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Sunday, June 23, 2013

SANQ Winner

Good Morning friends! How are ya? I know how some of you are, and I am praying for you. ♥

I did finish the first Friends Are Like Angels the other day. I have started the next one.......ON 50 COUNT!! That should be interesting when I get to the over one stitching! Actually, I have found it much easier to just use my magnifier. ;) I wanted this one small so I could make a cute door knob hanger. Still not sure what I will make out of the first one stitched.

Here's the not-so-great photo of Mabel and Henry picking the winner of the SANQ vol.9. Mabel chose our friend Anne! Good for you Anne. =) I have your postal address, and will be getting this into the mail shortly.

The pain appears to be slowly decreasing. I have had two more experiences of the pain level being a 1 for a few hours each of those times. I am so grateful to God for that. We went hiking in the Schlitz Audubon Nature Preserve on Thursday. What a wonderful  outing that was for our family. I did not take chances. I took 2 percocet at the start and did great the whole time. I did pay for it the rest of the day and night, but it was worth it. I had never seen paved trails in a nature preserve before. They had a few main ones, and those were just so appreciated. I never gave thought to such things before I was injured many years ago. It is nice to see handicapped accessibility. We did climb the observation tower, that is where Madeleine took the above picture of Brian and I. This park is right on the coast of Lake Michigan. We took a trail to the beach also. We had simple, family fun in skipping rocks and looking through the rocks and pebbles.
I have been busy in the garden. All the rain we have been receiving has helped me get the weeds out easier. ;)  I just adore the last picture with Henry in the pink rose petals. Doesn't make him look the most masculine, but oh well!

I hope and pray you have an excellent Sunday my friends.

Stitching and praying,


Margaret said...

Wow! 50count linen! No way could I do that over one. It's hard for me to stitch on that size. lol! Glad to hear your pain is decreasing. It sounds like this treatment will work wonders for you. Love your garden! Henry is so cute in the petals!

butterfly said...

So happy your treatment is working for you.
Your garden is looking amazing Vickie.
I see you have your little helpers at hand bless them.

Anonymous said...


Lovely photos of Mabel and Henry.
Glad to hear your pain is decreasing and that you enjoyed walking on Thursday.

Your garden is beautiful (:

Peggy Lee said...

So glad your pain has been bearable at least. Hope this continues to improve.
Beautiful flowers!

Dawn said...

Glad to hear your pain has stayed at bay, your garden is beautiful Vickie

Catherine said...

Wonderful that you are feeling a difference! Lovely flowers in your garden ~ and such a sweet helper!

Anne said...

Awww! Little Mabel and Henry were battling it out for a treat and my name got pulled! Thanks sweet Mabel and Henry!! 50 ct?! Wow! I've never seen 50 ct but am sure it's super tiny and would require a magnifying glass. So glad to hear your pain didn't flare up on your family outing and that it's decreasing. Glory be to God!!

Lovely photos of your flowers in full bloom!


cucki said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better...
Your garden is so cute..
Kisses for fur babies xxx

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful flowers--the rain does make weeding easier

Kaisievic said...

50 count is soooo small. You will need a giant magnifier for that. Sounds like such a fun day out for your family, lovely pic of you and Brian and your flowers are gorgeous. Oh, and Congrats to Anne, too.

Carol said...

50 ct?!!?! Wow--I am impressed, Vickie! Can't imagine doing over one on that--will you use a tent stitch?

Wonderful picture of you and your husband and even more wonderful news that your pain level is becoming manageable--you must feel like a new person :)

Nicky said...

A beautiful post Vickie! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day of hiking together, what a beautiful photo of the two of you. Your garden is looking stunning, especially those pretty pansies, my favourite!

Penny said...

I don't know if my eyes could handle 50 count even with a magnifier. :) But I know it will be pretty. Wonderful news on your pain! Gorgeous flowers and what an adorable little helper Henry makes. :)

marly said...

FIFTY COUNT??? When I read that I fell off my swing.

Annie said...

Mabel and Henry did a great job selecting Anne!
50 count sounds like a nightmare, but cool if you can do it.
Glad to see that good ole percocet kept you in good enough shape to enjoy the outing.

Barbara said...

Vickie, I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the nature walk and not have too much pain during and after. It sounds like you all had a wonderful, fun filled day.
P.S. Love your flowers....makes me jealous because of my brown thumb. :o)

moreofhim said...

Oh, Vickie! I'm SO happy to hear that your pain levels are decreased!! Praise God! I'm so glad you got to go on your walk and enjoy God's creation. :)

I am having some health issues and could really use some prayer! Thank you.

Henry and Mabel are so adorable! They are just precious. Love all the flowers, too. Just gorgeous!

Many prayers and blessings - Julie

Annette-California said...

50ct? Oh my goodness. I didn't know that size existed! I look forward to seeing your progress on that. Gorgeous post, your garden is sooo pretty. Prayers for you. Henry and Mabel are so precious.
love Annette

Mii Stitch said...

As everyone else: 50 ct??? Insane, I can't wait to see your work! Glad you're feeling better x

Simply Victoria said...

Sounds like you had a very wonderful family day. I agree with everyone else 50 ct. is crazy. Have fun with that! Take care and be good to your body ;)

Meari said...

50count? Crazy girl! LOL

Sorry to hear you're having pain again. I do enjoy hiking through nature preserves, too. Ahhhh... Nature!

Congrats to Anne for being the SANQ winner. :)

Melanie said...

50 ct?? Can't wait to see it done up. :)
So glad the pain therapy seems to be working for you! I hope it's just the start of even better things to come.

Mary said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better, Vickie. Better days are ahead, thank God!

Looking forward to seeing your 50ct stitched.

You had a beautiful day with your family.
Thanks for sharing the pics of your garden. My Rosie has a thing for eating flowers....

Congrats to Anne for her win.

Trace4J said...

Hey friend
Wow sounds like a fun day.
Super cute photo of you and your love.
Beautiful flowers.
Woolie Blessings

Varla Lee said...

Dear Vickie, i love blurry pics, cause they are so natural, movements in the pictures are so "magical" for me since i was a children. So they are pretty beautiful. Love your garden and the pic with your hubby is so sweet. I´m happy you and your family have had a lovely time. And yes...Henry is so "macho" in the middle of all those pink, hahhahaha!!