help you. I wish all the best and will be thinking of you.

Beth said...

That is a STUNNING Pink Poodle Pillow Vickie!

Frances said...

What a perfect pillow for you! That poodle is too cute!
And your ornament for your daughter is precious, also!