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Friday, August 1, 2014

"I Have What?!"

Hi friends! This is the French Knot Henry. Way over a thousand french knots in there. A few thousand? I don't know at all. I had fun making it.
I looked at some vintage poodle embroidery and drew myself a Henry on this white linen blend. I used a combo of DMC and Anchor. Now I need to find the perfect golden or coppery frame to compliment this French Knot Mabel! They will hang together. :)
If you are still wondering about the first French Knot Henry, the flop, well don't!! I threw it out. Yep. Life is too short to hang onto things I will never need I decided. Let me tell you why I picked up this new attitude.

I started going to the dermatologist for acne a few months ago. Nothing major, but I am 45, and I do not want any pimples. I went just for a routine discussion/check up about the meds with the doctor. I decided right before leaving to show him a new mole on my left leg, above my knee. I have had it for less than half a year. It is odd in shape and color. He was very interested. He removed it.

I got a call from him Tuesday evening, at 8:41pm. I knew that wasn't going to be good. It is melanoma. That is the deadliest skin cancer. It was in the early stages.  The dermatologist feels he got all of it.

I now go in early Monday morning for a full body exam by my dermatologist. If you get one melanoma, the risks are high that you may have more.

I go in Friday, the 8th to the surgeon. They always go back and take a wide amount of surrounding tissue out. I will have an elliptical incision, 2 1/2" by 1". A large scar. However, large scar = life.

My dermatologist has told me at least three times how very fortunate I was to show him that mole at my appointment. Melanomas cannot be left in place. Before this mole, I really didn't give my spots and dots a lot of thought. Now I must think about them the rest of my life I am told. If he finds something on Monday, he will remove that also. I will get rechecked by him in 6 months. Then again in 6 months. Then once a year, every year as long as I am clear. Otherwise, ever six months.

Would you take one moment and check out these melanoma warning signs and images from the Skin Cancer Foundation? Please? I care about you!

Melanoma may be hereditary for me. Or it is from the sun. I have never used a tanning booth in my life. I have to stay out of the sun. My doctor said I have to wear sunscreen every day. Even if it is not sunny. A car drive on the way to work is enough sun exposure to cause melanomas in me he said.

My hip pain is lower. The right side is almost perfect. The left starts fairly low every day, but by evening is not good.

I know you weren't expecting such depressing news here today, but I wasn't expecting this either. I care about you my friends. I truly do. I want to share my life with you, just as you share your lives with me. :)

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10

I just finished a small My Big Toe freebie. I need to do the finishing on it. I started a Bent Creek pattern last night.

Stitching and praying,
The little therapy dog


Parsley said...

I believe God guided that appointment. Praying for you.

Love the poodle crafting!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Praise God you caught it in time. Thanks for the links, you know, you probably just saved someone else life by telling your story and providing the links. You Rock!

Gosh, the french knot embroidery is awesome. I really love them both. They remind me of punch needle, I always love that look. Great job.

Praying for you sweet friend. ((hugs)).

butterfly said...

Good job you found it in time.

Your poddle is so sweet hugs.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Firstly, I love the French Knot poodles! Secondly, I am praying for you. My dear friend showed her dermatologist a very small, pinpoint mole on her heel (of all places) I could barely see it, in fact when she showed me, but I told her to show him anyway. She was melanoma. This was last summer. She had the big surgery, had to have a skin graft, the whole nine yards. It has been a walk for her to say the least. Praying for you!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Thank goodness you had it checked out Vickie. I am glad you are being well looked after by the medical profession even though it means more hospital visits.
Your french knot Henry is impressive..especially to someone who cannot string three decent french knots together...that would be me!

Margaret said...

I love your french knot Henry and Mabel both. They are wonderful! The melanoma -- thank goodness you showed the dermatologist the spot. My son has to go in every year -- he's young, but already he has to watch for problem moles. Thankfully so far he's only had suspicious moles and no cancerous areas. I'll be praying for you.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

I also had a melanoma a couple of years ago that just popped up overnight on my arm so I get checked out completely every year. I have a really faint "butterfly" scar on my left fore arm but i think i'm the only person that notices it. Just remember that right after the surgery it looks the worst but soon ou won't even notice it. I'm like you because slathering myself in sunscreen is normal, never even seen a tanning booth but dr said all my childhood burns have just caught up to me. It's scary when you get the diagnosis and read about it on line but you can stay on top of it without a lot of effort. Saying prayers for you sweetie!

Vicki said...

Praying for you, friend. I'm so glad you thought to show that mole to the Dr. Your french knot projects are fantastic!

Carol said...

My heart sank when I read your diagnosis, Vickie... I watched a very dear friend battle melanoma seven years ago and I know that early diagnosis is key. I am so glad you had the doctor check it and now can move ahead with the proper surgery to make sure it doesn't spread. I go yearly for a body check as I am light skinned, blue-eyed, and although I haven't had a tan in years and years, I did get sunburns as a child. I hope and pray this is the end of your suspicious moles... please keep us posted and know I am thinking of you.

I'm truly amazed at your Henry French-knot masterpiece!! AMAZING :) I struggle with a single French knot so I am in awe...

Annie said...

You are now officially the queen of French Knots. Those are amazing poodles.

Not the best health news, but luckily you were on the ball and showed the doc. It's a good lesson for all of us to be vigilant. Sending good thoughts.

Barbara said...

Vickie, that was so timely of you to show him that mark. Someone was looking out for you and whispered in your ear to talk to him about it. Let's pray every six months comes back clear from now on.

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but am glad that it was caught early. My husband had melanoma on the bottom of his foot - yes a place where the sun don't shine. He experienced the same treatment as you, the dermatologist took it out, and then surgery to remove and test the surrounding area. Happy to say that nearly 18 years later he is still cancer free. He sees the dermatologist regularly and is an avid sunscreen user. Prayers for you. And your french knot poodles are wonderful!

marly said...

I love your knotty poodles. You are so fortunate to have found this early and the monitoring is so important. Hope no more are found! Thanks for the info.

stitchersanon said...

Ok, I have stopped crying now; not because you news is bad but because I am just so sick of cancer. My MIL lived in Kuwait in the 70s, and being an English Rose she has had several melanomas removed over the last 18 years...yes 18 years. The trick is to get the little beggers removed so I know you will be ok. Early detection is everything, and while that is great news, I am so sorry you too have had to hear that news. I'm praying for you and while you will have a scar, scars = life history and something to tell the great great grand children about xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hazel said...

Oh Vickie, Our God is truly on our side and He looks after his kids. We are King's kids you know ;). Keep believing NO weapon formed against you shall prosper and He is The Lord that healeth thee. Funny you should mention My Big Toe designs as I've been eyeing up her designs for a while. Which one was it? Xxx

KimM said...

Oh, Vickie - I love the poodles and all those French Knots. You are truly an expert now!!
I'm so sorry to hear about the visit to the MD and his findings. Please know you are in my prayers daily.

Beth said...

Yikes Vickie! So glad you already had an appointment and got it caught early. Every 6 months appointment is a small price to pay for continued good health!

Annette-California said...

French Knot Henry is beautiful. Oh what lovely stitching! You are the queen of French Knots!!!

I thank the lord for you speaking up and showing the dermatologist your mole. So so sorry you are going thru this. But also for catching it early. Thank you for sharing with us and educating me too! Prayers for you precious Vickie!
love Annette

cucki said...

My dear friend you always in my
Prayers..thinking of you so much here..
Sweet French knots poodle :)
Big hugs x

Sally said...

My heart sank when I read your diagnosis Vickie. I am thinking of you and praying for you. So glad you caught it in good time.

I love French Knot Henry!

Sally said...
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CalamityJr said...

French not Henry is soo sweet, and I'm sure he'll enjoy hanging next to French knot Mabel.

I'm so thankful you caught your melanoma early, and will definitely be keeping you in thoughts and prayers as you continue treatment and get a thorough check-up.

Maggee said...

Yes, you ARE the French Knot Queen! I see you even used different colors throughout... VERY nice! It is unfortunate that sunburn damages are cumulative. My husband has had many many spots removed, as he has been in the construction field all his life! Vigilance is the key! Thank you for sharing! Big Hugs!

Julie said...

French knot Henry is magnificent!
Praying that this is a one off and you will be clear forever more.

Unknown said...

#1 well done on French knot Henry. It's really impressive and looks absolutely perfect!

#2 I have everything crossed that your melanoma stays out the way and out of you. Thank goodness it was found early, you must have a whole new attitude to stuff now!
Sending love and prayers that all stays well xxx

Catherine said...

So sorry to read your news, I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Brigitte said...

Vickie, I'm so so so glad that you had that mole checked by your dermatologist. And so glad that the melanom was detected in its early stage. In my thoughts I'm hugging you (((hugs))).

French knot Henry is just stunning. And a wonderful companion for French knot Mabel.

Mii Stitch said...

Love the poodle!!
Great job you went to the dermato, it got caught early. Thinking of you xx

Angela said...

How scary for you but I am so thankful that you pointed it out and that they found it in the early stage. I will keep you in my thoughts/prayers that they find no more spots.

Your french knot Henry is adorable :)

Lillie said...

Prayers for you Vickie. Take care there.

All those French knots are amazing!!! I couldn't even get a nice 5 knots at any one time.

Andrea said...

That is some dedication of French Knots, a wonderful design.

There must of been something there in the back of your mind to ask at that appointment....and a good job you did. I'm sure what you have to do will become routine and just part of your life. Wishing you well.

Melanie said...

Lighter stuff first.....You are certifiably MAD! OMG knots! He looks great though. So cute.

Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I said about 5 cuss words in a row while I read this post but I'll be polite and keep them to myself. I'm so glad they caught it early though. Good on you for pointing it out! Not everyone would. Definitely a reminder for everyone to be vigilant. *hugs*

Penny said...

So sorry about the bad health news! Definitely a blessing that you caught it in the early stages. Hope your appointment on Monday went well and that no other spots were found.

I am in love with your french knot poodles!! I award you the official expert french knot maker award. :)

Unknown said...

Très jolis ces caniches et le "vrai" est adorable.
Beau week end

Jennifer said...

We've had plenty of experience with skin cancer in my family, and I have tried to be extremely careful my whole life (although I've been burned several times as a child and twice as an adult) I am VERY protective of Little Dude, who shares my fair skin (Jeff and I are very fair skinned, and natural blondes). THANK GOODNESS you got that mole checked!!!!!

On a more positive note, that French Knot Henry is absolutely lovely, a perfect compliment to the beautiful Mabel!