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Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Stitching Ready To Go and The Art Museum

Good morning everybody! I hope and pray you are well. I am going to tell you first off before I forget again. I have been experiencing less pain for about 3 weeks now friends! I thank all of my special praying friends. YOU have made a difference for me. I am so thankful to God for less pain. I may as well mention also,  that the pain specialist denied me! I was actually speechless when the young woman told me this on the phone. He is in the top 1% of successful pain specialists in the U.S. He reviewed my long history. Basically, I have tried all there is to try at this time. He feels there is nothing new he could offer me. Brian and I have been praying over this. It was very depressing and a BIG let down. With time, I have come to accept this. Things develop and change in medicine. In years to come there may be something new for me. I would love to be rid of pain forever of course. For now I have prayer and prescriptions. God will help me. He always has.

So........ We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum yesterday. First Thursday of the month is free day. Gotta love free!

 The Milwaukee Art Museum opens Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London, an exhibition of forty-eight masterpieces on tour from the Iveagh Bequest collection. Most of the paintings have never traveled to the States before, and many of them have rarely been seen outside London’s Kenwood House. The exhibition is organized by the American Federation of Arts and English Heritage.

It was wonderful. Brian and I enjoyed it very much.

The sweet ornament for the new mom is done and will be delivered along with an adorable outfit from Shirlee, on Monday.♥

 The fabric in the background is the backing fabric.

I spent last night pulling supplies for 3 tiny gifts I am creating. I do believe I have just the right colors pulled together now. =) Since there will be no pictures of those for a while, I thought I would show you a hint of another project I will be making up.
Isn't this some Ca-razy fabric?! I found it at JoAnn. It was red sticker price/clearance. It is called Calabash Sunset. I am not normally into Batiks, but for less than $6 I got 2 yards. It will work for the fall colors. This will be another banner/bunting for the house.

Hello new friends!!

That's it for today. I hope you have some great creativity time today friends. Have a super day!♥

Stitching and praying,


Vicki said...

Vickie- Glad to hear your pain is less. Will keep praying for it to cease altogether along with a prayer for new treatment options. Love the fabric from Joann's!

Janet P said...

So glad to hear your pain is a little easier. How awful and insensitive to hear the news from your pain specialist over the telephone. Hey ho!! Love that material and the name is very apt. Keep your chin up.

Shirlee said...

What a disappointment that the pain specialist decided not to see you : ( Thankfully your pain has at least lessened a bit. Could you try seeing another pain specialist? Maybe someone in the top 2%? Hang in there ... I'm continuing to pray : ) Your new mother gift looks wonderful! She will be delighted!

butterfly said...

Power of the prayer , so powerful , good to hear sweet Vickie that your pain is better.
The baby gift is soooo cute , hugs.

Giovanna said...

So glad you have less pain. The gift for the new mother is so sweet, well done.

cucki said...

me so glad to hear your pain is less.i am praying for you so much here..

Nicky said...

Wonderful news that you are feeling better Vickie. Your gift for the young mum and her baby have turned out beautifully.....

Nicola said...

That looks like an amazing building.

So pleased to hear that your pain has lessened. Its very difficult when doctors can offer no more help, that is when the power of positive thinking and prayer really shows.

A BUG hug from stormy Cornwall.

Annette-California said...

Thrilled to hear you are felling less pain, but I still pray for you Vickie. So sorry you were denied, but isn't kind of good news that the doctor didn't find anything major wrong? The baby ornament turned out beautiful - love the round ornament you made. Lovely fabric. Looks great for fall - looking forward to seeing what you create.
love Annette

Peggy Lee said...

So happy to hear your pain has lessened recently but bummed about the doctor news.
I will continue to remember you in my prayers.
The ornament is so cute and very thoughtful of you.

Parsley said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Love the baby stitch and of course, I'd kiss Mabel if I could ;-)

Anne said...

Oh I am glad to hear you have been feeling no pain for the past three weeks. God will take care of you. The museum trip looked like it was amazing to see. I've seen some Rembrandts and other masters from that era...seeing it in person always sends chills up my arms!!

Lovely gift you made for your friend's baby. Such a sweet little design! I love that fabric....the colours are gorgeous! Give Mabel a hug for me.



Chris said...

Dear Vickie!
I am so glad that you ahve been feeling better!! I am sorry the the Dr. didn't fell like he could help any but it seems like you are moving forward and managing this. You are such a strong person.
The baby gift is lovely. I can't wait to see what you do with that new fabric.
That exhibit looks amazing.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm so sorry the pain specialist can't do anything for you! You do have to appreciate his honesty though instead of treating you with no change and taking your money. I've run into a few honest doctors like that. Its crushing yes, that they tell you they can't help you but when you look back at it you can appreciate their honesty.

I've seen one or two Rembrants at exhibits and they are so amazing the colours and details he could create in the 16th century is just amazing!!!!

Adorable little ornament

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

small kisses for you and de beautiful dog !!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Thankfully your pain has eased a little, although I can only imagine how disappointing it must be to have been denied care from the pain specialist. Having been through many medical issues, my heart and prayers are with you. May the Lord give you strength and comfort for each day, to ease your pain.

What a precious little baby gift you created for your friend. She is certain to love it.

Blessings for you every day, Vickie!

Siobhán said...

I'm glad to hear that your pain is easing. I can't believe that the specialist turned you down! I guess you could look at the bright side and say that it's good that he didn't have you waste your money (or insurance money) by singing you a song, but still-- :(. I hope things get better.

Lovely ornament! I'm glad that you enjoyed the exhibit!

Sally said...

I am so sorry to hear that the pain specialist would not see you. That is so unfair {{{hugs}}}

Beautiful baby stitch.

Catherine said...

Glad to red that your pain has lessened. How hard it must have been to her the Dr's news over the phone.
The baby piece is so sweet!