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Friday, November 24, 2017


Hi friends! Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? I do hope so. I did. All three of my brothers and I were together at my mom's house.smiling face with smiling eyesSuch fun and laughter!

Thank you for your kind compliments on Murphy's new coat. Just so you also know, he is improving with the eye drops. He waits patiently for me to do them now. He finished up the Pupperoni, so we moved on to freeze dried beef liver. Man, does he love that! I still have to pin him between my shins, but he behaves for the drops.

I finally took a picture of the Riolis poodle Christmas ornament kit that I had waited several weeks for from ABC Stitch.
Is this NOT adorable?! I can thank Carol (no blog) for telling me about this! I hardly ever allow myself new chart or kit purchases. Honest, it is RARE, but these I had to get. I have good progress made on the girl poodle. I can only work on these when Madeleine is at University or working, since these are to be for her this year in her St. Nick's stocking.winking face

While I was on the ABC Stitch site I found a second kit in the new releases. This is also a Riolis kit.
I literally gasped when I spotted this one. It is another Russian Orthodox icon. I have not stitched an icon for several years now, but I have been praying for a guardian angel icon. I have been searching for a guardian angel icon for more than a year actually. It is hard to find one when you want one in the Russian style and your first language is NOT Russian and you are doing searches and using translation tools and you know it is not going right. I gave up. And then.... when I was not even looking, I found this. I am so very happy with this kit. I plan to stitch this in 2018. I will NOT begin it until I have completed BBD AotH though. After Christmas ornaments are stitched and after the valances are all made, I am getting back to that. After, after, after. sigh. Well, I want to thank you Carol, my follower who told me about these adorable poodles in the first place. If you had not, I would not have this guardian angel kit!

I no longer have my garden since moving in this apartment. We are quite fortunate to have a beautiful florist that is diagonally across the street from us. I was going to say kitty corner from us, but I did not know if any of you say that. Is that probably a regionally said thing? Do you say that? Have you heard of that? Anyways, she puts such lovely displays in her window boxes and planters and windows.I took this picture the other night of one of the big windows. Not the easiest to see, but I tried.
We get to watch the Christmas Parade Sunday night sitting right here in our apartment! Woo hoo! Such small town excitement, right? Now that we live in the exact center of our village, the little Christmas Parade route goes directly past our apartment. And since we live upstairs, we just need to set our chairs up in front of our windows and we are good to go! Only downside I see, is that we won't be catching any candy. Ha! I would rather be warm!!

I hope you have a stitchtastic weekend my friends! I plan to. I have two ornaments stitched for friends, but I cannot show you! I need to finish them yet.I will show you Madeleine's ornament as soon as I get it stitched. I should have the girl poodle done tomorrow while Madeleine works.
winking face
Stitching and praying,


Cindy's Stitching said...

Happy Thanksgiving. The new kits are cute. Whar a great view of the florist and parade. We are now IN the Christmas season.

Stasi said...

Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving! The poodle ornaments are adorable and the angel icon is beautiful..can't wait to see the finished products.
When you described how you'd be sitting in your apartment watching the Christmas parade, it reminded me of Miracle on 34th favorite Christmas movie of all time!!!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie. Yes, we always say after, after, after. Sometimes I listen, and sometimes, I just ignore that little voice that says I should stitch after housework. LOL

What a beautiful surprise for Madeleine! Will you be changing the colors to pink? SMILE.

That icon is stunning! I love the Russian style of icons. So special.

Have an amazing weekend.

Robin in Virginia said...

I am glad you finally received your ordered items. What a fun thing to look forward to, the Christmas parade. I am thinking about attending ours on the 1st. For me, it is dependent on whether it is raining or not. Enjoy your weekend of stitching, Vickie!

PS What a lovely window put on by the florist!

Manuela said...

Wonderful new cross stitch kits.
Can't wait to see the first dog.
Have a wonderful stitching weekend.
Hugs, Manuela

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those poodles are so sweet! How serendipitous that it led you to the icon too.
The parade sounds like so much fun. My grandparents' flat was on the main road so we could watch the carnival parade from inside if it was raining. Which it frequently did in August!

MartinaM said...

Hi Vicky,
I'm glad that it works better with Murphy now. This is much more relaxed for you.
The little poodle Christmas decoration is really cute. Also the second kit from Riolis looks impressive.
Have fun at the Christmas parade. I also want to work a lot on my embroidery.
Greetings to you, Martina

butterfly said...

What wonderful poodle decorations , I love Riolis kits .
Enjoy every stitch hugs.

CJ said...

HI Vickie - Loved catching up on your blog. Your apartment looks great and I love the photos of your village. You seem to be living a very European lifestyle. I must comment on the pink mixer, it is fabulous. I have a white one that was gifted to me by my troops when I retired from the Air Force. I used it last week to make batches and batches of biscotti. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Mary said...

Vickie, I'm happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
I love the florist window kitty corner from you, yes, we say that too! How fun to watch the parade from your window too, small town living at it's best.
The poodle patterns are cute, does Madeline not read your blog?
You must have been overjoyed to find the perfect Russian icon to stitch. I'm looking forward to seeing that in 18.

Andrea said...

Those charts are so you. The florist window is beautiful. As Stasi says when you said about the parade, I too immediately thought of Miracle on 34th Street! Good to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Have a good weekend.

Jenny said...

Good Morning Vickie...

Oh those poodles are just the most adorable ornaments! They are the sweetest ones ever and I am sure Madeleine will love them! Your guardian angel icon is just lovely as well! Isn’t it amazing that when we stop looking for something that is when we find it? I am so happy for you and I know you will enjoy many happy hours stitching her. What other icons have you stitched? I should really go back and read your blog posts from before I started following you and we became such dear friends! Hmmm this sounds like a cozy idea....I can feel more inspiration already....I really need smoking needles now because Andrew asked for a Christmas stocking for Holly 😳...oh my goodness....

I am so happy Murphy is letting you give him his drops! What a good little man he is...

Enjoy your weekend and the parade! Staying warm is always an extra bonus with me of course this weekend that won’t be hard since we are still in the 80’s during the day!

Sending hugs and love to you my dear friend!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's such a good feeling when you find a chart or kit that just makes you feel so happy. I had to smile at your last post regarding poodles and medication. Oh how I remember those days - Brandy was not a good patient at home but an angel for the vet.

Brigitte said...

It sounds that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family.
Glad to see that your poodle kit finally arrived. Oy my, are they sweet.
Oh yes, I know that after, after, after. I have a list in my stitching journal of what I want to stitch after this or that is started or finished. And the list gets longer and longer, sigh.
That florist's window looks so good, Vickie. And you can enjoy the changing decoration.

Margaret said...

I'm originally from the midwest. And we used to say caddy corner? I don't know how you would spell it, but that's how we pronounced it. :D

Love both kits! How wonderful that you found that angel kit when you got the poodle kit! Perfect! Love that you can see the Christmas parade right from your window too! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We did too!

rosey175 said...

Those little kit poodles are changing color, aren't they! I don't often buy online either. I think it's a blessing in disguise, otherwise I'd have more than I could ever handle haha (like I already don't). Thrift stores are fair game though. :b

And how lucky to find another icon! I know searching for things in foreign languages can be a bit tricky. I'm often looking in Japanese and question the characters used.

I use kitty corner! Well, catty corner. How nice to have a florist so close. The seasonal decorations should be fun to watch.

Penny said...

The poodles are adorable! And the icon is lovely - glad you found it! Yes, we use kitty corner. : ) I think your small town excitement sounds wonderful - it seems like you have a great view of some lovely things! Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

Cute poodles.
Guardian angels come in all shapes and forms don't they.
Enjoy the parade, I too would be watching out of the window and keeping nice and warm.

Vicki said...

I grew up in KS/MO and yes, I always say "kitty corner"!
I am so enjoying your "in town" experiences. The window you have in your view is gorgeous. And I can't think of anything more fun than watching the Christmas parade from your window. I hope you're adjusting to your new lifestyle. There are things you'll miss from before, but there are also so many things you're discovering!

RJ said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was such a wonderful time with family. Loved the display in your florist across the street. Just think how often it will change and bring you pleasure.

Love your little poodles...they are so cute and so YOU! Can't wait to see them done. And your Russian angel icon is gorgeous. This will be a big project but will be magnificent when finished.

Enjoy the parade...what fun! We used to have parades in the little town I grew up in...miss those days. Have a great week Vickie and happy stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Beth said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Wonderful kits - perfect for you We are kitty corner people out here in Oregon.

Lili said...

Both kits are lovely, Vickie!
I really hope to see that gorgeous angel stitched! :)

Carol said...

Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving, Vickie! I know you'll love stitching that beautiful icon--it is a stunning design.

(And yes, I say "kitty corner"--I'm sure the small town I grew up in was even tinier than yours :) Love that floral shop window!