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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Giveaway Winner

Hi friends! The winner of the Keep Me Sampler by Moira Blackburn is Annette! I have notified you in email Annette. It will be on it's way this week. :)

No stitching to show you today. I am working on a secret stitch right now. ;)
I read Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen. It is the newest in the Royal Spyness series. It was good. I would appreciate if the swearing disappeared. I don't think she needs to make every police officer swear, when  one appears in a story.

Brian bought me a rose. :) Just because. ♥
I am feeling a little frustrated. I finally get better with my leg, from the cancer surgery, and I can walk on the treadmill again. Then, after 3 days of walking, my hip pain on the left returns. And I walk slow! And only 10 minutes at a time to avoid the pain. And only 20 minutes a day total. sigh. I cannot exercise in other ways without pain, so I just want to walk. Man! Pain is the pits!!

I plan to have a restful Lord's Day today. Off to worship soon. I hope you have a beautiful day my friends! Thank you for stopping by to say hi! Don't forget, I have started a new giveaway. Take a look here.

Stitching and praying,


Hazel said...

Congrats to Annette. Love the rose. xx

Jacquie Morris said...

Happy stitching Annette :)
Oooh beautiful rose :)
Take things easy...yes do have a nice relaxing day :)
smiles :)

Julie said...

A very beautiful rose, I bet is swells wonderful.
Congrats to Annette!

KimM said...

Congrats to Annette! Take care of yourself….

Annette-California said...

Thank you so much Vickie! What a wonderful surprise for me when I got to read my emails this morning. WooHooo!!! Hope you do get to have a relaxing day. Prayers for you that your pain goes away. Beautiful rose! love Annette

Margaret said...

So sorry you are still dealing with pain issues. it makes it so difficult to exercise when you are in pain. :(

Lesley said...

Congratulations to Anette on winning this lovely chart.
I hope you can keep exercising a little it must be a very frustrating:(

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats to the winner and a very pretty rose :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Vickie

Congrats to Annette (:
Beautiful flowers.
Sad to hear that your pain has returned - you are so right when you say pain is the pits!
I hope you have a relaxing day and start to feel better.

Lillie said...

So thoughtful of Brian for the rose.
My prayers for you Vickie. Hope the pain will go away. Take care there !

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh don't get me started on swearing in books. I don't know why authors feel the need to do this - it spoils it for me and I often don't continue a book if it's just too much.

Michelle said...

Well done to Annette - beautiful rose. Thinking of you my friend xx

moreofhim said...

I'm so sorry that your pain has returned...yes, pain is the pits!! What a beautiful rose you got and what a sweet hubby you have.

God bless you - Julie

Angela P said...

Congrats to Annette. Sorry to hear about your pain returning, lovely rose from your hubby :) Take care.