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Monday, November 16, 2015

Mystery SAL Complete

Hi friends! I finished all the stitching on my Mystery SAL.
You can find this free pattern HERE. I stitched this on mystery 32ct linen, two over two using DMC.

I have been working on my mom's ornament this weekend. Here is my progress.
When Henry and I visited the nursing home this Saturday, I met a new friend. Now that is not unusual, we meet plenty of new, elderly friends. This sweet, older woman, I believe her name is Marjorie, was flagging us down from across the dining hall. Henry and I cannot enter the dining hall, so her sweet friend Ellie wheeled her to us. Marjorie was so excited to see us and hold Henry. She is a poodle lover! The first thing she told me was, "Oh, I love poodles!" Ah, a smart woman. ;) Marjorie has owned three different miniature poodles. All "ladies". ;) What fun to talk poodles with her.

We had a sunny, warm 65º day yesterday! Now that is a treat for November. So I weeded the garden just a bit more. There is always weeding to do, isn't there?!

Well I am bracing myself for increased pain this week. We are to have rain most every day this week. I will hide out inside and stitch a lot! Not so bad after all. ;)

Thank you for stopping by today my friends. I am so glad you did!

Sin separates, while prayer unites.

Stitching and praying,


gominam said...

It's always nice to meet new friends. Congrats on a very cute finish! Your ornie is sure taking shape, a Christmas angel? Don't tire yourself out weeding, take care:)

Carolien said...

O dear, wrong weather, take care!

Your stitches are so nice!

Have a nice day & Dutch waves across the ocean,

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie! That little hedgehog is so cute, excellent job! I like the look of your mom's ornament. That is a beautiful shade of red.

It is always nice to meet "new friends". I've found that animals break down barriers faster than almost anything, except maybe grocery shopping!! I get into a lot of conversations at the grocery store. LOL

Have a wonderful day...don't over do it out in the garden!!

Margaret said...

Love the finish -- so so cute! How fun that you and Henry met another poodle lover at the home! Hope the weather doesn't make your pain worse.

Irmeli said...

Such a cute hedgehog, nice stitching. New start looks beautiful too.

Julie said...

I'm sure your poodle chat with Majorie was the highlight of her weekend.

Ranae said...

That's one adorable mystery SAL.
I'm sure that made your new friends day, what good therapy

Annie said...

What a cute little hedgehog! And the red ornament is coming along nicely.

I guess you poodle lovers have a secret radar to identify each other (or a not so secret poodle by your side). That was a nice moment for your and your new buddy.

Mii Stitch said...

What a cute hedgehog!!! Looks so sweet, well done!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Oh,I love your little hedgehog,thank you for the link,Vickie.

Manuela said...

A lovely little finish. The hedgehog is very cute.
Wonderful progress on your ornament.
Greetings, Manuela

Honeybee said...

Aw, your little hedgehog is so cute!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Such a lovely finish! I am now doing the back stitching on mine. Update soon with photos. :) What ornament are you making for your Mom? I love it. Awww sweet lady...of course she likes Poodles, they are just too cute to not like. Blessings always sweet friend.

Unknown said...

It's nice that they had such a nice conversation with the Poodle lover , you have so sweeten their day . Attention for the elderly often so important and all too often we take our younger too little time . Your hedgehog is so sweet , I like him a lot . The beginning of the ornament I like very well. Let's see how it goes .
I embrace you
Sincerely Your Sandra

Justine said...

Cute little hedgehog!

diamondc said...

Vickie: I am so happy Henry is a good baby and I bet he loves to be held by everyone, if I had a dog I too would go to retirement homes.
Love the ornament you are making for your Mother such a striking color, I look forward to seeing it finished.
That hedgehog is a sweety so cute.

Happy Thanksgiving

Penny said...

That little hedgehog is so cute! And nice progress on your mom's ornament. I bet your new friend was thrilled to meet Henry:) Hopefully your pain won't be too bad this week.

Stitching Noni said...

It always heartwarming to meet people that like dogs! :o)
I love your mystery SAL piece and your Mum's ornie piece is coming along beautiful :o)
I do hope the weather doesn't cause you too much pain - I will try and send you some our sun from downunder!
Hugs xx

butterfly said...

What a sweet hedgehog we have a big one in our garden , he is still around with this mild weather.
We are also having wet weather this week.
Hope your pain won't be too bad , hugs.

Carol said...

I just love those hedgehog designs, Vickie--your finish is especially cute! And I know your mom will love the red ornament :)

I suppose poodle lovers are like cross-stitchers--you never run out of things to talk about together! I love that your little Henry brightens the lives of the nursing home residents :)

Hilda said...

Oh what a swwet hedgehog stitching. I love it. Your red ornament is going to be amazing too. It will be a lovely present for your mom.
I hope your pain is better today, please take care of yourself!

Have a wonderful week!


Andrea said...

The hedgehog is such a fun design. Your ornament looks like it will be a winner for your Mum.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! Congrats on your new finish, he's so cute!

Bea said...

The hedgehog is really cute and thank you for the link. My craft partner's husband is a hedgehog nut and this will make a terrific little ornament for him.

You obviously made Marjorie's day went she got to spend time with Henry. I remember when my mom was in care, there was a lady who used to bring her cat in every week and for mom that was the highlight of the whole week.

Don't overdo!

Frances said...

That hedgehog is too cute! And your mom's ornament is lovely
How fun to visit at the nursing home. It means so much to them and I know they love seeing Henry, too!

De borduurvrouw said...

Hi Vicky, Thank you for your kind reaction to my stitched ornaments. I just found out where to buy them: in a 1 dollar store! So if you like, I can sent a heart, start and christmastree to you. Wouldn't that be fun? You can reach me at deborduurvrouw @ (but without the spaces.Greets, Nienke

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, it's a hedgehog, and a really sweet one playing around in all these fall leaves. That was a nice mystery, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

cute Stitching ♥

Lumiruusu said...

So nice of you visit the nursing hom with a poodle-I am sure you are a rel blessing to them.Cute stitching!1 My friend is recovering the very serious conditions she had and after being at hospital for two weeks sheis at home now.Praise the Lord !

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your stitching is so beautiful and on 32 ct. I am in awe of that. I love the red you are using on the ornament. Take care now.

Lillie said...

What a cute mystery SAL. So sweet of you to visit Marjorie with Henry.