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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Giveaway Win

Hi everybody! It is sunny, but there is a very cold wind today. I still  went out and took pictures of what I just made this morning. =) I will show you in just a moment. I thought I would show you what I just received in the mail yesterday afternoon first.

Isn't this lovely? Mary Kathryn made this great acorn. I have nothing like it. There are fabulous beads attached to the top, you will see if you look closely.  Sorry you can't see them better. I took this photo this morning. The sun was shining so brightly on the kitchen floor, I just grabbed the beautiful rose my husband gave me earlier this week and Mary Kathryn's acorn and put them right in the sun. Thank you again Mary Kathryn. It went from your dough bowl to mine. =)

So, I finished another giftie yesterday. You cannot see yet, so sorry. ;) I then decided to make myself a small project pouch for my counting pin supplies. I had a small mess. It is now all in one place. =)

I found this tutorial to help me. I had this pansy fabric for over one year. I love pansies. They are my favorite flower. I finally figured out what to use it for. I stopped in at JoAnn last night and found the fabric for the lining. The pink matches the pink pansies perfectly. It is called Moonstone Glitter in a rose color. It has a golden glitter to it. The pansies are outlined in gold. Perfect!!

I adapted the pattern a bit. I have no closure as of now. Don't know that I will need one, as I make my counting pins at the kitchen table. I do not travel around with them. I added batting between the two fabrics. I made a larger felt area for my counting pins.♥ All my beads, pins and glue are tucked away in one spot now. Hooray!

Would you mind terribly if I asked you to maybe say a prayer for Mabel? Her back has "flared up" on her again, starting last night. She could barely walk or urinate. I got her onto her medications right away. This morning there is a little improvement. We are still hand feeding her, as it hurts her to bend her neck. The pain pills are definitely helping her. Unfortunately, she seems to be having these "flare ups" with her slipped discs once a month. She is able to go on a 5 minute walk most days of the week. This helped her lose one pound of the three! she gained in the last few months. Now she is back on the steroid that causes the weight gain, and of course she will not be able to go for any walks for a few weeks. Argh! So frustrating. It is what the vet said it would be. Helping her back, but weight gain in the process. :(

You can see from this picture taken a few hours ago, that she is not very happy.

On to the next project. Well I have two small ones calling me. Not sure yet  which I will choose. I'll let you know next time. Til then, take care sweet friends. Thank you for stopping by.

Stitching and praying,


Kaisievic said...

What a gorgeous gift to win! Please know that I am sending positive vibes Mabel's way - poor puppy!

Love your pansy fabric, I have used some very similar to that in the past.

Margaret said...

Oh poor Mabel! I hope she gets better and doesn't gain too much weight. What a vicious circle! :( Look at that little face. Poor thing. Love the case you made for your counting pin supplies -- very nice! I love pansies too. :D Love your win from Mary Kathryn too -- very pretty!

Nicola said...

Mabel will be in my prayers tonight. I love the pansy fabric, they are a favourite of mine too. The pouch is beautiful.

Trace4J said...

Praying for your sweet little Mabel. Poor sweetie pie.
What a beautiful acorn.
I love your pansy pin keeper too.
Great job.
Sending you a hug too.

Nancy said...

What a sad face Mabel is wearing, hope she feels better very soon!

Beautiful pansy fabric and a nice job on that pouch! The acorn pillow is lovely!

Catherine said...

Sweet Mabel! Her face made me sad....sending healing prayers her way and Panzer sends puppy hugs.
Lovely gift you received. Your pouch and pins are fantastic!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

the acorn is very pretty and the pinkeep pouch you made is gorgeous - definately something i would like - i am in love with that pansy print and of course i will say a little prayer for poor little mabel - hope she finds some relief soon - and how about yourself? i pray you have found some relief for your pain as well - take care Vickie - Hugs, Amanda

Giovanna said...

The acorn is so pretty, and so is the pouch - well done on that. I hope Mabel will be better soon.

cucki said...

oh dear praying for sweet little Mabel...kisses
What a beautiful acorn.
I really love your pansy pin keeper cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
Sending you a hug xxxx

Chris said...

I hope that Mabel is well again soon and will keep her in my thoughts.
What a lovely acorn from Mary Kathryn.
Your pansy pouch is wonderful.

Shirlee said...

I have said a prayer for Mabel. Lovely gift & what a nice pouch! I have no counting pins at all. Must get some : )

butterfly said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers dear Mabel.
Oh Vickie your acorn gift is so sweet and your little pin purse is just wonderful .
Your pansy's are looking so pretty, hugs.

Sally said...

Awww I do Mabel is feeling much better real soon. She is such a sweetie, bless her.

Your giveaway win from Mary Ann is delighful and I love the pin purse you made. It is so pretty.

Meari said...

What a pretty pouch for your pins. I've visited Sew Mama Sew a few times. Great projects there.