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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Finish

Hey everybody! Did you know they have red heart fireworks? Or smiley faced ones with green eyes (hooray!) and red mouths? Cool!! It reached 111 degrees yesterday. :( More of the same today.

After finishing my patriotic finish yesterday, I decided to finish another piece before beginning another stitch.

Christmas Friends, 2 over 2 on 32ct lambswool linen

 I really like the way this turned out with the fabric that Nataly sent me along with this pattern I won from her. If you would like to stitch this too, go here.

The tape fell off of my nose last night. For what I went through, the scars are fairly small. I will keep applying the scar plus sunblock cream for months. My nose is still extremely sensitive though. The problem is I wear glasses and the pressure is constant and bad. We are headed back to the doctor who taped my nose today. Emerson's forearm hurts. He took a fall from his skateboard! :( I will ask the doctor when or if this pain/pressure is going to go away. Maybe it is still too soon. I hope so. I do not want to live with this constant painful nose.

Have a fabulous day whatever you are doing friends! Welcome to my new followers. I am so glad you found me. Thanks for all of your loving comments everyone. They have meant so much to me through all of this. You ladies are the best!!

Stitching, maybe more finishing, barely reading and praying,


natalysneedle said...

Vickie, Love the way your pillow turned out. I am so happy to see that you stitched and finished the chart you had won. Hope your nose is feeling better soon.

Carol said...

I'm so glad the scars are small, Vickie, but sorry to hear your nose is still so sensitive... Hopefully, with time it will heal completely.

Your little finish is so cute--great choice of fabric and lace :)

Can't even imagine 111--we are to be up to 100 tomorrow and that is enough. Surely, we'll all get a break in the weather soon?

Giovanna said...

Very pretty finish! I hope you will have less discomfort really soon, and I'm glad the scars are small.

butterfly said...

So glad to hear your scars are only small my friend.
Love your pillow Vickie it's fab.
111 my word we would die here if we had that heat not many houses here have a cooling system .
No rain here so far today but I bet it rains before tonight.
Will be posting your giveaway out on Monday , hugs.

Janet P said...

Pleased to hear your nose is getting better, difficult with glasses. What you need are those glasses on a long stick the type they used years and years ago. Can't think of the name, it's not a monocle.

gracie said...

Wonderful finish. I do hope you will soon be feeling much better. As I wear glasses also, I know how it can be an issue. Be careful...and keep the cream applied.

Unknown said...

Your pillow turned out just perfectly Vickie so cute and the fireworks sound like fun. I hope the dr's visit went good both for you and Emerson.

Trace4J said...

Oh friend so sorry for your pain.
Saying a prayer for you friend.
Your stitches are always so pretty.
Stay cool and keep stitching.
That is soo hot.

Chris said...

Wonderful finish Vickie!
I am glad to hear that you are healing well.
Stay cool and have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Wonderful finish Vickie. Sending you many hugs x

Melanie said...

Yeeesh, that's HOT. :(
Glad to hear the nose healing up!!! Hopefully it continue to get better.
Your little finish is very cute. :)

Solstitches said...

What a lovely pillow finish - love the fabric and lace you chose.
I hope your nose will soon be completely healed.

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you are healing...continued healing thoughts headed your way.
Love how your finish turned out ~ so sweet!!

Anne said...

Love your little finish Vickie!! That fabric IS perfect!! Good to hear you are healing although it must be still uncomfortable.