Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Last Two Finishes

Happy New Year friends! I took a short break from Theotokos to stitch up Brian's Christmas present. (No, this is not late! Our Orthodox Christmas is in 6 days. :) It is an ornament from this year's JCS Ornament Issue.
Home For Christmas by Gentle Pursuit Designs.
This was stitched on the recommended 40ct Light Examplar linen, two over two and a bit of over one also.
I used all the recommended DMC. I also used this.
This spool is approximately 20 years old. The pattern called for Kreinik very fine braid #4, but I just separated this silver thread apart. It is actually made of three thin threads. I stitched up the silver sections with one of these thin, silver threads. I like the delicate effect. It made me think of, and sing "silver white winters that melt into spring, these are a few of my favorite things." tee hee! It does not take much to make me sing The Sound of Music songs. ;)
So now I will make it up into an ornament and place it on the tree. Last night, after I placed the last stitch, I asked Brian how he liked it. He loves the trees the best. He wanted to know where this one is going. HA! Was he surprised when I said "Merry Christmas! It is yours! I made this for you."♥

The other finish I had last night was The Slumber of Christianity by Ted Dekker. It was the book I was reading and I wanted to finish it in 2014. This is a non-fiction book by Ted. A very good one. Here is an odd quote from the book: “The world’s bumper sticker reads: Life sucks, and then you die. Perhaps Christian bumper stickers should read: Life sucks, but then you find hope and you can’t wait to die.”

I have from the library the latest Ted book I did not read yet, Hacker. I will start it today! Can't wait. Ted has approximately 45 books. I have read 43. There are two more older ones I missed that I am going to try real hard to get through our library.

I read 40 books in 2014. I read 40 books in 2013 also. That's odd. :)

Isn't this sweet?
This is a PINK snowflake made just for me from dear Anne. The winter sun is shining on it very brightly, but I promise, this is pink. I already have a nice red one from her from last year too. :)

Here is where I am at on Theotokos.
I so wanted to take a picture of my 2014 orts for you out in the snow. It is so very odd. We have no snow. None.
Do you like my cast iron poodle bank? He is about 12 inches high. :) I will be putting these orts out for the birds to build beautiful, warm nests with them.

May God richly bless every minute of every day of this new year for you my friends!

Thank you for your friendship. I appreciate every single comment you leave me.

Stitching and reading and praying,


Vicki said...

What a great ornament for your husband! Wishing you and your family a blessed 2015, Vickie...

Julie said...

Super or man fir our hubby.
I'm hoping this new year sees you in much less pain and you can enjoy lots of good times throughout the year. Xxx

Carol said...

Such a great finish for your husband, Vickie! And good for you for using the metallic threads--I just dread when a chart calls for those (metallics and I don't get along very well!)... Your progress on Theotokos is so impressive--wow!!

May 2015 bring you much love and laughter along with good health and happiness!

butterfly said...

Lovely ornament for your man Vickie , love all your stitching it's all so beautiful.
Happy New Year dear friend.

Jane said...

Love your ornament for your beloved, I agree with him that the trees really look good and it really is a very pretty piece.
The pink snowflake is very pretty too, would love to be able to make those, maybe something new to attempt this year!
Thank you Vickie for your continued supportive comments throughout this past year. I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy 2015 and big hugs to Mabel and Henry xxx

Margaret said...

Love the ornament you made for Brian! And Theotokis is gorgeous! (I probably spelled it wrong.) Love your iron poodle -- very cool! It really is odd that you don't have snow this time of year. Not that unusual for us, but for you -- wow! Happy New Year!

Lesley said...

Lovely progress on Theotokas Vickie. The ornament you made for Brian is very pretty.The silver thread shows up beautifully.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

Shebafudge said...

What a lovely finish! Love it. x

Michelle said...

A lovely finish - Happy New Year sweet friend xx

Minnie said...

Your stitching is always so beautiful.

Irmeli said...

Lovely ornament for your husband and Theotokos looks great.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet little finish for your husband. Wishing you all the best for 2015.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I love your finish Vickie! And I wish you the most Blessed Christmas ever! :)
When do you lay out your orts? I used to do it in the spring, but haven't in years...I should do it again.

Melissa said...

What a lovely ornament for your husband. I guess it's appropriate to wish you a Merry Christmas now, and a Happy New Year too!

Andrea said...

A wonderful ornament.

Happy New Year!

moreofhim said...

What a beautiful ornament! I saw that one in the magazine and it's on my to do list, too. :) I just love seeing your progress on all your projects!! Your poodle bank is so cute, too. How has your pain been? I hope it's very low or none at all. Praying for you, as always.

Blessings - Julie

Emma/Itzy said...

Happy new year!

I got this years magazine last week and this ornament is also on my list, although it will be a long time until I stitch it - this year I am stitching things from the 2012 magazine!!

Theotokos is looking wonderful also!

I hope you have a very nice Christmas :)

Angela P said...

Gorgeous finish! Happy New Year :)

Chris said...

Lovely final finish! Cissy, the designer, is in our Sampler Group.
I hope that 2015 is off to a great start!

Melanie said...

Happy new year!!!!! :)

Christina said...

Very nice surprise for your DH. Such a cute snowflake. Happy new year.

Frances N said...

Love the beautiful stitching! It will be a gorgeous ornament!
Happy New Year!

Beth said...

Happy New Year! What a pretty ornament for Brian.

Brigitte said...

This is such a lovely ornament that you stitched up for Brian. And a neat idea to use the thread on the spool for the silver parts on it. And gorgeous progress on Theodokos.

I'd like to send you our snow, it's enough for us and for you, lol. Fortunately it has started to melt a little.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful ornament - love your orts buddy too. I use my orts to stuff an ornament that I stitch as the year changes. This year I stitched Lizzie Kate's Baked Goods. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015

rosey175 said...

Beautiful ornament for your husband and congrats on surviving metallic thread. :D Your ORT collection is HUGE! I guess that's what happens when you stitch at the speed of light ahaha. Happy New Year to you and yours~

Giovanna said...

Happy New Year! The ornament is really pretty, well done.

Maggee said...

How perfect that Brian loved the ornament you had in mind for him! Progress on Theotokos is huge! I have read all of your comments about Ted Dekker books, and tell myself next time I go to the library... Well, it will be in 2015! But... if I can get them on tape or CD that would be better, so I can stitch at the same time! I appreciate your friendship and look forward to 2015! Big Hugs!

Hazel said...

Happy new year Vickie. Love your gift for Brian. xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely little ornament for Brian, how nice that he liked it before he knew it was for him!
You are making great progress on Theotokos too. You will finish this in no time.
I haven't see the latest Hobbit film yet. For the last three years my husband has taken the Large Boy to the city cinema to see each film in the large 3D screen there.
I am not sure what they will watch next year, maybe Star Wars VII.

Lynn said...

I love the piece you did for your husband! You're a brave woman to tackle the metallic thread. I really dislike working with that sort of thing. Your poodle bank is really cute too! I hope you and your family enjoy your Christmas and all the best for you in 2015.

Ruth said...

Beautiful, beautiful stitching! I love how your thread improvisation worked out.... and how you could surprise Brian. :)

Here's to 40 books this year? :)