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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gifts from June!!

Hey everybody! How are you today? Are you roasting like we are up here in Wisconsin? Or are you swimming in rain like our friends overseas? It was 105° yesterday, with a hot breeze. We can just see the pond in the park from our back yard. (There is a park behind our back yard.) All five of us decided to go to the pond after dinner last night to see if the animals are surviving. Not good news.

The pond has a narrow strip of raised land between the two sides. It really almost creates two ponds. A small part of it is usually submersed.We have seen it submersed entirely twice during very, very rainy weather. Well the water level is down about 4 or 5 feet in the pond. So much so, that the east side is gone. Dried up! Completely. Like Death Valley.

Here you can see the two divided sides.

Depressing? Sad? Hot? Yes!!!!! We spent at least 20 minutes down in that pond bed rescuing baby toads. I thought they were frogs. Jacob tells me they are toads. He is probably correct. They were they size of your thumb nail. Hopping around, very confused. The boys would scoop them up and take them over to the other side that is still there, for now! We will be checking in on them again today, as it is supposed to be about 110°! Yucko! We found so many tadpoles and little, tiny fish that were dead.

There are still turtles and big bullfrogs, and the little toads. We have a 40% chance of thunderstorms tonight. I pray it is so.

It is not all doom and gloom today. Yesterday I received the most wonderful package in the mail. It came all the way over the ocean from our dear friend June. She had a giveaway this last month. She entered your name every time you commented for a few weeks. Well, I have commented every, single time June posts since I have been one of her followers since way back when. June is such a lovely lady and a dear friend.♥ 

This is how she wrapped it. Pink goodness! I am sure you can guess I was excited. I carefully peeled off those two stickers. Madeleine's favorite color is also pink and she loves owls. She is going to reuse those stickers in her scrapbook.

You can see the beautiful card she sent me. It is a wonderful British painting on the front. Just look at those stickers. :) Pink poodles! Isn't that a lovely fabric flower? And dusty rose fabric with white polka dots.

Are ya seeing the pink goodness here? Sweet little note cards, a lovely sachet. Look at the sequins, ribbons, trims, and buttons. The butterfly tissues are so June. They seem too pretty to use. A quick little stitch kit too. :) The pretty pink coaster is already in use.

Thank you dear June. You are so thoughtful and clever. I appreciate this gift. I appreciate YOU! ♥

Well, I chose the linen and made my run to JoAnn for floss. I put just a dozen or so stitches in last night. I will definitely have time to stitch today. I need to get outside shortly to water my garden. It is already 79°!! It is not even 8:00 a.m.! Another day to hide inside with the A/C.  Take care of yourselves. Keep cool. Or dry as the case may be! HA!

Stitching and praying,


Parsley said...

This heat is making us all kinda 'down'. So oppressive!

Love all the goodies and PINK! Whoo hoo!

Melissa said...

what great goodies!!!!

Hope the heat breaks for you guys soon! You can always send a bit of it my way ;)


cucki said...

aww yummy goodies..
hugs for you xxx

Unknown said...

What beautiful pink goodies, just perfect for you Vickie. I hope the heat breaks for you soon, perhaps I should send you some of my rain.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Love your poodle magnet - looks great stitched over one - I don't know about rescuing toads - I have them in my pond outside - uninvited - and they croak all day and half the night - they are so loud and not only that I have a 3 story house and they climb right up the side of my house and give me a fright when I open my window when they also jump in fright - it's hot here in Taiwan at the moment as well - no one goes outside til the relative cool of the evening - have fun with your stitching - will come back to see more :)

butterfly said...

Oh Vickie , those poor toads and fish, good job i am not there , I would be crying all day , I love nature but not always.
So happy you like your goodies , hugs.

Dani - tkdchick said...

We've been just as hot up here in Canada for about 3 week now! The lawn is so dry it crunches under you feet when you walk on it! I'm starting to see signs that the heat and lack of rain is starting to effect the bushes and trees as the leaves are starting to look a little limp.

What a wonderful parcel you received!!!

Peggy Lee said...

That's so sad about those little baby toads. How nice of you and your boys to rescue them! You will hear many "thank you" croaks I'm sure!

Now that's some serious pinkness! I hope you still like pink when you get your winnings from me. When I read you like pink I sort of went a bit nuts with it. I like pink too. In fact, that was my nick name growing up...Pink or Pinky. I FINALLY grew out of it around 30!

Michelle said...

Hey we need a little sunshine here in the UK. Lovely gifts off June she is the sweetest kindest woman I know xx

Giovanna said...

I hope you soon get a break from the heat. What a lovely package from June.

Carol said...

What a shame that part of the pond has dried up, Vickie--will we ever get rain again!! You sure have been hard hit with those 100+ degree temperatures--things have to break soon...

Such lovely gifts from a lovely lady--June is the sweetest :) ENJOY!!

Penny said...

It seems to be so hot and dry all over the country. My parents have a pond on their property and I noticed today that it has pretty much dried up. That was sweet of your boys to rescue the toads. :) Wonderful gifts from June!

marly said...

How sweet of you to rescue the toads. I keep little toad pots around for them to hide away from the cats. Wonderful package!

Chris said...

I hope that you have gotten some rain and things have cooled off. It is so hard on the animals.
What lovely things you have received in the mail lately :)
Stay cool and keep stitching.

Meari said...

Awww... that is so sad about the pond and dead habitat. :(

Wonderful package you received from June. Enjoy your goodies!

Lainey said...

Nature is giving us all such a rough ride these days. We've had nothing but months off floods and heavy rain and you guys are having droughts. I hope it turns better for us all soon.
Gorgeous gifts from dear June, she is such a sweetie.

Melanie said...

Poor little critters and pond. :(
Hope you (and many others) get some MUCH needed rain soon! We got a giant thunderstorm that came through last night and it rained liked the dickens for a couple hours and the ground just sucked it up in no time and I swear I heard him say 'thank you'. lol

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Vickie, thx for visiting! Puter woes not over yet, creating a post w/images takes forever. But I missed ya'll, so I carved out extra time today. I tried previously to reach you, your blogger setting is defaulted to ~no reply comment~. I'm now following you in my reader.

Catherine said...

Mother mature sure has been hard on many this summer. How sweet of you to help those critters that you could.
June is such a sweetie and very generous, just look at all of those goodies!
Hope you have had some relief from the heat.

Sally said...

What a wonderful gift from June. She is so sweet.

I couldn't stand the heat you have. It's too hot for me here today. We've only had a few days of it hot and I'm longing for cooler temperatures already!