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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birthday Gifts For Me

Good Morning friends! It is finally warming up here. I turned 44 this last week. I do not ever remember wearing a long sleeved shirt for my birthday! These flowers from Brian helped warm up the day though.
My mom still has birthday parties for all of us at her house. It was warm and sunny.I received quite a few garden center gift cards, chococlate =), money, and a gift certificate to my LNS. I made a quick trip to the LNS for needles and more Wisper in new shades. I have also visited the garden center and bought a few plants, and planted them up too. I may head back there today.

This arrived right on my actual birthday from dear Shirlee.
 What a sweet card and chart. I do not own many summer charts, so this is perfect. Thank you again sweet Shirlee.

I also received this adorable surprise from dear June! Oh how I laughed. I wondered what she was up to. She told me a while back she had found something perfect for me. ;)
Isn't she fabulous?! She hasn't moved from her perch on my pink bench in the front room. She looks smashing there I think. And she came smelling lovely due to the beautiful sachet June included. We tried and tried to pose the two dogs with the toy. Mabel wasn't the problem obviously!
I chose this picture because it cracks me up. I know it is blurry due to Henry, but just look at sweet Mabel's expression. I can almost hear her sigh.
Speaking of Mabel, we went to the vet on Friday. He said he usually holds back on comments, he does not want to encourage owners too much in situations like Mabel's. But he felt he had to say that her improvement in one week was "tremendous"! We will continue her on the medications just as they are now for a while. She no longer pants in pain in the evenings. She has not shown pain in days now. She and I are alike. Our pain is there to be sure, it is just masked with the medications. But she is walking again friends!! I just cannot explain it well to you, the extreme stress these last few weeks have been with the whole Mabel situation. She is now like an old lady poodle. She is only 4 years old. It is sad, yes. But we do not kill someone just because they are old right? I feel an immense understanding and connection in this whole pain mess with Mabel as I am sure you understand. I certainly wouldn't want to be "gotten rid of" because of the pain and restrictions I have caused!! And yes, I am not crackers! I know I am a person and she is a dog! I guess the point is that her pain is now managed. She walks, although it is slow. She will not be running. She must not use stairs ever.
This is another chocolate iris I own, Huckleberry Fudge. This one does not smell of chocolate, just looks like it. I will have to take a picture of my lavender irises that smell of grape.

I have hardly been stitching. What little I have, I could not show. It is a secret stitch that I did finish. Now I am going to make it into a pinkeep. I have so many projects calling me, sometimes yelling at me! But I really, really feel the need to stitch another poodle. ;) We will see.

Thank you for visiting me my friends. I appreciate every single one of those comments you leave me. They brighten my day and encourage me. Especially as of late with my injections. The time has almost arrived now. I do not know that I will be posting before Tuesday, so I will mention it now. I get the Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation done on Tuesday morning. To say I am nervous is an understatement. The nurse on the phone the other day told me to tell the doctor to numb it very well. Okay, I can do that. Makes me a tad more nervous I must say. I asked about pain afterwards. She said I will feel like I have a very bad sunburn on my lower back for several days. There are no pills to eliminate that she says! Just keep ice on it she says. FOR SEVERAL DAYS CONSTANTLY???!!! Well, it is my hope and prayer this is all worth it. As I mentioned before, he has had patients remain pain free for 2 years! Now that is the greatest result he has had from patients, but I am aiming high friends. If you are willing, would you pray for me and the doctor? I would so GREATLY appreciate it.♥

Finishing and praying,


Myra said...

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Vickie. Happy belated birthday!

Peggy Lee said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you Vickie! I didn't know it was coming up. The flowers are so beautiful.

I am so glad to hear that Mable is doing better. She certainly has received lots of prayers.

I will be thinking and praying for you on Tuesday.

Margaret said...

Happy belated birthday! Such good news on Mabel! I will send lots of prayers for her, and for you and the doctor on your procedure Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you that day and hoping all goes well with the least amount of pain, and that the results will be perfect and wonderful!

Catherine said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! I didn't realize that we are the same age! You have received some lovely gifts ~ June did find the perfect one though, didn't she?

So glad to hear Mabel is doing better, I'm still sending good thoughts and prayers to both of you. You are truly kindred spirits when it comes to managing your pain.

Hope all goes well Tuesday and will be sending out extra prayers that day for you.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Happy B-lated Birthday! :)

Great news about sweet Mabel, too. :)

I will keep you (and your dr) in my prayers for Tuesday. I pray in agreement with you that it will work perfectly and last longer than 2 years of being pain free.

Blessings always dear friend.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday,(belated) what a wonderful gift from June, her gift is just perfect.
Glad to hear Mabel is doing better.
Will think of you on Tuesday Vickie.

Vicki said...

Good news about Mabel! Hope your treatment works... praying for you!

Solstitches said...

Happy belated birthday Vickie :)
The flowers are beautiful and what lovely gifts you received from your friends.
I'm glad to hear that Mabel is doing well and hope she will continue to improve.


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Vickie! I wish you all the best with your medical treatment. And that's good news about Mabel. She looks like a precious girl!

gracie said...

A belated birthday wish to you! Love the gifts and yes, Mable's expression is perfect. Glad she is holding her own.

cucki said...
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cucki said...

Happy belated birthday dear...
Love the sweet gifts...and very good news about Mabel ..
Kisses x

Beth said...

Wishing you a happy belated birthday and you and Mabel many many pain-free days.

CalamityJr said...

I feel I could almost say " ditto", but that would be a bit impersonal :). Happy birthday to you! Your gifts are all so special. And of course you and sweet Mabel will be in my prayers, that both of you will be pain free for a very long time. Take care, my friend!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Vickie I hope you had a lovely day. Beautiful gifts to have received xx

Giovanna said...

Many Happy Returns for your birthday. I'm so glad Mabel is doing better. And I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday - all the best!

Giovanna said...

Oh, forgot to add: the flowers from Brian are just so gorgeous!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Vickie!! You look fabulous for turning 44. Lovely gifts you received and I adore that photo of Henry and Mabel and the toy poodle. I hope all goes well with your treatment. I'll pray for you my friend!!


Penny said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Vickie! :) So very happy to hear sweet Mabel is doing better - will keep her in my prayers. I will definitely be thinking of you on Tuesday, and praying that everything goes well!

Emma said...


I found your blog through Denise's.

Happy birthday! You have some lovely presents.

Your poodles are adorable!
Pretty iris too.

KimM said...

Happy Birthday! I will be thinking of you Tuesday and send prayers and good vibes your way.

Give your puppies a kiss for me -

Varla Lee said...

Dear Vickie, first i want you to wish a hundred years more!! I'm 44 y-old too, hehehe! So i'm happy to hear the princess is doing well, and i will continue my prayers...God is Wonderful and He Wants our little angels on eart in good conditions. Mabel is a beautiful and a "young lady" and that expression melt my heart. Flowers are so beautiful, have a good week!! Big hugs for you and kisses for our furry friends!! ^_^

marly said...

We will all be thinking of you Tuesday morning and anxious to hear how you are. Good news about Mabel and I think that is the sweetest picture of her I've seen. Happy birthday spring chicken!

Melanie said...

Happy happy happy happy birthday!!!! :)
And I do understand how it goes with Mabel. I'm so stressed caring for Mooshie lately, every day you have to assess if this is 'the' day and trying to figure out how much time they have left and what is the cut off. You know it's coming but you control nothing and it's awful. You are doing the best for her and she is well loved, which I'm sure she feels everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Annette-California said...

Happy Birthday Vickie! The flowers from your husband are Beautiful. Great news about Mabel and You and her are in my prayers. I pray all will go well for you Tuesday.
love Annette

Trace4J said...

Happy Belated Birthday Friend.
Wonderful sweet gifts.So happy to hear about Mabel.
I am praying for you and your doctor.
Woolie Blessings & Love

Mii Stitch said...

Sending you birthday wishes! Love your goodies, that poodle is a scream!!! :) Good news about Mabel x

Nicky said...

Belated happy birthday wishes Vickie, sounds like you had a wonderful day and your friends and family know you well! Great to hear of Mabels progress and I wish you all the very best for your procedure this week, hoping all goes well for you.
Nicky x

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Sorry I dont' no

Joyeux anniversaire mon amie ! avec de gros bisous pour vous et calins aux toutous !

Simply Victoria said...

Happy belated birthday! What lovely flowers and gifts. I am so glad that Mabel is doing better. My prayers are with you!

butterfly said...

So happy you like your new family member.
Hope you had a wonderful time my sweet friend.
Lovely gifts and photos.
Sending you my prayers as always to take away your pain and little Mabel pain, big hugs.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Glad you had a lovely bithday Vickie.Here are late birthday wishes from me too.
Great news about Mabel,long may it last.
Will be thinking about you tomorrow and during your recovery.I hope it will be the best news for you.

Deb said...

I hope that everything goes well Vickie. I'll be thinking about you and sending my thoughts for Tuesday.

And happy belated Birthday. What day is it. I'll bet that yours and mine are really close together.

Lillie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Vickie!
May you have many happy returns of the day.

What a joy to read that Mabel is walking again. She is adorable as ever.

Take care there!

Carol said...

Will be thinking of you today, Vickie, and praying that all goes well for your procedure. Such wonders occur with modern medicine these days and I hope this gives you many pain free days ahead...

Belated birthday greetings, too--you got such sweet gifts from Shirlee and June. Henry looks like he has a new love interest :)

What wonderful news about Mabel--that news was probably the best gift of all...

You take care now and keep us posted on your health!

Lynn said...

I'm thinking of you today and hoping that all goes well for you.
A belated Happy Birthday to you! You received some lovely gifts to mark the occasion. June's poodle she found for you is adorable!
I'm glad to hear that Mabel has made some progress. I certainly hope it continues.

moreofhim said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry it was belated...your gifts are amazing and it's always so much fun to get things you love on your special day.

I am praying that your procedure helps you - that God will use this to heal you and make you pain free!

I'm so glad to hear that Mabel is doing so well, too. That picture of her looking at the toy/Henry just cracked me up. She's adorable!

I'm getting ready to stitch something myself, but there was no directions inside the package telling what size to cut the linen for the 3 projects. I contacted the designer who was less than helpful. As I told my hubby, I won't buy her designs again especially considering this kit cost me $29.95!! Sorry for the rant - knew you'd understand, tho. I can figure it out, it will just take me some time & I was sure since she designed it, she would know. Oh well.

Many blessings - Julie

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy belated Birthday, young person! I am cross that my card did not arrive yet. Your postman obviously know where you live because you got lovely presents from Shirlee and June.

Oh well, glad you had a nice day and I did remember to email on the day :-)

Maggee said...

Well, happy birthday Vickie! Such a good time for a birthday--its warmer than most of Spring, but not too hot! Pretty flowers in bloom! Attitudes are better when the sun is shining! Glad Mabel is doing better! Will add prayers for you and the doctor! God bless you!

Brigitte said...

I hope everything went well on Tuesday morning and you are already on the mend with not too much pain.