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Monday, October 1, 2012

Gosh! Golly! Gee! I'm A Going Crazy!!

Hi everybody! Can you believe that I still do NOT have the Erica Michaels piece stitched for my husband. AND OUR ANNIVERSARY IS IN TWO DAYS!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! So what the heck am I doing on the computer then? Huh? Well, taking a break. I am not a slacker. Just a busy wife and mom to three teens.

Hooray for Catherine !! She guessed what I aim to do with that red yarn. I gave clues to anyone who left questions in the comments section. She kept responding, so I kept supplying clues. I spotted this months ago. I knew I would use it for our upcoming 20th anniversary. ;) Pictures will be coming soon! I plan to make a little something for Catherine. Thank goodness she is willing to wait just a bit.

I wanted to show you this.

Excuse the glare. I stitched this and had it framed 20 years ago. I gave it to Brian as a wedding present. Our colors have changed over the years. When he painted our bedroom 4 years ago, he lovingly painted it the palest pink. Well, he absolutely, positively insisted this still hang in our bedroom! Oh my does it ever clash, but oh well, he does cherish it. ♥ I do not own the pattern any longer. I do not remember the designer even.

Must go stitch now friends! Have a great night.

Stitching and praying,


cucki said...

Aww such a lovely wording and cutest stitching:)
Happy anniversary in advance..
Hugs for you xxx

marly said...

In case I forget or the computer is down, Happy Anniversary in two days!!

Trace4J said...

Happy Anniversary and Stitching.
Hugs to your pretty Mabel.

Margaret said...

I really love what you're going to do with your red yarn! Wow, what a great idea! You are so sweet, going all out for your anniversary! lol about your old anniversary present clashing with the walls. So what? I agree with your DH -- it has to be out and celebrated! Good luck with the stitching!

Nancy said...

So special that your husband cared enough to want your stitching to continue to hang in your bedroom, he's a keeper! Happy early Anniversary!

Vicki said...

I had a book that contained that pattern and several others with those bunnies many years ago. I can't remember the name either, but I'm sure it was a Leisure Arts booklet. Happy Anniversary!

Giovanna said...

Oh what a great idea for the yarn :-) Your wedding stitching is lovely.

Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love what you are going to do~ looking forward to seeing your version and reading about your husband's reaction! I love your bunny piece and think it is the sweetest thing that your husband insisted on keeping it up! For some reason, the name Alma Lynne popped into my head as the designer, but not sure if that is right, I'm pretty sure she was known for those bunnies.

Brigitte said...

Oh, how pretty they are, your two rabbits. Happy Anniversary today. Your husband won't mind getting the anniversary gift a couple of days later, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary my friend x

Annette-California said...

I have a feeling you might finish your gift to your husband. Love that your husband wanted to hang your wedding gift to him. Remember its HIS GIFT:) Of course he wants to see it everyday:) He cherishes it because you made it for him...Awe
Happy Anniversary to you!
love Annette

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh the rabbits I love but very beautiful your dog !!!!!! I love the dog ..
bisous de FRANCE

Lillie said...

Happy Anniversary !
The bunnies are so cute. Looking forward to your reveal day of your anniversary stitched piece.

Siobhán said...

Mabel is too cute!

Happy belated anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together. :) I love your wedding gift to your DH--and love that he treasures it. My DH loves my stitching and I appreciate that so much.

Have a great weekend!

Sally said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your DH :)