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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art By Madeleine

Hi friends! Maybe you noticed I changed my little profile icon last week? I still like the little stitchy me, but I LOVE the new icon you will see next to the comments I leave you. This is a painting our very talented 16 year old Madeleine has made JUST FOR ME!
Awesome or what?!? I call it Cucumber and Pickles. Ha! Inside joke. Madeleine and I come up with cutesie nick names for Mabel and Henry. One of Henry's nick names is Pickles. While she painted this I exclaimed, "Look at Pickles!" She said, "Yeah, what does that make his mom in this painting? Cucumber?" Yep! Isn't baby Henry adorable? Squee!

So yes, Emerson is not the only one talented at painting in this family. We have encouraged art with all three children since they were tiny. I was always artsy. I am so glad they are also. She does not even have art class this semester. She just paints at home for fun. :) Next year she is taking Advanced Placement Art, just as Emerson did his senior year in high school. This gives her college credit for an art class, like he received also.

Madeleine has several paintings in the 80% done state. Drives me wild! Just as the above painting still needs a background! That's okay. The best part is completed. ;)

Here is another she painted a few months ago. Cool huh?
 There are many more! I have permission to share these two. Ha! She doesn't know what it is like to be a proud mama. ;)
Our friend Christina (who does not have a blog) sent me some lovely pink fabrics. 
She also included that sweet birdie ribbon. Thank you again Christina! I now need only 35 more pink fabrics for my Epic Pink Charm Quilt!

I STILL do not have my Easter stitch completed. sigh. Well I have NOT been up to no good! ;) I have been sewing a few headbands for Madeleine, making more gifts for friends, planting seeds indoors, clearing out garden beds bit by tiny bit and grooming poodles.
No, he cannot! This Cooper's Hawk landed on our back fence.
Have a super day my friends! There are a few of you I am praying for. I did thank God for ALL of you today!

Stitching and praying,


Carolien said...

Hello Vickie,

Well, you can be very proud of your artist Madeleine! The poodles are so nicely made and adorable!!! No wonder you changed your icon ... Love the last picture of your poodle, by the way.
Joehoe, just 35 more and then you can start with the charm quilt! So nice.

Have a nice day!

Meari said...

Cucumber and Pickles... lol... Love it!

Meari said...

Pretty pink fabrics. I'm sure you'll make something FAB-ulous!

Stitching Happy said...

I did notice your new icon and I think it's fantastic - Madeleine is very talented indeed.
Lovely pink fabric too.
Very cute little one in the last picture!
Happy Tuesday Vickie x

Brigitte said...

You can be so proud - you have some very talented children, Vickie.
These new pink fabrics are fantastic, and you are approaching your goal faster and faster.

Honeybee said...

The poodle painting is really nice... and that last picture cracked me up! :O)

KimM said...

Oh my goodness - I love the painting (s) - Madeleine is certainly talented. Looks like someone is basking in the sun and thoroughly enjoying it ;0)

Jenny said...

Madeleine has done a very nice job on her paintings. The poodles made me smile! Love the baby! Yay....only 35 more pink fabrics to go....it will be so much fun to watch you create this quilt! Hope you are having a good day with plenty of stitching time!

Von said...

Your daughter is very talented! Several of my kids are artistic, constantly amazing me with their efforts. :)

Julie said...

Madeleine is very talented, great pictures she has created.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely art work by your daughter Vickie, the poodle is so neat. My husband grew up with a poodle called Pickles:-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's so great when your children share your creative genes! You have every right to be proud.

Nearly there for the quilt too.

Annie said...

One talented daughter! And she's knows what makes Mom happy. That's the perfect avatar for you.

Beth said...

Talented daughter and pretty pink fabric. Birds beware when the Cooper's hawk in around!

Carol said...

I am so impressed with Madeleine's artwork, Vickie! Oh, how I would love to be able to draw :) Glad to see you are down to only 35 pink fabrics needed--you're going to have to get to work very soon!

Annette-California said...

Madelaine is so talented! I know your proud of her. Your new header is beautiful - Well done Madelaine!!! Lovely pink fabrics! Hope you get the rest you need.
love Annette

Sarah in Stitches said...

Your daughter is so talented! Those are some great paintings. Congrats on being so close to your pink fabric goal! :D

Lillie said...

Madelaine is very artistic.
Another gorgeous pink fabrics to add to your collections.
Take care!

Christina said...

Your daughter is so talented. Glad I could contribute to your quilt. Oh wow, you get hawks on your fence. Amazing! Have fun with your gardening. I need to clean out the flower beds too. No new flowers this year as we are in a drought.

gominam said...

Wow, talent really runs in the family! The first one I didn't even think it was a painting, looks so real!

Faith... said...

Your daughter is a very talented artist!

Stitching Noni said...

I love your new icon!
You have a very talented daughter :o)
Hugs xx

Lumiruusu said...

Your newicon is lovely you really do have creative and talented daughter! Oh how i wish i could give some cuddles for you poodles! Please do it from me !! Allways remembering you in my prayers! I also suffer pain daily so I really know how it is effecting to everyday life. Still singing in my heart Christ is risen-the East (Pascha) season in our Chruches isstill going on..

Dee said...

Madeleine's paintings are adorable. I love the little shirt and pants on Henry.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. It gave me the opportunity to visit yours. :-)

Happy stitching! DK

Minnie said...

Madeleine is very talented, beautiful work.

Margaret said...

I am behind in my blog reading, but am so happy to have read your post. What a talented daughter you have! (Sons too of course!) Love her work so much! The icon of you and Henry is adorable! Love it! Hooray for more pink fabrics too!

moreofhim said...

That little Henry is SO adorable! I just can't get over that cute, little guy!! :)

Madeleine is so very talented! A really great artist! I did the same with my boys - encouraged their artistic creations. I think it's so important, too.

Praying as always - Julie

butterfly said...

Madeleine has so much talent love what she has painted , tell her well done .
Have a fun weekend.

Trace4J said...

Fantastic over the moon job Madeleine!
So much talent in your sweet family.
Sending you a great big hug and lots of prayers.
Your Pal

Melanie said...

Oooo, what a great pic of the hawk. You don't usually see them out in the open like that.
The new profile icon is perfect. :)