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Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi friends! Thank you for your well wishes and your prayers for Brian. His surgery went very well and he is recovering fine here at home.

Let me show you what I stitched on while I waited for Brian during surgery. I had kitted up all of the paper punched animals I had very inexpensively purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I chose the owl to stitch up for my mom's husband. He likes owls. I wanted to get this done for Father's Day and send it in the mail with his card for this Sunday. Which I have done!! This is stitched with the recommended DMC and I lined the back with white felt.

I did not even get this finished while I was waiting during the surgery! What I did not realize ahead of time was that you need to stitch with three strands of floss. And guess who brought a number 26 needle? It took me forever to thread that! Once I got home I switched to a number 24 needle that our friend Stasi sent me last year in my very own needlebook. Thank you Stasi! That made a world of difference!

The barn wood frame for Bertie & Gertie came!
Our dear, sweet June has sent me a birthday gift. She knows me so well. She ALWAYS sends PINK and she ALWAYS sends POODLES!
THANK YOU SO MUCH JUNE! I am in love with those patterns!! Ha! I had a good laugh over that Merpoodle!! I adore that poodle done in Turkey stitch! So cute! I will definitely be stitching up those kitties for my mom also.

I am back to stitching my July wreath for the cubby shelf.

I have mentioned to some of you individually in emails, but not here on the blog that the days following  that lovely hike out in the park with the family, I suffered terribly. My headaches have returned with a vengeance. As in, I have the nasty, daily migraines once again.😢

The neurologist has me on a steroid pack of prednisone and we are increasing my Topomax once again over a two week period. Oh I hope and pray this works. I tell you, the sun and I just do not agree. That was a short few days of fun in the sun I enjoyed. The neurologist wants to be able to get me back out there. I just want my head to NOT feel like it is being squeezed in a vice all day every day. That would make me very happy once again.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends! I will be hiding out mostly. It is hot here.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.  Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.  Galatians 6:9-10

Stitching and praying,


butterfly said...

So happy that Brian's op went well.
Lovely stitching great owl.
Sorry to hear you have not been to well again .
Maybe a bad hay fever attack brought on your bad head .

So happy you got your Birthday gifts I always save those charts for you .
Thank you for mine too love them all.
Have a good weekend hugs.

Manuela said...

So glad, that Brain's surgery went well.
The little owl is very cute and a nice gift.
Sorry to hear that your migraines come back.
Lovely little birthdaygift from June.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs Manuela

Justine said...

Glad to hear that Brian's surgery went well but sorry to hear about your continued health issues. Bertie and Gertie look very dashing in their new frame!

gracie said...

Great news for Brian but not for you my sorry that the headaches have returned. Your stitching is always perfect! That frame is fantastic for that piece. Keeping you in my thoughts.

marly said...

Brian had surgery? You braved the outdoors? Well I'm glad it went well but sorry yours did not.

Stasi said...

Glad to hear Brian's surgery went well. Sorry your headaches have returned but hope help is on the way!
I bought one of each of those paper animal sets for the girls--they are winging it!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Vickie, I am sorry to hear that your headaches have returned. But I am hopeful that you will get relief with this new protocol. Very happy to hear that Brian's surgery went well. Continuing to pray for a smooth and full recovery. The owl is adorable. Enjoy your weekend!

Jenny said...

Hi my friend....

I am so happy that Brian is doing so well after surgery! And I am just so sorry you are still suffering with those headaches! I am praying my friend...always!

I think your little owl is just adorable! He will make a great gift for Father’s Day! I absolutely love Hobby Lobby! I always find great ideas there. When I was there a few weeks ago I found the prettiest stamped cross stitch quilt all stitched in Fall colors! I haven’t done stamped cross stitch in over 30 years lol but the flowers and the colors were just so beautiful I couldn’t it was on clearance for 6 dollars...sold! I hope to work on this during football season as we watch the!

Sending hugs and love your way! I hope you have a good weekend and that Brian enjoys Father’s Day!

Linda said...

So sorry your headaches are back Vickie. Hope Brian is doing well. Congrats on the cute finish. Great gifts.


diamondc said...

Hi Vickie: I am so sad your headaches came back, I hope you find a cure soon.
So glad to here Brian is doing well.
Your Owl is adorable, I once made the same mistake by using the wrong needle.
June is such a kind heart, lovely gifts she sent.


Margaret said...

I'm so sad to hear your headaches are back. :( I hope the new treatments cure them and you are back to headache free soon. Hope the shoulder is doing better too. And of course that Brian is healing nicely. All my prayers and thoughts for you.

RJ said...

I am so happy to be visiting with you again Vickie. But I hate to hear about your headaches returning and you suffering so much. I have to read up on past posts and see why Brian was in the hospital but so happy to hear all went well.

Your owl is adorable and your gifts from June are delightful and so you. I'm sorry I missed your special day.

You are in my prayers that those nasty headaches let up with the meds you are taken. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Beth said...

What a cute owl. Glad Brian is doing well. Og Vickie - I hope you get your headaches back under control.

Brigitte said...

So good to read that Brian's surgery went well and that he is on the mend and recovering well.
But not so good that your headaches have come back so heavily after the day out in the sun. I hope the neurologist can help you again.
What a lovely birthday gift June sent you. It will be a lot of fun to stitch all the charts she included.
And such a pretty little owl. It makes a wonderful gift.

Lili said...

The owl is very cute! I love the barn wood frame, Vickie!

So sorry about the headaches, hope the doctor can help you.

Hugs x

Kaisievic said...

Vickie, oh, I am so glad that Brian's surgery went well but so sorry to hear that the migraines are back - that is awful for you. I am praying for you, my dear friend. Lovely gifts from June and I do love your finish of Goat Farm, may I ask, who is the designer? You should move to Melbourne today - no sun, just wild and woolly rain, rain and more rain! lol!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the update on Brian, I'm glad he's on the road to recovery! So sorry to hear that your headaches have made a (temporary, I hope) comeback. Praying that you and the Dr will come up with a plan to knock them down again so you can get out and do the things you want to!

Barb said...

Good and bad news! Glad to hear your DH's surgery went well. So sorry to hear about the headaches. My sweet daughter has the same kind of headaches as you. I know how horrid they can be!! I do hope they find a way to help people who suffer with them!

rosey175 said...

I saw your previous post a bit too late but I'm glad Brian's surgery went well! But buu on your headaches being back! I know it's a weird suggestion but do you have polarized sunglasses you can wear? Or was that option already explored and light-sensitivity ruled out?

Bertie and Gertie's frame is so suitable for the piece, well done on that! The little French poodles are super cute but of course I like the MS fluffy kitties best. ;)

Andrea said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well for Brian. Sorry to hear you have having your old troubles back again. Hopefully they can be sorted out for good in the not so distant future.
Your owl is great and the frame for the goat piece is perfect.

Julie said...

Perfect frame for Bertie and Gertie.
I hope Brian is continuing to make a good recovery.
Wishing you pain free again, I hope the medicines are doing their stuff and working.
Super little owl, what a lovely gift.

Mary said...

Oh Vicki, I am so sorry to hear that your headaches have returned. I pray the new round of meds does the trick. That is just awful that your return to the outdoors did not last long. I pray that you get better quickly.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely charts from June, so thoughtful to save them for you.
Sorry to hear about the return of the migraines, hope they have fixed that by now.

Astrids dragon said...

Cute owl, a quick stitch is always nice... in spite of starting with the smaller needle!
The frame is perfect for Bertie and Gertie.
Sweet gifts from June, especially the merpoodle!
Does wearing a hat help with the sun?