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Monday, July 23, 2012

This Is Where It Started

Hey everybody! A blessed good morning to you! So, this is where the love of poodles all began.

"Me& Julio"

Here I am with Julio, our silver toy poodle. I would have been almost 5 years old. We are in our backyard, in front of the pear tree and pool. Julio was adopted by us as an adult. We didn't have him for all that long. As you can see we loved him to bits.

Doesn't he look cool in his baby blue and white hat with baby blue rhinestone color too?! Very seventies!

Sweet Mabel

Mabel was a black 2 lb puppy when we bought her three years ago. She is grey now, with a bit of silver.

This is the cake I made on Friday for Emerson's 16th birthday. He wanted a yellow cake with white frosting and this kind of design in chocolate frosting. :)

I am stitching on Brightneedle's Garden Party. It is a cute stitch. I had to change two floss colors so they would be more visible on the light sand linen.

Stitching and praying and barely reading,


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a sweet little story!

OMG that cake look soooo tasty!

cucki said...

Such a sweet story
Yummyyy cake
Have fun xxx

Margaret said...

Awwww, a true history of poodles! I love hearing and seeing about it! Happy birthday to Emerson!

butterfly said...

Lovely cake for the Birthday boy, and what a sweet story

Hazel said...

Lovely dogs. We used to have an apricot poodle. He had such a nice nature. So friendly and loving. x

Annette-California said...

I enjoyed reading your story. Lovely photo of you as a little girl with your poodle. So sweet. Speaking of sweet great decorating job on your cake:)

Chris said...

Sweet pics!
That cake looks amazing! You did a beautiful job.

Trace4J said...

What sweet poodles.
Happy Birthday to Emerson.
WHat a beautiful cake.
Hugs & JOY

Janet P said...

I love dogs and chocolate cake, hope Emerson had a super day. x

Unknown said...

Wishing Emerson belated birthday wishes. What a yummy looking cake and I bet it tasted as good as it looked. I loved seeing your poodles, do all poodles turn silver ?

Peggy Lee said...

Cute poodles!

Ohhhh that cake looks delicious. I just saw where Hobby Lobby is having a Wilton cake decorating class. I think maybe I might sign up while the price is right.

Happy Birthday to Emerson!


Michelle said...

What a lovely story thank you so much for sharing it xx

Catherine said...

So sweet!! Give Mabel a puppy lick from Panzer! And ooohhhh, that cake looks yummy! A very Happy 16th to Emerson.

Cindy's Stitching said...

how adorable. My grandma had a poodle, her name was sue sue. I loved that dog. amazing they are such a part of us.

Vixxen36 said...

I have a brown teacup poodle
who is the light of my life!
She just got over a serious bout of Paarvo viris, barely made it.
My Co Co has pictures on my blog "Sparkles and Stitches.
Now she needs a good poodle cut!
Love the saving of the toads, that is so me! :)

Anne said...

Awwww! That photo of you and Julio is so darling!! Love your sweet Mabel and your Bible quote too! From Titus? I have to go check mine! Didn't know there was a Titus section?!

PS will email you shortly...need to run through blog reading!!

Lillie said...

Your poodles are so adorable!!
The cake look yummy. Hope rain has come by at your end there, while
the we are getting more sun these
couple of days.

Have a good weekend :)

Sally said...

What sweet photos Vickie. Thank you so much for sharing.