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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stitchin' from my kitchen!

Hey everybody!

So glad you are here. :)  I thought I would show you a picture or two of the stitching I have in my kitchen, above my sink.  I stitched the two of these Brenda Keyes pieces 3 years ago.  They are both from the book Small Scale Embroidery.  I did them both on 32 count ivory linen.

The bottom piece I call the Poodle Sampler because I swapped out the two birds for two poodles. :)  ♥

Have a stitchy Thursday.  I know I will. :)



cucki said...

aww they are so sweet,i love them so much..
big hugs cucki xx

Shirlee said...

They are very pretty! It looks like your kitchen is too : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Unknown said...

I love the simple black and white of these pictures Vickie, they are very effective in their simplicity of colour. I like how you switched out the birds for poodles to match Mabel and your love of poodles, making them more unique to you. Lovely job.

Carol said...

How nice to look over at those little beauties each time you are washing dishes, Vickie!

Chris said...

Love Mabel and Maggie and your poodle stitching.. welcome to blogland


Nicola said...

I love black samplers. Could you show a close up of the top one?

dixiesamplar said...

So happy to see you with a blog of your very own, Vickie!! And such lovely stitching...that pen for your hubby is awesome!

And Mabel is a doll :o)

I will definitely be following along with your beautiful blog!

Sally said...

I am so glad that you started a blog Vickie! It's lovely to be able to drop by and see you :)

Ranae said...

Lovely pieces!
Welcome to blogging
I'll be back

Krista said...

Hi Vickie, Welcome to the world of blogging. I am kind of new to it all too. Your stitching is very pretty, and Mabel is the sweetest. I think it is a great contest that Nicola is having so we can all see our furry babies and smile :) Have a great day!


Theresa said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!! Your stitched pieces are adorable~~ I will come back and visit!!!

Tricia said...

Beautiful pictures Vickie, love them both,
Oh and welcome to the land of blogx :)