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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Good Morning friends! So, I got this silly idea in my head a few days ago while stitching. I was watching Emerson paint at the table. Yes, he has art homework during the summer. He is taking AP art. So I thought, why not paint a teeny, tiny Mabel and a teeny, tiny Henry on tiny rocks, to put in front of this little house of mine you see above.

So I put down my needle, and found a few tiny rocks outside our back door. I used a little of Emerson's paints and a pin as a paintbrush.
Let me tell you, it is not easy to paint them with a pin.
That house is maybe two inches high, to give you perspective. It rained about 15 minutes later. I went out to look and sure enough, my two little dogs took a tumble. ;) What can I say? I am a weirdo.

I did not stitch at all yesterday either. Madeleine asked me to make her a swim skirt. She lost hers last week at the pool. Those things aren't cheap. I made one for less than $10. It was NOT easy for me though. Not sure why, but it was a true struggle. It literally took me all day yesterday. *~* Last evening I was telling myself "I will not be conquered by this!!!" I finished it just before bed.
Aren't these pink roses pretty? They were a surprise from Brian when he ran to the grocery store the other day.
The last hymn we sang at church last night was America, The Beautiful. Don't you just love it?! It gives me goosebumps and such pride every time. ♥

Back to stitching and praying,


Lumiruusu said...

Hello Vickie!

how cute is your little house with tiny painted poodles ! I just love it but maybe I am a bit weirdo too.

You did a great job sewing the skirt !

I am so thankful to lord that I am recivered of my ilness and can breathe normally again..

I have always admired the beautifull flag of your country ,the red white and blue are so bold colours .
We here in Finland have fighted for our freedom at World war II and stayed as a independent country,
We are very patriotic too..

Maybe it is for that I love everything American...

gracie said...


Catherine said...

So cute! Love your little house and your painted poodles!!

Anonymous said...

I love your little poodles to go with your house!
The swim skirt looks great and the roses are beautiful.
Have a good week (:

Peggy Lee said...

Now there's some tiny pups! Good job painting them.
Ahhhh....OK....that's a swim skirt. I was wondering what that was. I'm glad you stuck with it. It looks great!
Beautiful roses. I think he's a keeper!

Beth said...

Too cute Vickie!

cucki said...

Super cute x

Annie said...

Poodles on pebbles.. they are amazing and adorable!

Stretchy fabrics are always harder to sew on. Very cute skirt and very economical.

Love those roses! What a great surprise!

Giovanna said...

What a cute idea to put your doggies by the miniature house - you did a great job with them and with the skirt. The roses are just... perfect :-)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Cutie patootie little poodles :)
And the swim skirt is darling too! Hope she doesn't lose this one too o_O

Myra said...

Now how does one lose their swim skirt? (I'm not even sure what a swim skirt is. LOL) That little teeny tiny house is so cute and so are your tiny additions.

Margaret said...

So clever of you to paint a little Henry and Mabel for your little house! So cute! Good for you for making that swim skirt. Better than me -- I wouldn't have finished in a week. lol! Beautiful flowers too -- so sweet!

KimM said...

So cute!!!!

Carol said...

Ha ha--the poodles are a perfect addition to that little house, Vickie! You know me, I love anything tiny :)

How sweet of your DH to bring you surprise flowers--sounds like a keeper to me!

Enjoy your holiday with your family!

Annette-California said...

I love your little house and painted poodles on the rocks. You did an amazing job. Beautiful roses!
love Annette

Theresa said...

I love your little house and your little poodles~~ Sooo cute!!!!

Good job on the skirt!!!! I wouldn't even know where to start!!! And how sweet of your DH for surprising you with those flowers!!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh very beautiful pictures my friend thank you !!!! have a good day

butterfly said...

What a beautiful miniature garden love the poodles so sweet just like you sweet Vickie. hugs.

Melanie said...

Every little fairy house needs it's own little dogs. They need pets too. Not crazy at all. :)

passionfruitprincess said...

I love the fairy garden and the little pets. Just adorable!

Trace4J said...

What a sweet mom you are.
Brian gets ten stars.
Woolie Hugs

Simply Victoria said...

Nice job on the swim skirt! Your husband is a really thoughtful guy. You are blessed!

Michelle said...

Lovely xx

Lillie said...

Adorable pieces to add to the cute House. Well done on the skirt.

Happy 4th of July :)