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Friday, February 2, 2024

❤️Our Home Sewing Box❤️

 Hi friends! It is warming up a bit here. The huge mounds of snow are slowly melting. HOORAY!

💘February Cubby Shelf Display💘 Almost all of these are stitched over one.

I totally forgot to share that I pinned and prepared my BBD Our Lasting Friendship sampler for framing at the beginning of January. 

I found a thrifted frame at Goodwill for $9. 

Emerson cut it to size for me and I secured the sampler in and finished the back off with brown paper. 

I am very happy with our efforts.


Every year in our stitch group, we draw names in August. The name you draw is the person you will create a Christmas gift for. We always hold our Christmas party on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, because RoseAnn in our group still works, and she works for the government. Since she has off on that day, we schedule it for that day so we can all be together to exchange and celebrate. Well this year on Martin Luther King Jr Day our weather was extremely cold. So cold that we decided to cancel our party. The high that day was 3 degrees. With the wind chill it was minus 23! So our party is happening on our usual get together Thursday, February 8th.

Let me start by saying, I am confident that she does not look at my blog. This is a very special gift I created for Lisa in our stitch group. 

This is❤️Our Home Sewing Box❤️by Blackbird Designs. 
I stitched this one over two on 35ct tea dyed linen with the called for flosses.
This is the first time I painted and waxed a paper mache box. Madeleine tinted the paint to match Crescent Colours Calico Kitty for me. 😊

I pulled a few motifs from the sampler and created a small pin pillow. I backed it with Moda fabric from my stash that matched perfectly. I then created two pins for it.

I have been waiting months to give this to Lisa! I can't wait to see her face when she opens her gift.

I am working on God Bless America, but also a few other small pieces in between. I will be sharing those soon!

Are you stitching Valentines? This is my biggest display season. I have THE most pink! Imagine that! 😂 I told myself, No. You are not going to stitch for Valentine's Day this year. Um. Yes. I am stitching one. Just one. Ha.

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1Corinthians 2:9

I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends! Thanks for stopping by today. 💕

Stitching and praying,


Erica said...

Beautiful sampler, and a gorgeous frame find! I love it when I find the right frame!

butterfly said...

Lots of lovely stitching Vicky.
Looks like you have been a busy bee.
With all your beautiful work .
Hugs June.

Marilyn said...

Your Sampler turned out beautiful, the frame is perfect.
Oh My, what a lucky recipient of that beautiful box & goodies.
It's so pretty Vickie!
Yes, the snow is melting, & I'm glad, it's so dirty & ugly now.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful gift you stitched and finished, Vickie! Enjoy your gathering. Can't wait to see what you are stitching for Valentine's Day!

diamondc said...

Hi Vickie: Roseann is a lucky lady to have you draw her name the box is lovely as is the pin pillow.
Blackbird Design Lasting Friendship is such a beautiful design, you picked the perfect frame, it is stunning.
It has been very warm here, in the 40s and 50s, next week spring like weather, I hope the warmer weather goes to your area.
I am not stitching valentines this year maybe later in the year.


Carol said...

Your gift for Lisa is so very lovely, Vickie--and that box color is just perfect! She will be thrilled. Love your framed sampler, too... how nice that Emerson can cut down your frames for you. My husband tried, but let's just say--he needs more practice. Ha ha! Hope your weekend is going well ♥

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
your frame for your Sampler looks great. I love it.
Your gift for Lisa is so beautiful. I think she will love it.
Your cubby shelf looks great as always.
Have a nice Sunday my friend. Manuela

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am not at all surprised you have the most pink stitching for Valentine's Day! It's the perfect celebration for you.
Love the thrifted frame, great way to reuse something and probably better quality than a bigbox store too.
The box for your friend is gorgeous, I am sure she will love it.

MartinaM said...

This friendship sampler is really great, a nice memory. And the frame fits perfectly.
a great gift for Lisa, she will be happy. You did it perfectly.
And the little pillow is so cute.
No, I don't stitch anything for Valentine's Day, we don't really celebrate it.
Have a good time,

Cathy said...

The sewing box is beautiful! What an amazing gift for your friend! Love the thrifted frame - it's perfect for the sampler. I did stitch one piece for Valentine's this year. I just have a very small display for Valentine's. Have fun at your get together!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Our Lasting Friendship looks fabulous and who doesn't love a $9 frame! I think having Emerson cutting down the frame you used makes it even more special!

LOVE the sewing box and I'm sure Lisa treasures it!