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Monday, November 20, 2017

Good 'Ol Murph

Hi friends! I knew what I was in for, but I did it anyways. Do you know what this is?
Yes. That would be a free pattern for a dog coat. I decided to make a dog coat for Murphy. HA! That is what the pattern looked like after I tried to lay it on his back a few times to size it up. I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern to make it fit his body size.

After I actually made the real fleece coat do you wonder if I could get the thing on him without getting bit? Do you wonder WHY I am even doing this?! I WONDER WHY I AM EVEN DOING THIS?! I did it because Murphy was groomed on Tuesday and he shakes and shivers in the cold. We do live in Wisconsin!! I DO love grumpy, 'ol Murph.
So. Yes. I got bit. There was only a little blood involved.I have since decided...Murphy will wear the coat when it is in the teens or lower! I like my fingers. Thank you very much. Are you not impressed I even got the coat on for this modeling session? You can see HE is impressed. The free pattern for the fleece dog coat can be found HERE
We have been going through a lot with Murphy actually. One week before we closed on our home sale, his left eye became very cloudy very, very fast. We made an appointment with the veterinarian and took Murphy in.
Unfortunately Murphy's left eye has rapidly progressed with cataracts. Both eyes also had uveitis, an inflammation that was causing pain and eye redness. What to do? Mama has to wrangle Murphy twice daily with eye drops. Lord help! I just stared at the vet when he told me that one. He suggested muzzling him or using treats to get it done. Well I knew muzzling him was not an option. Not twice a day every day for the REST OF HIS LIFE?!? NO. That is not right.

Treats it is. Home Murphy and I went. Brian went off to get the drops and treats. He came home with the drops and Pupperoni. Now we have only ever given rice cakes as treats in this house. That started because of our dear Mabel. She tended to gain weight and rice cakes won't let you gain weight.winking faceHenry and Murphy go wild for these Pupperoni treats! I do NOT think they are very good for them though. So after this bag is gone we are switching to freeze dried  beef liver. I know Murphy gobbles that up too because the vet offers that as a treat after the appointment is over.

I am getting the eye drops into Murph's eyes. I have to sneak up on him. (Not always easy to do!) Then I quickly pin his neck between my shins, just above my ankles.See what I mean about wrangling poodles?! He actually just stays there and waits now. I just say treat once or twice and he stays still while I place the drop in each eye.Then I immediately give him his Pupperoni. Henry gets a very small piece too.  This happens twice a day. Such fun! NOT! And I am actually Murphy's favorite person still!!

So our Murphy will go blind.white frowning faceHe can barely see out of his left eye right now the vet says. The eye drops will make him comfortable and slow down the progression a bit in the right eye. Murphy is 14 years old. The bloodwork we just had done shows he is otherwise healthy. So we will just take this as it comes.

I will share a bit of stitching with you next time my friends. My order came in from ABC Stitch on Friday finally! I began stitching the ornaments for Madeleine on Saturday. Yes, there are two poodles. I have to stitch them when she is not around.

 Thank you for stopping by. Have a super week! 

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.  1Timothy 2:5
These are the wreaths decorating Historic Downtown. That is our apartment up there.
These are how the lamp posts look. This is across the street.
Stitching and praying,


Carolien said...

O dear, that is quite something with Murphy! Good luck with it, my friend. I hope he will get used to the drops soon. I had a blind cat for soe years and it was soooo amazing to see how she adapted to it. That's the strength of animals, I guess.
The coat is so sweet and thoughtful, good job!
Have a great week!

Hugs Carolien
P.S. André's visit to hospital went well, thank you for asking, so sweet. He is having further medication on his pneumonia, that still isn't going better as it should be ... to be continued. Bye!

Mary said...

Well, Murphy certainly looks dapper in his new threads!! Despite the trial getting him dressed he will be nice and cozy in your cold Wisconsin winter. That's too bad about his eyesight, I hope his good eye stays healthy. It certainly sounds like a trial to get those drops in him, you are a good mama!! Mary

Robin in Virginia said...

Well, Murphy looks quite dapper in his fleece jacket. But boy was he giving you the stink eye there. I am sorry to read about his eye sight. OH Vickie, I do admit that I had a small giggle as I envisioned you as a dog wrangler.

Vicki said...

Murphy looks great in his sweater, I'm sure he's warmer! Poor little guy... I know he'll adapt to his failing eyesight (he's probably been adapting for a while), but it's hard to see these signs of aging in our pets. Thanks for the pictures of your town - very cute!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh sweet little Murphy. I am so glad you are his people Mom, because I know you will take awesome care of him. Bless his heart. :)

His new coast you made him looks awesome. I know it keeps him nice and warm. He looks so cute. :)

Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend. :)

Margaret said...

Your are a brave and loving woman! Murphy doesn't know how lucky he is to have you. Your town looks so pretty!

MartinaM said...

Hello Vicky
Your Murphy looks really fancy with his new coat. I can well understand what you're taking on to help Murphy. They just love these little animals, they belong to the family, and you get back much of them. I keep my fingers crossed that it will soon be better with the eye drops.
Big Hugs, Martina

Brigitte said...

Little Murphy looks so good in his new sweater. It will keep him from getting too cold when outside this winter. I just hope that the eye drops will help him. Poor little thing.
Nice to see some new pictures of your surroundings in town. I love that.

Stasi said...

Oh the doggie coat is precious--love the print! Hopefully, Murphy will begin to appreciate it's warmth when he's outside in the cold. Sorry about his eye conditions, but he seems to be holding his own!

butterfly said...

LOVELY coat for Murphy wow he looks so smart.
Sorry about poor Murphy's eyes , it can happen at this age.
Poor sweety .
Love the outside decorations so pretty.

Lesley said...

Murphy looks very smart and warm in his new coat.It is not always easy to give medication to an unwilling four legged family member,but it sounds like you have got the technique:)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Poor Murphy. Aren't you glad that you have poodles and not Saint Bernards?
Looking forward to seeing Madelaine's gift in due course.

RJ said...

Vickie, Murphy looks quite dapper in his new coat! And it will keep him warm during these cold winters. I remember my Mom made my little dog a red and black plaid wool coat once and I loved how he looked in it too.

The eye drops sound like quite a chore but maybe he will get more used to it the more he has them. I hope it helps with his eyesight. You are a great Mom seeing he is well taken care of.

Much love to you my friend and have a lovely Thanksgiving. Your downtown is looking so pretty!!! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Von said...

So sorry for both you and Murphy! At least he looks stylish in his new coat. :)

marly said...

Our dogs loved Pupperoni. Sounds like you got the delivery method figured out. He looks handsome in his new coat.

Jenny said...

Oh Vickie....what a good Mama you are to Murphy! He looks so very handsome in his new coat! Molly has a red sweater that she wears when it is cold and damp and she absolutely loves it! I however did not make! I hope and pray that the drops go well! I too have known blind animals that do quite well...truly amazing really! I had a cat that had diabetes and I gave him insulin everyday for years. He was just happy to be loved but he didn’t like the shots...oh no believe me! I too treasured my fingers!

I love the wreaths and the lampposts! Oh Vickie it is just so picture perfect! I love your apartment on Main Street! Maybe your Main Street is a little like Mitford?

Sending lots of hugs and love to you my dear friend!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie. Well, I think Murphy looks fabulous, but that is quite the grumpy stare he's got going on there. LOL I'm sure it must be scary for Murphy to get his drops, but I know that he loves you and it will get easier. What an amazing's like decorating at home but on a much bigger scale. LOL

Have a fabulous day!

Lili said...

Murphy's new coat is beautiful!
So sorry that he have been with some health issues, it is really hard to give some medicines to pets.
So pretty photos from your city!

Beth said...

Sorry to hear about Murphy. If the progress is slow, I expect he will adapt and be comfortable navigating your apartment. He looks very jaunty in his jacket.

Barb said...

I can only hope Murphy's blindness comes on very slowly. I have know blind dogs and they seem to do quite well in their own homes. Your little town is looking lovely! How fun being right in the middle of all the fun.

rosey175 said...

Poor Murphy, he only makes life difficult because it adds interest right?! As grumpy as he is, he looks wonderful and warm in his new coat. I too give treats if I have to subject my little cats to the Great Indignity of medicine. They still love me. I think. Murphy'll be okay going blind. Their noses are wonderful things. Just don't rearrange too much furniture!

diamondc said...

Hi Vickie: Poor Murphy, I hope it gets better each time you have to give him his drops.
I love his little coat, maybe giving him a half a treat each time you have to put on his coat will help, he looks cute Krissy the dog says hey Murphy you look so warm.


moreofhim said...

Murphy's new coat is very cute and he is quite handsome in it! It's so wonderful of you to risk the bites to give him such wonderful care. :) I love the building your apartment is in! What a gorgeous place to live. I can't wait to see your stitching. I am so anxious to take up needle again and stitch.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend! God bless you and your precious family.

Blessings - Julie

Penny said...

Murphy should look impressed - it's a lovely coat, and he wears it so well. : ) I'm sorry to hear about his eye problems. I can relate to giving medication - vets are so clueless. They make it sound so easy, and it never is. But I wish you luck - he is very fortunate to have you.

Yay for the order finally arriving!!!

Julie said...

Sad to read Murphy has an eye problem, these things come with age don't they. His new coats looks very dapper, although he does not look impressed at the trouble you went to to keep him nice and cosy.

Honeybee said...

Aw, poor Murphy. Getting old is hard. But at least he has a snazzy little jacket! ;O)

Maggee said...

Oh that is a great little coat for Murphy! So sad he is going blind. Our granddog Thor, the black/silver one is also going blind. He is the sweet one... Rusty also has health issues, (more numerous, less serious than blindness)but I don't remember exactly what! Poor little guys! You are a good Dog Mommy! Hugs!

Carol said...

What a handsome coat you've made for Murphy! Just love the checked design! I'm so sorry to read about his eyesight problems... He is so lucky to have you to love and look out for him, Vickie :)

Astrids dragon said...

Fantastic job on Murphy's coat, how blessed he is to have you love him so much, even when you have to put drops in his poor eyes. I'm glad the treats are helping.
I love the wreaths in your town, so lovely to see.