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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Giveaway Winner

Hi friends! We have been having a nice week of seventy degree, sunny weather. I was able to clean up the garden a bit more. There are not many flowers remaining in the garden. 
I have been stitching up Christmas ornaments. I cannot show you the one I work on while the kids are home, but I can show you the first one I made up for the kids(while they are in school, I stitch on this). Big surprise! It is Murphy! ;)
 I have used this pattern  twice before in making Henry. I love it! You can find this pattern in the Antique Pattern Library. You need to scroll down the page. It is found in Markbok. This is a Swedish pattern from 1915. 100 years old! Awesome!
I stitched Murphy on 28ct light blue Cashel linen. I used Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe's Valentine Red and  DMC, two over two. I stitched Murphy in 3799 and 310. I am very happy with his coloring. I will most likely use a blend of these two colors and more greys also when it comes time to stitch up his bigger portrait. :) I made up the snow scene. I am happy with how it turned out. Murphy runs around like a nut twice a day every day in the backyard since we got him. He is so healthy for a 12 year old.

The winner of the "ABC Can't Catch Me pattern is Kim! Kim I will get this on it's way to you!

I am still reading Billy Graham's Where I Am. Such a very good book! I took time to read two short stories by Ted Dekker. There is a librarian at out library who goes out of her way to locate books I inquire about. These two short stories she found for me out of our library system, but within our state. The Promise and The Little Drummer Boy were both great reads. I am trying to find those hard to come by, older books by Ted. I want to read every, single book he has ever written! Almost there!

I called to see if there was a cancellation at the Orthopedic Doctor's office. I had prayed I would not get the same receptionist. I did not. There is no opening, but this receptionist asked if I would like to be put on the cancellation list. Yes I would! hmm. Crabby receptionist last week told me they don't have a list when I asked. My wrist pain is still low.

Our dear friend Cucki continues on in pain my friends. She has improved though. She is back at home with her loving family.She is homebound and must take things very slowly. Please pray for our friend.♥

I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me today my friends. I hope you find lots of stitching time this weekend.

Stitching and praying,


Christina said...

Cute little Murphy ornament. Glad you were able to get on a cancellation list. It's no fun dealing with crabby people who are in the business to help.

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie! Your Murphy ornament is just too cute. And I love the picture of the gang waiting for snack. George has that same look when I ask if it's time for a snack. LOL

Love your flowers! It's getting in the high 60's here during the day, so I've got a few roses still blooming. Nights are down to 35 degrees, so I don't think they'll last much longer. I'll need to get a few pictures this afternoon.

Every time I think that the world has been taken over by the crabs...a really nice person pops up and renews my faith in happy people. I left a bag of purchases at Kmart a few days ago. Not sure why, guess I wasn't paying attention and set it on the ground of instead of in my truck. I called as soon as I got home. A young man answered the phone, said no one turned anything in, but took my phone number. I was sure that he would forget, he sounded scattered. I stopped by yesterday on my way home. Not only was my bag there, but I found a note inside that he had written with my name and phone number! A blessing when I was sure that there was none coming. And, every single thing was still in the bag. Happy dance!

I said all of that to say this...small miracles happen every day. God is good and does great things. Keep the faith. Have a great day, Vickie.

Maggee said...

Nicely done piece of Murphy! He is a happy guy at your house! Hugs!

Mii Stitch said...

What cute Murphy stitching!!
A lovely finish to make him feel so welcome in his new home :)

Carolien said...

Lovely flowers, lovely stitches!

Have a great weekend, dear friend!!!

Dutch waves, Carolien

P.S. The girls are doing fine, thank you :)

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Lovely picture of the threesome:)
Pretty stitching too.Have a good weekend.

Manuela said...

Very cute your Murphy stitching. I like it.
Wonderful photos from your garden.
Have a nice weekend, Manuela

Unknown said...

Dear Vickie , oh you're always so wonderfully refreshing . Your choice of color for the sweet Murphy is you perfect success , a beautiful design and excellent as usual implemented by you. I really like it!
I wish you the best
Greetings Sandra

Justine said...

Love your Murphy stitching!
Thanks for the update on Cucki, I was wondering how she is doing. I will continue to pray for a full recovery for her. And good news (hopefully) for you at the doctor's.

Penny said...

I read Murphy's story ~ a sad story with a very happy ending! He sure is sweet and I love your little cross stitch of him! Lovely flowers. I still have a few that are hanging on too. I'm glad your wrist pain is low! I've dealt with a lot of doctors over the past year and some have had office help like you encountered. Certainly not pleasant to deal with. Thank you for the news about Cucki ~ I will keep her in my prayers.

gracie said...

Yes, glad to see Cucki is posting again on Facebook and slowly healing. Love the flowers and stitching. Sorry the wrist is bothering you so much.

Margaret said...

Oh, I love the pic of the three pups together. So cute! Love the Murphy ornie too -- perfect! Ugh ugh on that canellation list -- why didn't the first person put you on it? Geesh! I'm glad your pain level continues to be low at least. Your flowers are so beautiful! We are having warm weather here too, but it's supposed to be back to normal tomorrow. It felt weird today!

butterfly said...

What a cute stitch of Murphy , suce a sweetie.

Love your graden photos looks like you are having some nice weather .
Here it is mild but more rain and at the moment a nasty storm
Have a great weekend.

Weronika said...

Lovely stitching! Your furry little ones are sooo cute!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Aww, Murphy is so cute!! I love that it's such an old design, that makes it so special. Really hope you get an earlier appointment! :D

Carol said...

Murphy looks so sweet all stitched up, Vickie. I'm happy to hear that he has settled in so well in your poodle-loving home :)

Love your flower photos--we have nothing left due to a couple of hard frosts, but we certainly enjoyed that summer-like weather last week--wow! Back to normal November temps now, but that's okay.

Hope your appointment can be moved up (and a very happy birthday to your son--I missed your last post for some reason!).

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Murphy's first ornie! You made a great choice of colours for him, the red bow is very dashing.
Fingers crossed you get a cancellation now you know a list exists!
Thanks for the Cucki update too.

Julie said...

Murphy looks superb on his first ornament.
Fingers crossed you get to see the specialist very soon. (Hugs)x

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Murphy looks great in cross stitch. he looks great in the photo of the 3 of them. love all the flowers. would you send me Cucki's address, I would like to sent her alittle something to help her feel better. hugs

gominam said...

Your Murphy stitching is so adorable, loved how you put snow too. The flowers look beautiful. I hope you get that appointment soon.

Annette-California said...

Your Murphy stitched piece looks great. Colouring of his coat look wonderful. love Annette

Frances said...

The Murphy stitching is so cute! You designed it so well--and I love the snow!!! What a cute photo of the three together!!! Awwww

StitchinByTheLake said...

Have you read The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham - it's a great book! blessings, marlene

Brigitte said...

You still have great flowers in your garden.
And look at that nice and sweet stitched Murphy. And when I compare the stitched Murphy with Murphy on the picture I must say that you met his colours perfectly well.