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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Giveaway Giftie

Good morning everyone!

It is a beautiful, sunny day here!  I have been doing massive gardening work. Do you know what this is?  It is our new espaliered McIntosh apple tree!  Hooray!  I grew up with a McIntosh apple tree in the yard.  Loved that tree. :)  Many happy memories.  Climbing, finding inchworms, eating apples of course!  So I have had this idea in my head for quite a few years now.  We purchased this little tree off of ebay if you can believe it.  I could find no one locally selling a young McIntosh tree for me to trim the way I needed to.  So Brian and I worked on this together and we will now watch it grow.  We won't be able to pick apples for 2 years.  Oh the waiting.

So I was the winner of Theresa's giveaway!  Hooray for me!  I had never won a giveaway.  Just take a look at what she made me.

If you check out her blog at the link I jut gave you, you will see she just went to Paris!!  The thread she used on this is actually grey variegated.  Look what fabric she used for the flatfold.  I absolutely love it!  Pink. :) ♥

She also sent all of these goodies. These were all purchased on her trip.  Can you believe it?!   And yes these are a few of my many poodles.  Did you think I could pass up poodles with Paris?.tee hee!  

Lovely gifties form Theresa

The small tin with the Eiffel Tower on it is filled with chocolate caramels.  Not for long!!  Isn't that a fabulous postcard?  With the hand stitched Eiffel Tower.  Love it.  I cannot wait to use these wonderful threads and trims Theresa.  Especially the beautiful purple silk ribbon in that little box.
I have to tell you that when I received this yesterday I was filled with emotion.  It is amazing to me the kindness shown by fellow stitchers.  My Madeleine said "But why would she make something so pretty and give it away?"  So I explained to her the wonderfulness of all of you!  Isn't it wonderful to belong to this community??!!  I think so.  I know so!!   THANK YOU THERESA!

Thanks for visiting me today everyone.  Welcome to all my new followers.  I am glad for all of you! ♥

digging in the dirt, stitching and praying,


Shirlee said...

What lovely gifts you received! And I love your little apple tree! I've always wanted to have a little orchard of nut trees. If we end up having to stay here, I will plant some in the fall : )

butterfly said...

Hello sweetie , lovely gifts you received.
Yes this is a wonderful community we are in , What wonderful friends we all have.
Love your Apple tree we are going to get some next year to put around our decking fence I just love the smell of the sweet blossom.

Myra said...

Oh we are all going to enjoy watching your little tree grow. :o) Lovely gifts your received.

Carol said...

What fun to watch your little tree grow and bear fruit, Vickie--I am sure you will tend it well :)

Congratulations on the gifts from Theresa--she does such pretty work and who could resist gifts directly from Paris :) Enjoy!!!

(And please send some of your sun south west. Believe it or not, they are calling for six inches of SNOW tomorrow--say it's not so!!)

Melanie said...

Pretty pretty gifts! She did a wonderful job.

Theresa said...

Hi Vickie~
So glad to hear that my package have arrived safe and sound - and so fast!!! I'm glad you like the contents, believe it or not, I choose the pink backing fabric just for you, cause from your blog I sensed that you like pink~ ^^

I've always wanted an apple tree - or any fruit tree in that matter!! It is so nice that you have planted one, it will be a great joy to see it grow~

Lynn said...

Congrats on your lovely giveaway win!

Krista said...

What lovely gifts you received! It is like springtime in Paris for you :)

Penny said...

You received some wonderful gifts! And the stitching community is full of some pretty sweet people. :) It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful memories of the apple tree you had growing up. It will be fun for you to watch this one grow.

Margaret said...

What lovely gifts! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Anne said...

She did a fantastic job Vickie!! I love her Paris pin keep!! Congrats on winning all those lovely little gifts!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your tree will be so beautiful when grown!

Awesome goodies - what's not to love about Paris!?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations! What an awesome giveaway to win!

Sally said...

Congratulations on a lovely giveaway win Vickie:)

Solstitches said...

What lovely giveaway gifts!
I love the Eiffel Tower pinkeep and the little tin is so cute.
It will be fun to watch the apple tree grow.

Catherine said...

Have fun with your tree! We have three semi~dwarf apple trees and love them!
What great goodies you received! Love the color combo of the pink with the grey.

Margaret said...

Oh lucky you! Such a nice prize for sure! Enjoy!

Meari said...

I hope your new apple tree grows big and strong to bring you lots of yummy apples!

Congrats on winning the prize!!

Unknown said...

Oh Vickie, what a wonderful gift to recieve, it is beautiful and I just know you'll enjoy it all, so many of your favourite things. :)